Chapter 1214 - Despair

Chapter 1214 - Despair

The blood pearl streaked across the horizon and flew towards Xue Yi. At this moment, the latter had changed his expression as he started to flee. He felt the connection between him and the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean had been cut off.

So even if the blood pearl contained the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean, he couldn’t control it. At this moment, it would definitely not recognise him as the owner.

That was an extremely dangerous bomb and the slightest contact would show great lethality.

It had great corrosive abilities for a Sovereign Immortal Body, so Xue Yi knew that in his hands, it was a great weapon, but in the hands of others, he would be extremely terrified.

Now, for example, facing the blood pearl, he could only face it as if he was facing a great enemy and started to escape under the countless gazes. He didn’t dare to come in contact...

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