Chapter 1112 - Initial Confrontation

Chapter 1112 - Initial Confrontation

Everyone had their attention focused on the white-dressed lady. She wore a peaceful and picturesque smile, while the ominous aura emitting from the black bug beneath her made others feel a chill down their spine.

The great contrast added a demonic air around her.

The silence lasted briefly before it was broken by a tidal wave of voices. Everyone had shock and revere in their eyes at the same time.

“It’s actually Su Qingyin!”

“She is Su Qingyin? So beautiful, but the black bug beneath her feet seems powerful…”

“You don’t say? She is an Insect Master, to begin with. Her fighting ability is to nurture bugs. This four-winged armoured bug is called the Four-Winged Spiritual Bug. It has an extremely swift speed that could even be comparable to Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns.”

“She’s truly deserving of her second rank.”


Commotions resounded and Mu Chen also looked at Su Qingyin with a grave expression. Although he was also startled by the latter’s bearing, he quickly sensed a dangerous aura being emitted from the latter.

The aura made Mu Chen feel as if he was encountering an enemy that made him feel heavily threatened.

That woman was definitely not simple.

Naturally, as someone that was capable of ranking above Garuda, how could she be simple? Although the ranking didn’t mean that Su Qingyin was stronger than Garuda, it still proved her strength.

Lin Jing was also curiously looking at Su Qingyin, but most of her attention was on the black bug. She seemed more interested in that spiritual bug.

Up in the sky, Su Qingyin looked at the commotion that was caused by her with indifference before sweeping her gaze over at the Top 20 experts that were present.

When those prideful elites sensed her gaze directed at them, they felt a chill on their skin before faking a composed attitude. Their arrogance was completely wiped, looking like they would fear rousing Su Qingyin’s interest.

That’s because they knew that this beauty didn’t look as gentle as her appearance. Furthermore, she had a habit of finding powerful experts to temper her spiritual bugs.

Aside from Zhu Yan, Garuda and all the other powerful characters, most of them had been used by her as experiments to test her bugs whenever they encountered one another…

Fighting with those brutal bugs wasn’t a wonderful thing to do.

Su Qingyin casually glanced at Liu Gui and the rest before stopping her gaze at Qin Jingzhe and chuckled, “Qin Jingzhe, you’re here as well? There isn’t an outcome between you and my Spiritual Sword Bug yet.”

When Qin Jingzhe noticed that Su Qingyin had fixated her gaze on him, his body tensed up and he said with a stiffened expression, “I don’t have the time to play with you, look for someone else.”

Su Qingyin smiled before shifting her gaze onto Mu Chen.

“You’re Mu Chen who defeated Xia Hong with a cultivation at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm?” Su Qingyin asked curiously.

Everyone focused their attention onto Mu Chen and the latter also did not expect that Su Qingyin would suddenly speak to him. He was briefly stunned before replying with a composed expression, “I was just lucky, it’s not worth the attention of Miss Su.”

Judging from Qin Jingzhe and the rest’s expressions, the appearance of this beauty couldn’t be taken literally and Mu Chen had no intention of being associated with her either.

“Haha, I heard that you have cultivated a mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body, I wonder if I can take a look at it?” Su Qingyin smiled.

The moment she finished speaking, she suddenly waved her hand and a black beam shot out and expanded, instantly turning into a ten-odd-foot long spiritual bug.

The bug was pale-grey in colour, as if it was made of rocks, with four limbs and countless runes on the surface of its body and was vaguely emitting a powerful energy.


The moment the pale-grey bug appeared, it had bolted before Mu Chen in a flash and jabbed forth with visible ripples fluctuating out.

Su Qingyin’s action was too sudden and Mu Chen also did not expect her to have made a move so directly. So he could only react when the bug jabbed forth with his face turning dark.


A dazzling golden light burst out from Mu Chen’s body as a draconic roar and phoenix cry resounded from his body. He had also thrown a punch out with the talons of a dragon covering his fist.


Mu Chen’s fist collided with the bug, which had instantly produced a huge sound and a powerful shock wave spread out, causing the surrounding earth to collapse.

As the ripples spread out, the bug unleashed a sharp cry and was blown away by Mu Chen’s fist.


A commotion resounded when everyone saw this scene. That bug definitely possessed the strength of a Ninth Grade Sovereign, but no one expected for it to be blown away after just one exchange.

Through this, many people looked at Mu Chen with a slightly more solemn expression. It looked like the latter wasn’t lucky in defeating Xia Hong. He truly possessed a considerable strength.

“Interesting.” A light flashed in Su Qingyin’s eyes as she gently chuckled. Waving her hand, an ice-blue bug flew out, gushing a chilling aura as it charged towards Mu Chen.

This bug was definitely more troublesome to deal with compared to the previous one.

Sizzle! Sizzle! 

But the moment the bug charged out, a crystalised flame swept out and immediately enveloped the bug. As the flames blazed, they caused the bug to violently scream before it retreated and no longer dared to charge forth.

Next to Mu Chen, Nine Nether coldly looked at Su Qingyin with crystallised flames blazing on her hand and she coldly said, “Making a move at others for no reason, aren’t you slightly lacking in manners?”

She was clearly enraged by Su Qingyin’s fearless move, so she wasn’t polite in her words either. Su Qingyin had the Myriad Insect Ancestor standing behind her, but she, Nine Nether had the entire Nine Netherbrid Clan.

“Hehe.” Su Qingyin’s expression did not change at Nine Nether’s words. She gently smiled before waving her sleeve and a torrential surge of ominous aura soared into the sky.

Everyone could see a crimson bug fly out.

The bug looked like a centipede with a thousand feet as it crawled through the sky. As it breathed, a massive Spiritual Energy swept out and formed into a storm.

When the bug appeared, it had caused many people to change their expressions as they exclaimed, “It’s the Blood Centipede. It is said that even Pinnacle Ninth Grade Sovereigns would have trouble facing it.”


As the crimson centipede shuttled through the air, it sped towards Nine Nether with a ghastly speed.

When Mu Chen saw Su Qingyin not stopping it, his expression had instantly turned dark with a cold light flickering in his eyes. His sleeves fluttered as spiritual seals swiftly condensed.

If he wanted to fight with someone like Su Qingyin, then he would have to utilise Spiritual Arrays.

But when Mu Chen was preparing spiritual seals to set up Spiritual Arrays, Lin Jing, who was also beside him, suddenly took a step forth and smiled at the crimson centipede before waving her hand.

A black light shot out and expanded, turning into a black silhouette. It was the Spiritual Frost Puppet that Lin Jing had previously used.


The moment the puppet appeared, it had brandished its sword and a torrential cold air swept out, instantly causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

When Su Qingyin saw the Spiritual Frost Puppet, her face had slightly changed.

The terrifying chilled air rolled and had immediately struck the crimson centipede. The chilled air instantly corroded whatever it touched, causing the centipede to shriek as it swiftly retreated with its Spiritual Energy diminished.

Su Qingyin waved her hand and quickly retrieved the crimson centipede with a flash of ache in her eyes.

“Hehe, Big Sister, I’m rather interested in your bugs. Why don’t you summon all of them out and let me play with them?” Lin Jing smiled with her eyes narrowed as she looked at Su Qingyin and spoke in a pampered voice. Her gaze was beaming, as if she was really looking forward to Su Qingyin’s bugs.

The entire region turned silent and everyone looked at Lin Jing with shock. They clearly did not expect such a beautiful girl to be so unfathomable. They felt a dense threat from the puppet.

Su Qingyin retracted the smile on her face while looking at the puppet standing before Lin Jing and her gaze turned solemn. That’s because she could sense that the puppet probably possessed a terrifying fighting strength of a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Unless she used all her cards, then it’s impossible for her to win.

“Where did that lass come from…?” Her gaze changed. She then smiled and waved her hand, recalling all the bugs before her eyes turned gentle as she looked at Mu Chen. “Qingyin was rude earlier, I hope that Brother Mu is not offended by it.”

At this moment, she knew that Mu Chen’s party wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Since that’s the case, then it’s best for her not to offend them.

She smiled apologetically, which made many experts inwardly smack their lips as they looked at Mu Chen with an unusual gaze. After all, it’s not a simple matter for someone to make Su Qingyin admit her wrongs.

Mu Chen did not speak but only lightly smiled in response.

Although he didn’t like Su Qingyin’s behaviour, he also didn’t wish to become enemies with her. It’s sufficient since both parties could maintain their fear towards each other.

When everyone saw that both sides had taken a step back, they felt somewhat disappointed, since they initially thought that they could witness a stunning battle… But Mu Chen’s party was rather capable for them to be able to make Su Qingyin suffer a small loss.

Countless startled gazes constantly swept towards Mu Chen’s party. The latter had regained silence, only looking at the Dragon Ascension Gate.

As time passed, more people rushed here and in the end, someone finally couldn’t hold back and started to make a move towards the Dragon Ascension Gate…

Mu Chen’s party also focused their attention on it at this moment…

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