Chapter 1215 - Fall

Chapter 1215 - Fall

Everyone looked at the crimson skin kasaya that encased Mu Chen with grave expressions. Even Earth Sovereigns of the same realm would have trouble after being trapped within, and even if Mu Chen was extraordinary, he would still require some time for him to break free.

They looked at the direction of Xue Tong and Xue Shou, witnessing the explosions of dreadful Spiritual Energy. The two of them were currently launching attacks, causing the Spiritual Array and elite troop to wear down.

If this situation continues, Mu Chen might have to face three Earth Sovereigns by the time he breaks free…

And at that time, the three Earth Sovereigns would surely not give Mu Chen a chance after suffering a loss, and Mu Chen would definitely not be able to face all three of them at the same time.

Some of them sighed. It looked like the...

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