Chapter 1216 - Achievement

Chapter 1216 - Achievement

As the bloody mist drifted above the Luo River, the entire city was enveloped in silence, shrouded by invisible fear.

Everyone was dazed as they looked at the bloody mist. If they hadn’t witnessed it, they definitely wouldn’t choose to believe that an Earth Sovereign had been killed before them, an Earth Sovereign!

They were true powerhouses of the Great Thousand World that could be elites even in those ancient clans!

If they were placed somewhere else, they could even be proclaimed as kings and dominate an entire region as a tyrant.

Everyone knew that Earth Sovereigns were powerful because of their vitality being raised to a higher level. Reaching that level, the Sovereign Sea would shatter and evolve, completely fusing with their body. So even if the majority of an Earth Sovereign’s body was destroyed, as long as it still contained the slightest vitality, then they would...

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