Chapter 1246 Sweeping through Zhao De’s Navy Legion (1)

The black wolves flew past Zhao De’s head like a dark massive beast.

Chu Mu’s target was the elemental soul pets. If the five hundred elemental emperors continuously attacked, it could cause decent trouble for him.

Darkness swept through, causing the elemental emperor navy people to all stop breathing and quickly command their soul pets to put up defenses.

This navy was clearly well trained. Just as these weak elemental teams were about to get hit, the plant teams quickly grew a massive dense forest in front.

The black elements slammed into the elemental forest, causing it to start rotting from the outside in.

The plant forest continued to get eaten, bringing the corroding darkness energy to the plant world soul pets.

The plant world soul pets were good defensive measures, but they couldn’t be completely saved from this wave of energy. Very quickly, a hundred plant world soul pets' bodies were overwhelmed by the dark energy, tearing an opening in the densely packed forest and throwing it into chaos.

The reversed energy was around fifty percent stronger than the absorbed energy. Chu Mu absorbed around three hundred emperor ranks’ simultaneous attacks. Adding on the fifty percent increase in strength, it was near 500 elemental emperors’ attacks.

Five hundred elemental emperors’ non-stop barrage could cause any plant world emperors’ life to become smithereens.

Rotten roots, broken branches, shattered wood, and scattered vines…..

There were nearly four hundred plant world organisms, but with one reversal from Chu Mu, at least a hundred died. A third of the defensive forest had collapsed because of it!

The plant world emperors’ soul pet trainers were all ashen-faced. With three more attacks, their entire army will be deleted.

“Attack, don’t stop!!” Zhao De’s navy generals all started yelling.

“Ocean beast team, go and collapse on them! Land beast team, stomp over them!! Aerial team, attack, what are you all waiting for?” Zhao De commanded angrily.

In the massive lake, the lake water started rolling and boiling.

At the same time, a roaring waterfall came down from the clouds, creating bands of tides that circulated through the skies and assaulted them.

The elemental team again started chanting. With the plant world barrier protecting them, the elemental soul pets could very safely chant incantations.

Colorful elemental glows popped up, its energy full of death!

The beast type organisms had always taken a mainstream spot in human soul pet trainers. Over a thousand beasts darted out from their barracks with a single command from Zhao De!

Over a thousand emperor rank beasts trampling everything in their paths was a frightening scene to see!

The thousand emperor ranks was a power enough to defeat even high class dominator ranks, so Chu Mu couldn’t afford to underestimate the enemy.

“I’ll restrict the elemental emperors, you deal with the wild beasts.” Princess Jin Rou said to Chu Mu.

After speaking, Princess Jin Rou closed her eyes, her long eyelashes lightly trembling.

Her smooth hands fell on her chest as her body slowly glowed a ghostly blue.

Starting the incantation, a string of beautiful notes came out of her mouth, seeming like an unknown song that had a special magic around it.

No matter how powerful the plant world barrier was, it couldn’t stop a mental wave of music. This melodic tune fell into the ears of the elemental emperors.

Chanting incantations needed concentration, but whenever these elemental emperors tried to chant, they would instinctively get drawn to the tunes, losing their focus along with their spells.

The original destructive storm of energy that was brewing slowly dissipated with the tunes. All the elemental soul pet trainers looked at each other, not knowing what just happened.

“Its Disruptive Devil Song!” Elemental team leader furrowed his brows.

The Disruptive Devil Song came from the sirens of the sea, often known as mermaids. They were the greatest counter of elemental soul pets because any note that came from their mouths could easily break incantations.

Elemental soul pets that couldn’t chant incantations were mere displays. Elemental members hated meeting these organisms.

However, what confused them was why a female specter had such special abilities.

“Continue to chant, focus!” The vice navy general was still relatively calm and said to the elemental world soul pets.  

All the elemental soul pets started their incantations again, but with the tunes around them, their incantations were always getting interrupted. The occasional technique couldn’t do anything to the dominator rank Chu Mu and others.


Princess Jin Rou let out a light humph. Opening her eyes, her musical tones suddenly became a high and shrill note!

This high note entered the elemental soul pets’ minds and, this time, the elemental emperors couldn’t even utter a single syllable anymore, let alone a full incantation!

Elemental soul pets that couldn’t chant were meaningless, meaning the five hundred strong army was rendered useless!

After the two techniques, Princess Jin Rou glanced over at Chu Mu and said, “They probably won’t find a way to get rid of the silence, you don’t have to worry about these elemental soul pets anymore.

Chu Mu nodded. Truthfully, Chu Mu didn’t know that Princess Jin Rou’s devil soul had this many powerful techniques. Any elemental soul pet would have to respect princess Jin Rou in the future.


The ground started shaking as the thousand emperor rank beasts neared. These fully armored armored and horned beasts were at the front. Their charge could probably pave a mountain flat in an instant.


A hundred beasts slammed into the spatial screen put around Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s spatial barrier were cracked up. One more charge, and it would definitely shatter.

With an incantation, Chu Mu swift summoned his devil tree battle soldier.

After the devil tree battle soldier appeared, its long arms became two massive whips that slashed aside!

A hundred armored beasts were instantly sent flying, but this attack couldn’t really do much damage to them.

“Devil tree battle soldier, stop them from welling up.” Chu Mu said.

At the same time, little hidden dragon had flown into the skies to fight with the five hundred wing type emperor ranks. A soul pet trainer needed a strong protection like devil tree battle soldier, or else once demons started getting through, though they may not threaten their lives, they could get extremely tedious to deal with.


Devil tree battle soldier’s roots dashed out from underground and swiftly created a root castle around the five of them.

Devil tree battle soldier was currently middle class dominator rank. However, if it were high class dominator rank, its root castle’s strength probably wouldn’t be any weaker than the one created by all five hundred plant emperors.

“Let me strengthen your devil tree battle soldier.” At this time, Xia Zhixian spoke.

Xia Zhixian’s Sky Butterfly Queen remained in a light state. It fluttered its wings onto Devil Tree Battle Soldier and started emitting many special pollens that floated into Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s nose.

“Berserking Powder, increases your devil tree battle soldier’s strength by around forty percent, but it’ll be very tired after this battle.” Xia Zhixian said.

After speaking, Xia Zhixian’s Sky Butterfly Queen’s thin wings continued to shake, dropping countless petal shaped butterfly wings. These petal butterfly wings quickly interlaced around devil tree to create a suit of armor.

“Butterfly Wing Scale, it doubles your devil tree battle soldier’s defense.” Xia Zhixian said.

“Lifeforce Blessing, doubles your devil tree battle soldier’s life force.”

After, Xia Zhixian summoned a Poisonous Lichen.

“Poison and spikes allow you to ignore defenses.” Xia Zhixian continued.

“En, your devil tree battle soldier also has life force absorb….” Xia Zhixian, speaking to herself, summoned a blood demon flower emperor.  

The blood demon flower emperor swiftly cast an incantation and gave devil tree battle soldier a blood red technique that swiftly caused its eyes to go bloodshot.

“What is this?” Chu Mu asked.

"Life Transfer. It can move blood and life force into Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength and temporarily increase its power. The more life force and blood it sucks, the stronger your devil tree battle soldier will get. It can at most double your devil tree battle soldier’s strength given that its strength and mind holds.” Xia Zhixian quickly explained.

Xia Zhixian gave devil tree battle soldier a myriad of statuses. Adding them all together, devil tree battle soldier was probably high class dominator rank in power!

Going from middle to high class was a significant leap. Especially for devil tree battle soldier, if the group fighting master devil tree battle soldier became high class dominator, why would it fear the hundreds and thousands of emperors?


The devil tree battle soldier became incredible under these statuses. Standing before them all, it seemed to block off the entire army by itself!

When the recovered armored beasts charged forth again and hit the devil tree battle soldier’s arm, a few dozen were swept very far away and incapacitated this time.

Countless root traps with poison and spikes were even more dangerous. Any emperor rank that fell into the traps and remained for over five seconds would never get out alive again.

The devil tree battle soldier’s attack wasn’t high but its battle stamina was the longest of all of Chu Mu’s soul pets. Able to instantly kill fifty soul pets was ridiculous already. Being able to cast multiple techniques at once, Chu Mu was seriously wondering whether the thousand beast type soul pets could even withstand devil tree battle soldier’s onslaught.

“You live up to the name of strongest soul pet supporter of new moon ground.” Chu Mu remarked with a sigh.

Xia Zhixian has gotten much stronger from before, and this supportive skill was truly strong, boosting devil tree battle soldier a full rank.

The life transfer technique also means that devil tree battle soldier would only get stronger as the battle continued!

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