Chapter 1211 - Slaughter them for you

Chapter 1211 - Slaughter them for you

“Greatlaw Continent… Northern Region’s Mu Abode?” When Mu Chen said those words in the Luo God Clan, Xue Lingzi lightly knitted his brows. He had naturally heard of the supercontinent, the Greatlaw Continent, before. However, he was somewhat unfamiliar with the Northern Region, not to mention about the Mu Abode…

Thinking about it, Xue Lingzi gradually calmed the worries in his heart. He still thought that Mu Chen came from an ancient clan. But looking at it now, his background wasn’t anything terrifying.

Such a young Lesser Earth Sovereign was naturally shocking. But in his eyes, Mu Chen was merely a somewhat troublesome opponent.

As the Patriarch of the Blood God Clan, Xue Lingzi was experienced and so, he naturally had a vicious character.

“What Mu Abode… never heard...

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