Chapter 1124 - Lin Jing’s Means

Chapter 1124 - Lin Jing’s Means


When Mu Chen roared, he shot forth with the crimson spear in his hand trembling. He had instantly poured a vast amount of Spiritual Energy into it, turning it into a beam that was a hundred feet long and shot it towards the chest of the Wind Mansion Lord.

With the enhancement of the spear and armour, Mu Chen’s attack was greatly increased. This attack could even tear a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign into pieces.

The beam rapidly expanded in the eyes of the Wind Mansion Lord, before a boundless black lustre exploded from the Wind Mansion Lord that seemed like rising smoke from afar, which looked unusually sinister.

The Wind Mansion Lord stretched his black hand, which was enveloped with evil aura, out, making a grab towards the spear, causing the space before him to shatter in the process.


Space fluctuated with resounding buzzing noises. However, the spear that could pierce through a Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereign with ease was grabbed by the...

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