Chapter 1012: Alliance Master’s Soul Pet!

The battle hadn’t ended. After the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s horn was snapped, the proud and indignant dominator went completely crazy. Its eyes became pure red and it went into a craze!

Bloody, violent!

The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King grabbed the landed Zhan Ye and both its arms conjured powerful soul shadows, threatening to rip Zhan Ye into two!


Zhan Ye’s bones were clearly ripped apart. The angry Zhan Ye gathered beams of destruction and sent them into the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s face!

The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King didn’t avoid it at all, and allowed the destruction to blast its face in. Its soul shadow beast claw still held onto Zhan Ye’s fore and rear limbs, forcefully pulling it apart!!

Zhan Ye, under the effects of brave stinging heart, its strength was similar to icy death king now. The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King couldn’t rip it into two. Even if its power was overwhelming, it could at most break Zhan Ye’s bones!

Zhan Ye constantly conjured destruction beams that slammed into Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s face. Zhan Ye had powerful life force and regeneration so it wasn’t scared of fighting like this at all!!

A dozen destructive beams flew into the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s head. Its face was already smashed up, bloody and awfully terrifying!

Finally, Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King could no longer withstand the attacks, and angrily threw out the broken Zhan Ye!

“Mou~~~~~~~~” Blood poured forth. The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King lifted its head up in a painful roar as the destructive beams on its face split open, threatening to break its entire face!!

Such a gory scene caused everyone to be stunned. The unruly nature of dominator ranks were unbelievable!


Far away, Zhan Ye landed but its body was clearly misshapen. With a low roar, however, its bones seemed to grow back, slowly writhing under Zhan Ye’s skin.


The sound of bones reconnecting sent shivers down people’s spines!

Broken limb rebirth, the fifth broken limb rebirth!!

Just when everyone thought this battle would end with both sides losing, Mo Ye’s fifth broken limb rebirth caused everyone to stare stupefied!!

Wu Kuang, who landed in the icy shards, saw the Mo Ye stand up completely healed yet again and his pupils dilated. The belittling and ridicule in his eyes disappeared, slowly replaced with fear and despair!

A nightmare - this battle was like a nightmare to Wu Kuang. It tightly grasped his mind, unable to be shaken away, bringing him terror and shivers that reached his soul. All of Wu Kuang’s confidence and pride was shattered.

Wu Kuang many times absentmindedly shut his eyes to try to wake up from this nightmare. However, when his eyes reopened, he didn’t see a woman laying in his lap in bed. The only thing in his vision was still the bloody creature that had shattered his mental defenses!


An angry roar came from Wu Kuang’s side. Wu Kuang was still immersed in the nightmare when he suddenly realized the nightmarish dominator rank became a beam of black light that flew towards the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s skull!!

The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s frenzied close combat with Zhan Ye left it with very heavy wounds. It was still in a dazed state teetering on the edge of consciousness, but the Mo Ye clearly was even more powerful after healing as it gathered a powerful attack towards it!

“No!! No!!!!!” Wu Kuang let out a call, his voice filled with an utter terror and despair!!

If this attack hits the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s skull, it was dead for sure. After all, without the soul shadow, the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was just a normal pseudo emperor rank!

Icy death king could die, but Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King definitely couldn’t die because….. Because it was soul alliance’s master soul pet!!

However, no matter how Wu Kuang yelled, the ruthless Zhan ye didn’t even slow down. Its tiger form passed straight through the bloody face of the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King!


Its massive skull blew up on impact, sending bits of blood, brains, and skull bone towards the surrounding!!

After the head exploded, the neck spurt out a shocking pillar of blood as it…….

Its teetering body finally lost its balance. While the blood was spouting out of its neck, it slowly fell backwards and toppled onto the ground, blood continuously welling out!

The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s body was still twitching, but it quickly lost its life force, becoming a stiff body in the cold winter!


The wind kept blowing, but everything went silent. The only thing that remained was Wu Kuang’s crazed shout echoing through the wind and snow.

It was dead, the dominator rank organism was really dead!!

Both factions’ members had faces etched with the deepest disbelief and shock!!

“Xia Zhixian!!!!! Go and save it!!” The only sound remaining was Wu Kuang!

Xia Zhixian was momentarily distracted. After a moment’s hesitation, she summoned her Sky Butterfly Queen and flew towards the battlefield!

The entire battlefield was frozen for a few seconds before all the soul alliance members reacted. They quickly summoned their soul pets and broke through the protective barrier, running towards the battlefield!

The dominator rank organism had to be protected at all costs, even if they had to start the war with three palace!

Eight desolation Bing Liao, Dragon absolute lead the other absolutes, scars, and experts into the battlefield, not to fight Chu Mu but instead to protect Wu Kuang and give Xia Zhixian time to revive.

Soul alliance had swarmed up already, so how could three palaces stay around? With a command from Diagram Supreme Ke Yin, all the elders and sacred guards charged forth and protected Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi. In a moment, everyone was staring at each other with hostility, a war threatening to break out with the slightest spark!

“Zhan Ye, come back.” Chu Mu didn’t continue lighting the fire and instead told Zhan Ye to come back.

Facing soul alliance welling forth, Chu Mu was very calm because he knew that soul alliance was imposing, but didn’t dare to fight him. A single technique of Zhan Ye could wipe out a huge chunk of them. Even if other hero experts came, they still had to weigh whether it was worth it to suffer a huge loss to hurt Chu Mu!!


“How is it, can it be saved?!” Wu Kuang yelled at Xia Zhixian.

Xia Zhixian coldly glanced at Wu Kuang, and didn’t mind the fellow.

With a few spells, Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King shook slightly, but what was completely shattered was its head. The chances a beast type organism survives a direct hit to its skull was very low.

After a while, Xia Zhixian stood up and shook her head, “You can take the corpse.”

With Xia Zhixian’s words, Wu Kuang was scared stiff and fell onto the ground!

“Son of Heaven, your icy death king didn’t die, you don’t have to be this dejected……”

“Yes, we’ll take revenge for you. Alliance master won’t do nothing either, he’ll definitely come and bring you justice.” Eight desolation Bing Liao said.

Offending son of heaven Wu Kuang was like directly offending alliance master. One thing everyone knew was for sure; no matter how powerful Chu Fangchen was, he was dead for sure because he offended someone he shouldn’t have!

“Hahahaha!!!!!” Suddenly, Wu Kuang laughed out crazily, confusing everyone nearby!

Wu Kuang’s laughter flew through three palace and Teng Lang laughed alongside, “Great, looks like the son of heaven Wu Kuang went crazy too!”

“Crazy? So what if I’m crazy, you’re all going to die, not a single one will be left alive! Chu Fangchen, you could kill my icy death king, or even kill me, but you should never have killed that Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King. Do you know that you’re no different than a dead person to me now!!” Wu Kuang stood up after laughing, and said to Chu Mu with a sinister face.

Chu Mu wasn’t moved, only watching Wu Kuang silently.

“You know why my soul isn’t wounded after Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King died?” Wu Kuang pointed at Chu Mu.

Everyone looked at Wu Kuang, and found that he showed no symptoms!

Did the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King not die? Xia Zhixian already said it was dead though!

“This Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King isn’t my soul pet, you’re all dead! Everyone!!! Hahahahah!!!!!” Wu Kuang laughed out shrilly!

Everyone in three palace were baffled. After a long while, female supreme Liu Binglan seemed to realize something and said, “This Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King is alliance master’s soul pet.”

“Hahaha, you’re right! This is soul alliance master’s soul pet. Chu Fangchen, you’ve killed it and wounded not my soul, but alliance master’s soul! Chu Fangchen, do you know that in the past countless years, no one who hurt alliance master had a good end no matter how powerful their faction was or how strong their guardian was. Alliance master is the utmost god of humanity. You’ve offended god, so just wait to be destroyed!!” Wu Kuang yelled.

With this, the entire field went silent!!

Alliance master soul pet!!

This Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was alliance master’s soul pet!!!

A huge disaster!! Chu Fangchen truly went and did it this time!!

Three palace members faces all blanched as they felt a shadow of death shroud them.

Mu Qingyi lightly shivered. Looking at Chu Mu, she couldn’t say anything. Mu Qingyi believed that Chu Mu could go beyond that man, but it didn’t mean Chu Mu currently could compete with him.

Of course, Mu Qingyi didn't think alliance master truly dared to go on a killing spree because soul palace had a final trump card, the forbidden power!!!!!

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