Chapter 1675: Heaven Palace Which Was Destroyed Four Times

The surrounding Totem Maidens were shocked. They did not know what happened.

The light barrier protecting the formation kept shaking. The Undying rank energy shockwave destroyed everything around the formation.

Wind swept up the ash, the entire Heaven City looked like it experienced apocalypse. No matter how bright the radiance was in the sky, the land was assaulted by terrifying energy shockwaves.

Human Mother stared furiously at Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing.

Human Mother had also watched Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing grow up. In the choice of Totem Divine Maiden, although she chose Yu Qie and Yu Suo, Dai Qing’s position was actually not low as well. She was even nurtured the same way as a Totem Divine Maiden candidate.

After Yu Qie and Yu Suo stepped down, Human Mother let her become the next Totem Divine Maiden without any hesitation.

However, Human Mother had never imagined Dai Qing to do such a lunatic thing.

Seeing Dai Qing’s cold and mocking expression, Human Mother suddenly felt sorrowful.

Yu Qie, Yu Suo and Dai Qing were all nurtured by her from young. Why did they choose a path away...

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