Chapter 1062 - Demon

Chapter 1062 - Demon

It was a warm touch when the crimson gem fell in Mu Chen’s hands, as if there were flames blazing in it with an exquisite Undying Bird soaring in the gem, which looked extremely mystical.

Mu Chen looked at the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird in his hands. Even with his composure, he couldn’t help showing joy on his face. Hadn’t they tried so hard in the Divine Beast Origin just for this inheritance blood essence?

With this, his mission would be perfectly accomplished and the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan would probably have nothing to comment about his Bloodlink Bond with Nine Nether.

“Nine Nether, take it.”

Mu Chen gently tossed the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird and smiled, flicking his finger, and the blood essence had turned into a streak of light that flew towards Nine Nether.

Nine Nether grasped her hand and received the inheritance blood essence with joy uncontrollably surging on her face. This inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird was simply too important for her. As long as she could absorb it, then the Undying...

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