Chapter 1130 - Dragon Island

Chapter 1130 - Dragon Island

The flames rose, enveloping the Azure Feathered Fan in an instant. The blazing temperature had caused the surrounding space to distort and even space was giving off a burning scent.

But facing the blazing flames, the Azure Feathered Fan wasn’t bothered, not even the azure lustre had rippled. It’s as if the flames were nothing to it.

Mu Chen wasn’t surprised about this. If a Saint Artifact could be refined so easily, then he would have to suspect if it was a genuine Saint Artifact.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for this Wind God’s Fan being in an unclaimed state, Mu Chen would probably suffer the retaliation from the fan itself if he had used the flames to burn it…

Staring at this Wind God’s Fan, Mu Chen waved his hand and a creek of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid appeared around him and a boundless spiritual mist rose, filling up this level of the pagoda.

It’s not easy to refine the Wind God’s Fan, so...

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