Chapter 1133 - Meeting Xiao Xiao Again

Chapter 1133 - Meeting Xiao Xiao Again

The rainbow-dressed lady stood on the rock with her wavy hair emanating a bewitching air, which made her even more attractive, coupled with her appearance. The seven-coloured snake was coiled on her shoulder, which gave her another flavour of beauty.

However, when Mu Chen looked at that bewitching appearance, his eyes slowly widened and his expression turned weird.

That’s because that appearance was familiar to him… it was Cai Xiao, who Mu Chen had met in the Dragon-Phoenix Haven… or should he say Xiao Xiao.

The rumoured daughter of the Flame Emperor, whose background was as intimidating as Lin Jing’s.

Mu Chen never thought that the troublesome person that Lin Jing met would be her!

This was truly a clash of someone close who failed to recognise each other!

Mu Chen was dumbfounded as he looked at Xiao Xiao. The latter also clearly saw him at this time and was stunned before a flavourful smile appeared on her face.

“Hey, Mu Chen, what are you doing?” When Lin Jing saw...

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