Chapter 1212 - The Meaning of Horror

Chapter 1212 - The Meaning of Horror

Three bloody beams swiftly flew past the sight of many elites of the Luo God Clan as they fixed onto Mu Chen.

Down below, there were three splits on the Luo River under their high speed…

The three of them had practically gotten near Mu Chen in an instant.

Everyone focused their attention. Naturally, all of them felt that Mu Chen was doomed, but they were surprised to see his calm expression. Could he have some cards hidden in his sleeves?

Mu Chen finally moved. He did not go head-on against the three Elders, but bolted towards the right.

“Haha. Brat, weren’t you arrogant earlier on? Why are you running now?” Seeing that Mu Chen was flying in another direction, the three Elders of the Blood God Clan burst into laughter as they mocked.

Mu Chen’s action was no different than admitting his weakness in their eyes.


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