Chapter 1132 - Nine Nether’s Opportunity

Chapter 1132 - Nine Nether’s Opportunity

“Someone troublesome?” When Mu Chen read that message, his face uncontrollably changed. With Lin Jing’s trump cards and the Spiritual Frost Puppet, she could even fight Zhu Yan. But Zhu Yan was trapped in the Wind Mansion by them, so who was it that made Lin Jing feel troubled?

Could it be Garuda?

Mu Chen’s gaze flashed with puzzlement. Although Garuda was ranked as the third, Mu Chen refused to believe that someone like him would be weaker than Zhu Yan and Su Qingyin…

It looked like he definitely had to rush over and take a look.

Mu Chen looked up ahead at the blazing flames where the Wind God’s Fan was hovering within. His blood essence had already left an imprint in the Profound Yellow Gale, forming a crimson mark.

When the imprint was formed, Mu Chen could immediately sense the miraculous connection with the Wind God’s Fan. Even if someone else seized it from him, he only needed a single thought and the Wind God’s Fan would launch a retaliation and a situation, such as someone using the Wind God’s Fan to deal with him, would definitely not appear.

Mu Chen stretched his hand out and brushed away the flames. The Wind God’s Fan then fell into his hand. It was cold to the touch and he revealed a satisfied smile.

After refining this Wind God’s Fan, he could vaguely sense the power contained within it but if he wanted to use it, then he would need a huge amount of Spiritual Energy, which he still couldn’t accomplish with his current cultivation.

But even if he couldn’t utilise it, a Saint Artifact was still a Saint Artifact. With it, Mu Chen’s fighting strength would definitely soar and if he encountered Zhu Yan again, even without the Spiritual Array, Mu Chen could still confront him with the help of the Wind God’s Fan.

Mu Chen held onto the fan and looked somewhat elegant with it. He fiddled around with the fan before storing it and his silhouette flashed, appearing on another corner of the pagoda. Nine Nether was still in the sky, where a violent gale had gathered around her.

Mu Chen stared at her with a flash of shock in his eyes. That’s because he could sense that although he could lock onto Nine Nether, for some reason, he a doubt. If he attacked her, he would definitely not be able to land an attack on her.

She was akin to a wind that couldn’t be predicted.

When Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether, the latter also opened her eyes and she looked at Mu Chen with a smile on her cold face.

However, when Nine Nether smiled at him, Mu Chen slightly contracted his eyes and suddenly turned around to see a silhouette behind him.

“What a swift reaction time.” Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen and smiled.

Mu Chen was a little startled as she looked at Nine Nether. “Your speed…”

Nine Nether’s speed had actually exceeded his perception and if it wasn’t for him being familiar to Nine Nether’s aura, he would probably not be able to detect her.

That speed was truly formidable.

“This Wind Summoning Art isn’t simple.” Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. Although the previous Nine Nether was fast, her speed was more or less similar to Mu Chen’s. But her current speed had crushed him. So this Wind Summoning Art was definitely not simple. An ordinary Lesser Divine Ability would definitely not have such prowess.

“This Wind Summoning Art is truly not simple… Naturally, accurately speaking, it should be the completed Wind Summoning Art that’s not simple.” Nine Nether nodded her head in agreement.

“Completed?” Mu Chen was stunned.

“The completed Wind Summoning Art is known as the Greater Wind Summoning Art… Don’t think that it’s just an additional word, it is said that the Greater Wind Summoning Art is even amongst one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities…” Unconcealable excitement appeared on Nine Nether’s face. She only knew about this information after cultivating this Wind Summoning Art. The impact of this information was extremely great to her. After all, the so-called “36 Peerless Divine Abilities” were too resounding in the Great Thousand World.

Nine Nether never dreamt that a Lesser Divine Ability that she had gotten was founded from a Peerless Divine Ability.

“Greater Wind Summoning Art… One of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities?” Mu Chen sucked in a cold breath, since he had also been greatly startled. He also did not expect that a Lesser Divine Ability from the Wind Mansion would have such a formidable origin.

That was one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities that even Heavenly Sovereigns would be tempted by. Although this was not the genuine Greater Wind Summoning Art, if Nine Nether managed to complete it from an opportunity, then the worth of it was simply priceless.

“It’s no wonder why your speed would be so horrifying after cultivating it…” At this moment, Mu Chen also understood and couldn’t help sighing. Nine Nether’s opportunity was truly worth admiration. Who could have known that a Lesser Divine Ability would originate from the Greater Wind Summoning Art?

According to his estimations, if Nine Nether circulated it at full force, as long as she didn’t encounter a genuine Earth Sovereign, she would be able to come and go as she wished.

“Although the Wind Mansion Lord’s strength was not at the top, I believe that his speed was definitely the first amongst the Nine Mansions.” Nine Nether smiled. She clearly couldn’t conceal her excitement after obtaining such a treasure.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile, “Since you have managed to cultivate this Wind Summoning Art, let us get moving now. Lin Jing encountered trouble…”

As he spoke, he told Nine Nether what he had heard from Lin Jing.

“Someone that even Lin Jing couldn’t deal with?” Hearing his words, Nine Nether narrowed her eyes and continued, “Then let us hurry over.”

To be able to make Lin Jing feel troublesome, it definitely could not be an ordinary person. So they had to immediately rush over in case Lin Jing was suffering.

Mu Chen nodded his head and soared into the sky before bolting into the distance.

When Mu Chen turned into a streak of light, Nine Nether stood with her hands behind her back and a gale appeared beneath her feet. She walked on the wind and easily appeared behind Mu Chen. Furthermore, no matter how much Mu Chen increased his speed, he couldn’t shake her off.

The two of them travelled at the top of their speed and an island flashed into their sights. In just ten-odd minutes, they had already gradually approached the Dragon Island that Lin Jing sent her message from.

There were still many experts outside the Dragon Island but they were helpless before the Dragon Breath Poison, so they did not dare to enter. But at the same time, they couldn’t give up and could only hang around.

“The Dragon Breath Poison?” Mu Chen recognised the poisonous mist with a glance, but he wasn’t too startled. After a brief hesitation, he charged in with Nine Nether.

At that moment when they entered the island, transparent flames gushed from the two’s bodies, the Undying Flames. But in terms of quality, Mu Chen was slightly inferior, since Nine Nether’s Undying Flames were much purer.

However, Mu Chen only wanted to block out the poisonous mist so as long as it worked, it’s good.

The two of them entered the island and flew towards the depths. Not long after, they could sense the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from the depths, which should be Lin Jing’s location. But judging from the movements, the fight seemed to be extremely intense.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether swiftly approached the location where the Spiritual Energy fluctuations came from. Thereafter, the two’s surroundings surged with Spiritual Energy. They were fully prepared to make their move at any time.

As the two of them travelled, the poisonous mist suddenly thinned down due to the intense battle taking place.

Mu Chen cast a glance and saw the intense confrontation between two silhouettes. At this moment, the two of them were enveloped with extremely powerful Spiritual Energy with Spiritual Energy pillars soaring into the sky.

Mu Chen clenched his fist and the Crimson Dragon Spear appeared in his hand before he poured his boundless Spiritual Energy within. His arm trembled and the spear pounced forth, akin to a dragon brandishing its talons with high lethality.

The spear immediately got between the two of them and an explosion occurred, separating the two silhouettes.

When the two of them were separated, Lin Jing’s face flashed with joy when she saw the spear and she immediately roared, “Quick, catch her! Don’t let her escape!”

Mu Chen appeared beside Lin Jing and after seeing that she did not suffer any injuries, only then did he feel relieved before looking at the silhouette that was not too far away. He wanted to see who it was that managed to force Lin Jing to go this far…

Mu Chen cast his glance over and saw a rainbow-dressed lady standing on a rock with a bewitching beauty that even left him somewhat startled. When he shifted his gaze upwards, most of the veil that covered the lady’s face was torn, so it couldn’t pose any effect of hiding her appearance. Thus, Mu Chen could see her face with just a glance.

Mhm? What a beauty… That was the first thought that rose within Mu Chen’s heart.

Why does she look so familiar? That was the second thought in his mind.

Mu Chen was stunned while staring at the beauty. For the moment, it was as if his brain had crashed, which he recovered a brief moment later, and he had instantly widened his eyes.

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