Chapter 1210 - The Meeting

Chapter 1210 - The Meeting

As the rain enveloped the entire region, Luo Li was looking at the youth before her with disbelief.

She had been yearning for that familiar face for years, but when he really appeared before her, it felt unreal that he was before her.

She was afraid that all of this would be an illusion, which, in that case, would be too cruel.

After staring at the youth for a brief moment, her voice trembled, “Is that really you… Mu Chen…?”

As she spoke, her hand slowly stretched out. She wanted to touch his face, but her hand stopped when it was going to.

Looking at this weak side of hers that she rarely showed, Mu Chen felt his heart tearing apart. He knew that this was the deepest desire in her heart, since she rarely showed this side of her.

Thus, the smile on his face grew even warmer as he stuck his face out, allowing Luo Li’s...

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