Chapter 1213 - Yellow Springs Blood Ocean

Chapter 1213 - Yellow Springs Blood Ocean

Ripples violently surged on the Luo River before the entire region was flipped around…

As for the three Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan, one of them was trapped in a Spiritual Array, the other trapped by an elite troop. Only Xue Yi remained, standing before Mu Chen.

But at this moment, Xue Yi wished that he wasn’t the one facing Mu Chen…

A massive silhouette of a purplish-golden giant stood before Mu Chen. That Sovereign Immortal Body didn’t look huge, but it had emanated a mysterious and immortal aura.

It was naturally the Immortal Golden Body.

He stood before the Immortal Golden Body without any expression as he looked at Xue Yi, “Didn’t you want me to not run?”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Xue Yi’s face alternated between white and green. He was naturally extremely furious with Mu Chen’s mockery, but he had been greatly startled by Mu Chen’s means in...

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