Chapter 1469: The Person Ignored by the Ice Mountain Monsters

A person able to pass through the million savage Ice Mountain Monsters?

Even Zhuo Wan was unable to imagine that. She knew that there were many, many experts in this world.  However, she had personally witnessed a city be reduced to ruins by a million Ice Mountain Monsters, and countless somewhat famous soul pet trainers miserably die when surrounded by monsters. 

She could understand what a million Ice Mountain Monsters meant. However, she was unable to understand how strong a person had to be in order to move as they pleased through these monsters. 

When the middle aged man peered through the crack to the outside, Chu Mu had already disappeared from this area. He then spoke a few words that made everyone feel hopeless. 

The young man looked peeved. He sat there and looked rigidly at the outside. He believed that the man riding on the black Dream Beast just now would appear again. 

Indeed, not long after, he saw that incredibly revering figure appear again. However, what shocked the young man was that this figure was bringing a group of wounded people away as he flew straight across the sky. 

The young man wondered if he was hallucinating and quickly rubbed his eyes. 

There really were wounded people, about 50 of them. The man riding on the black Dream Beast was bringing 50 wounded survivors towards the inner city. 

The scene quickly disappeared because they were moving too fast. 

The young man knew that even if he said it, these people wouldn’t believe him. Thus, he just kept watch there. 

That man riding on the black Dream Beast was definitely here to save people. Once he returned this group of people to the inner city, he would come back. If he waited for him here, and had other people come and look, they would believe that someone was coming to save them. 


Zhuo Wan was very tired. She closed her eyes and rested there, silently sleeping. 

She knew she would die, but didn’t regret it. This was her choice. She only hoped that the young man next to her would be able to escape. He was a soul pet trainer with a lot of talent. 

The middle aged man was only a normal business man. He didn’t want to die, but was also very pessimistic. The feeling of waiting for death was a form of torture and suffering. 

The others also trapped here were feeling down. They weren’t saying anything, and were no different from dead. 

“Over here!! We’re here!!!” 

Suddenly, the young man let out a throat-ripping roar that startled everyone trapped here. 

His excited roar was like he saw someone coming to save him. 

But didn’t he know that roaring like that would attract all of the Ice Mountain Monsters here? 

They knew they would die, but they didn’t want to die now, especially when they thought of those terrifying cries of misery earlier. 

“Brat, are you crazy?!!” the middle aged man was greatly angered. 

Zhuo Wan was also startled by the young man’s cry. She hastily covered his mouth and said: “Don’t yell!” 

“There’s… there’s someone here to save us…” said the young man. 

“Even if someone is here to save us, you can’t yell. You’ll put the people here to save us in a predicament!” sternly said Zhuo Wan. 

By yelling, the nearby Ice Mountain Monsters would come and surround them. This would add difficulty for the rescue team. 

The young man was stunned. He didn’t think about this. He, in hopes of surviving, had really hoped these rescuers would know he was there. 

“We’re dead because of you!!” the middle aged businessman haggardly sat on the ground. 

Their final hope of surviving had been crushed by the young man’s yell. 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!”

“Ao wu!! Ao wu!!!!!!!”

Indeed, the nearby Ice Mountain Monsters heard the human yell. Like clouds, they frantically rushed over here. The unstable ruins they were in began to continuously shake as dust fell. 

Everyone cowered in fear, holding their mouths as tears streamed down from their eyes. 

They had struggled on their deathbeds for so long so when death actually arrived, it easily managed to break their mentals. 


An ice colored claw broke through at the top of the ruins, sweeping the half-collapsed roof away. Everyone hiding in the stone room was fully exposed under the sky. 

The middle aged businessman raised his head and suddenly saw an extremely enormous face. This face covered the entirety of his head. Its mouth was full of sharp teeth and it looked terrifying. 

Zhuo Wan also looked up. When she saw the enormous Ice Mountain Monster, her heart violently beat. 

It was a dominator rank Ice Mountain Monster! 

This time, it was truly a disaster they would have trouble escaping from. Zhuo Wan closed her eyes and faintly sighed. She stopped any resistance because she knew that a dominator rank Ice Mountain Monster, even without using techniques, could crush these people to pieces, let alone the nearby hundreds if not thousands of Ice Mountain Monsters continuously gathering here. 

When the young man saw the monster, his mind went blank, and he forgot to think. 

He was able to see a few powerful monsters walk across or fly across in the past through the crack. However, he never expected that when these monsters were so close to him, he wasn’t even able to breathe. He couldn’t even move a finger. 

In front of such a malevolent and terrifying monster, who could survive? Its savage eyes had no trace of mercy. The only thing there was terrifying slaughter! 

The young man blankly watched the malevolent head. He saw the monster raise its claws as it was going to crush everyone here into meat paste. 

However, for some reason, the speed at which the monster raised its claws was very slow. 

After a while, the claw still hadn’t smashed down. The stunned young man suddenly discovered a bloody line appearing on the head of the monster that made him so afraid he couldn’t breathe. 

 The bloody line appeared right where the monster’s brain was and continued down the monster’s face and split its sharp teeth before extending to a place the young man couldn’t see. 

The monster froze as the bloody line was slowly splitting from its head. A geyser of blood spurted out!! 

The blood spilled everywhere, splashing on the young man’s face, instantly covering his face in blood. 

His eyes were still and unmoving as he watched the monster’s skull split and its body separate into two halves! 

The others had already fainted, believing that the blood had come from those beside them. They were covering their eyes and cowering in place as their bodies trembled. 

Zhuo Wan was still covering her eyes. She had smelled the blood and knew someone could have died. However, she didn’t hear any miserable cries. 

A while later, Zhuo Wan didn’t feel like she had been killed. 

“Have I already died?” Zhuo Wan opened her eyes and wanted to see what happened. 

Suddenly, she discovered she was still in the same place. Around her, many people had fainted while others were cowering and trembling. 

In the ruins, the only person standing was the young man. 

The young man was covered in blood and looked striking. 

Zhuo Wan’s first reaction was that the young man had been killed. But when she took a closer look, she found he was still alive and was merely standing there, covered in a pile of blood. 

“What happened?” Zhuo Wan looked at the young man with amazement. 

“The monster is dead. The monster was killed!” the young man turned around and his face, covered with blood, cracked a smile. He looked very strange. 

Zhuo Wan raised her head and indeed saw half the head dangling above the ruins. From the head continuously poured blood. Clearly, it had been chopped in half by something. 

“How was it killed?” Zhuo Wan was baffled. 

The young man was still smiling and used his finger to point at a hole opened up in the side of the ruins. 

The hole was just big enough for a person to enter. When Zhuo Wan turned around, she discovered a man wearing black garb slowly entering the ruins. 

The young man was handsome and cold. Most importantly, he had a calm that no one else present had. It was as if the several hundred Ice Mountain Monsters nearby were like air to him. There was no trace of panic on his face. 

The man walked straight in and glanced at the young man with the bloody face. He calmly asked: “Was it you who just yelled?” 

“It was me.” the young man hastily nodded his head. A light flashed from his eyes. 

The young man knew that the man in front of him was the person who had passed through the million monsters as he willed. He never expected to actually be able to see him, to be able to see, in his opinion, the strongest person in the world! 

“Ok, take those people and come with me.” Chu Mu nodded his head and spoke to the young man. 

The young man immediately supported Zhuo Wan whose lower leg was injured. At this moment, the others began to open their eyes. They all looked with disbelief at the black-clothed man who had mysteriously appeared. 

“Outside… there are thousands of Ice Mountain Monsters outside. If we go out, we’ll be eaten.” the middle-aged businessman finally woke up and looked somewhat uneasily at CHu Mu. 

Chu Mu indifferently glanced at these survivors and said: “You can make your choice. If you want to follow me, then come.” 

There was already a huge wave of Ice Mountain Monsters rushing here. By the time these monsters arrived, Chu Mu wouldn’t be able to save people from the outer and middle city because it would be like trying to find a piece of grass amidst the surging waves in an ocean. 

With only limited time, Chu Mu could only save as many as he could. He didn’t have time to explain as much to this group of people all with different personalities. 

“You have one minute. I’ll wait outside,” said Chu Mu. 

After speaking, he left the ruins. 

There were a dozen people in the ruins. Chu Mu wouldn’t waste time advising them to follow him. There were more people in the city who wished to live. He would rather save those people, rather than these cowards who were hiding in the ruins and didn’t even have the courage to take a risk. 

When Chu Mu walked outside the ruins, the first person to follow him out was the young man whose face was full of blood as well as Zhuo Wan, who he was supporting. 

Zhuo Wan walked out of the ruins and could feel the piercing sunlight. She used her hands to block it. 

But when she got used to the light from the sun again, she terrifyingly discovered that around the familiar-looking black clothed man were throngs of corpses! 

The corpses were sprinkled on the ground and within a certain radius, there was no living creature. Even the dominator rank Ice Mountain Monster’s enormous body had been reduced to a corpse that was half prostrated on the ruins! 

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