Chapter 115 – The Third Limitless Death Seal (Teaser)

Chapter 115 – The Third Limitless Death Seal

Within the ink-like dark of night, only a couple of stars could be seen in the entire Northern Heavens World. It was quite a lonely sight.

Inside the ancient forest, various roars resounded out from time to time. These roars were laced with rage. Apparently, since the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination began, a few Spiritual Beasts had been disturbed by the students. The vast region that had previously been calm and quiet was suddenly being occupied by numerous students that rushed in like a flood.

The Spiritual Beast inhabitants were clearly unhappy being disturbed by them. Therefore, battles would continue to break out even when it was late at night.

In the depths of the forest, a bonfire rose. Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged underneath a large tree. He stared at the rising bonfire and entered a trance. This was quite a familiar scene to him.

In the Spiritual Road, he had spent many nights like this. However, during that time, he had a beautiful girl, who possessed clear glass-like eyes, beside him. When he glanced at her, it was as if the troubles within his heart were being suppressed, and he would calm down.

“Brother Mu, here.”

A discordant voice suddenly caused Mu Chen wake from the trance. He stared...

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