Chapter 1152: You Didn’t Encounter the Devil? You’re Truly Lucky!

The rupturing soul pact pain made Yong Chong realize he was indeed a level lower than her now. Yong Chong’s face twisted, but in front of this woman’s cold and proud gaze, he didn’t dare say anything.

Yong Chong’s beast type dominator couldn’t run fast. If that silver devil wanted to absolutely kill him, without Xiao Taan’s cloud bird, he would die. Therefore, he had to swallow his pride.

Yong Chong’s other subordinates didn’t dare fight on. They followed closely behind Xiao Tan’s Cloud Bird and fled in defeat.

They fled very quickly. By the time the blood from the feathered demon in Chu Mu’s hands began to drip from between his fingers, most of the area was empty.

Chu Mu didn’t chase. Instead, he flew towards Bai Yu.

After three types of overlaying recovery methods, Bai Yu’s situation had recovered. He slowly opened his eyes, and saw that the enemies around him had left. He then looked at Chu Mu who was coming towards him.

“Are you alright?” the devil flames in Chu Mu’s body slowly extinguished as he asked a question at the completely wounded Bai Yu.

Bai Yu nodded his head and said: “You came here too.. But there’s no meaning in this place for you.” 

In Bai Yu’s opinion, even if Cloud Realm was a vast expanse of territory, this man who was much younger than him would still be able to soar as he wished like an eagle. His cold and calm eyes would always flash with a light that would struggle against even higher heights.

The success of a man couldn’t be seen from the way he looked at things, but rather from whether he had a burning heart or not. Bai Yu could feel this fiery heart on this young man and could describe it as ambition.

“I have an emperor rank Devil Soul on me. You can take it to try and awaken her.” Chu Mu opened his spatial ring, planning on giving the small Devil Soul to Bai Yu.

Bai Yu shook his head and said: “One is enough.”

As he spoke, he looked in the distance at the white figure flying towards him.

The Ice Pupil Unicorn stepped through the air, rapidly approaching Bai Yu. It landed in front of Bai Yu like a crying child returning to its father’s embrace. Using its horned head, it rubbed against Bai Yu’s face. Its eyes were shimmering with tears. 

The instant Bai Yu obtained the Devil Soul, he used his spatial abilities to place the ring on the Ice Pupil Unicorn, having it take the ring to his daughter. The Ice Pupil Unicorn knew that the moment it left, it meant that the soul pact would rupture. It didn’t leave far, instead hiding outside the mountain. It wasn’t until it felt Bai Yu escape the danger to his life that it excitedly flew back.

When Bai Yu had been in his long sleep, his other soul pets had all miserably died in the frozen ice. Only the Ice type Ice Pupil Unicorn managed to survive. Indeed, when the single human and single pet awakened, the only ones left in the world were them. Why would the Ice Pupil Unicorn be willing to watch its master die like that? 

Bai Yu rubbed the Ice Pupil Unicorn’s face and smiled. Truthfully speaking, he was extremely willing to leave the Ice Pupil Unicorn by itself. 

“Since I survived, then I’d better live a good life.” Bai Yu had already prepared his heart in the face of death. However, he had survived and obtained the Devil Soul. This was probably the best outcome.

Not long after Chu Mu began talking with Bai Yu, Ye Qingzi and the others arrived. 

When Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao saw the large amount of corpses around them, they were extremely shocked.

“Just now we saw the mountains tremble and ground fissure. Speaking of which, there genuinely are a lot of dominator rank experts here. If they came to our Wanxiang City, I’m not sure how chaotic it would get.” said Prince Chao.

Ye Wansheng sincerely nodded his head and said: “Truly tragic. I thought that having dominators was very awesome. Yet, here, they can only make one an expert.” 

The two of them only had pseudo dominator ranks. Compared to the mass of corpses here, they could only be considered petty rogues. This was extremely damaging to their egos. 

Of course, what shocked them the most was the appearance of Uncle Bai Yu.

After defeating Alliance Master Ling Chan, Uncle Bai Yu had only rested in Wanxiang City for a period of time before saying goodbye. Nobody knew where he went. 

They never expected to encounter him in the vast bewildering world in Cloud Realm. It seemed that Uncle Bai Yu already knew of the world beyond Cloud Gate.

Ye Qingzi saw that Bai Yu and Chu Mu’s wounds were not light. She summoned a soul pet for each of Bai Yu and Chu Mu to heal them.

As for the young man, Liao Yu, when he saw the messy battlefield, his eyes were open wide. 

He obviously couldn’t believe that so many experts were killed by these two people. Indeed, the power of Border Commander Wu Zhen’s people was among the top of Wen City. Moreover, there were also the subordinates of the city lord. Altogether, this was a good number of dominator rank experts. Yet, this formation had ultimately been miserably defeated and fled in panic. How strong did they have to be to do this?! 

Quickly, the eyes Liao Yu used to look at Chu Mu turned to reverence. Indeed, the young experts of Cloud Realm were all too high to reach. Being able to see one face to face was already an extreme honor. Liao Yu never expected to actually encounter one of them in the wild bewildering world who had strength not inferior to Li Zuoteng and Mu Zheng.

Liao Yu was curious as to why he had never heard the name of this outstanding person before.

“Big Brother Chu, are you someone from Jiang City? Uncle Peng told me that Jiang City has more experts and there are even people that can easily defeat Li Zuoteng and Mu Zheng. I never believed him, but can Big Brother Chu tell me if there are truly these kinds of experts in Jiang City?” Liao Yu turned into an excited and curious sweetheart that trembled with excitement as he spoke. 

15 or 16 was the age at which one most easily began to revere experts. Liao Yu was at this age, and he especially revered young experts who had won the praise, respect and admiration of countless people.

“Who are Li Zuoteng and Mu Zheng?” asked Chu Mu.

“Oh? You don’t even know about them?” Liao Yu was stunned.

Logically speaking, experts should know about each other. With Chu Mu’s current strength, he definitely had the qualifications to know about them.

“Those two are the most outstanding people from the Li Family and Mu Family. Their strength surpasses their age category by a wide margin. Despite being so young, they are already famous people in Cloud Realm with immense status and power.” The person who spoke was Bai Yu. This made Chu Mu a bit confused. Why did Uncle Bai Yu concern himself about these matters? 

“That’s right! Mu Zheng came to our Cloud City once and my friends were able to see him. I happened to not be there and didn’t see him. Truly a pity.” Liao Yu vigorously nodded his head. He ostensibly wanted to describe the power and outstanding nature of these two people, but didn’t know how to express himself.

“Brat, so what? When you reach this age, perhaps you’ll be able to crush them like ants. Don’t worship them. If you want to worship someone, worship yourself!” Ye Wansheng cracked a smile.

Liao Yu looked contemptuously at Ye Wansheng and said: “How could that be possible? Although I am considered strong among my peers, it’s practically impossible for me to reach the realm they are at by their age. Don’t talk about this topic that way, otherwise you’ll become a joke among my friends. I have an older friend who is Li Zuoteng’s disciple. His strength was initially close to mine, but after becoming his disciple, his strength managed to greatly surpass mine. He is already a spirit emperor and I am still a spirit master.” 

As he spoke, Liao Yu was both jealous and depressed. In truth, he had also made a bet with this friend and when they were 18, they would have a fight. 

Liao Yu wasn’t afraid of losing to him. However, as he watched his strength continue to soar while his came to a stop, he was afraid that by the time he was 18, all of his main pets combined wouldn’t even be capable of defeating a single one of his secondary pets. 

They had said they would work hard together to become experts, but now he could only watch him from behind as he ascended to greater heights. This feeling was hard to utter, especially for Liao Yu who had an innate intense longing. 

Suddenly, Liao Yu thought of something and his eyes flashed as he looked at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu confusedly looked at this brat whose expression had changed so fast.

“Big Brother Chu, how about you accept me as your disciple?!!” Liao Yu looked a bit shy and hopeful. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. He himself was still in a period of training. Where did he have the state of mind to accept a disciple? 

In Chu Mu’s opinion, he would have to at least wait until his ambitious heart had been satisfied and he didn’t plan on continuing to climb upwards before he accepted a disciple.

“Brat, don’t be delusional. Our Chu Mu only accepts female disciples.” Ye Wansheng interjected.

“Oh?” Liao Yu’s face was full of disappointment. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. All of this was so absurd. 

“Train on your own. I didn’t take anyone as my teacher either. I trained myself. I feel that since you possess the stupid recklessness to run to a vast bewildering world to save a sick person, you should be able to surpass the two people you spoke of.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi charmingly rolled her eyes at Chu Mu. How was this encouraging? 

Now that they had obtained the Devil Souls, all of them naturally would return to the city.

Since Bai Jinrou’s situation had been urgent, they planned on going with Bai Yu together to Wen City. Bai Yu had placed Bai Jinrou in an old friend’s ice room in an icehouse to prolong her life.

However, since Chu Mu and Bai Yu were both injured, they would have to pass through Wang City en route to Wen City anyways. Everyone thus decided to take a small rest in Wang City before immediately going to Wen City to see if the Devil Souls would be able to awaken Bai Jinrou.



Wang City.

Wang City’s City Lord Residence.

City Lord Li sat alone at the very center of a great hall. His brows were furrowed as he stared with worry. 

The person who had given him information had just left. He learned that in this Devil Soul fight, two powerful devils had appeared. These devils had wiped out dominator rank experts, causing extremely miserable losses to the dominator rank experts. 

City Lord Li didn’t know whether to rejoice or sigh.

What was worth rejoicing was that he hadn’t sent many people this time, thus reducing a huge amount of potential loss. Indeed, the news just now indicated that nearly half of Wen City’s dominator rank experts had been lost. This was undoubtedly a catastrophe to a sixth rank realm city.

What was worth sighing over was that the people he had dispatched still hadn’t returned. He didn’t know if they were alive or dead.

Although they had only met once, no matter what, these people had went to capture Devil Souls under his orders. He had to assume some of the responsibility, especially since one of them was the grand niece of Vice City Lord Mu. Moreover, she was the only successor of that branch. If she lost her life there, City Lord Li truly didn’t know how to tell the vice city lord.

“Old Li!! Old Li!!!!!”

Suddenly, a thunderous roar rang outside the large hall!

The only person who dared call the city lord this in Wang City was Vice City Lord Mu.

Vice City Lord Mu strode in like a bolt of lightning. His face was filled with fury, and he nearly destroyed the great hall with his roars. 

City Lord Li rubbed his temples. He initially wanted to wait a bit before telling this fiery-tempered fellow. He wanted to wait and see how things played out because those people may end up returning in a few days. He didn’t know which fellow’s mouth had been so loose that the news ended up with the vice city lord. 

“Stay calm, stay calm.” City Lord Li mustered a smile, indicating that they should have a chat about this. 

“Calm my ass. You take a look yourself and count yourself. How many people died?! Take a look!” Vice City Lord Mu erupted with foul language. His entire fire looked burning hot from the exasperation.

“I know already. I took a look just now. The letter said that most of the people that died were from Wen City.” said City Lord Li.

“If this old man had listened to you and sent people to fight over those stupid Devil Souls, perhaps all of them would have died. I knew that those things weren’t so easily obtained. I didn’t send people, yet you duped my grand niece and her friends into going. Will you die if you stop your greed?” Vice City Lord Mu rained down with abuse. 

City Lord Li’s mouth twitched, but he really didn’t know what to say. He ultimately had been a bit reckless with this matter.

However, he didn’t have any ill intent. He didn’t know either that such terrifying devils would appear and kill so many people.

“If something happens to my grand niece, how am I going to explain it to my father?!” said Mu Yuanen.

City Lord Li was most afraid of this. If she died, the responsibility would be very heavy. 

“Senior City Lord, someone called Chu Mu wishes to see you.” At this moment, the guard at the door knelt down and spoke.

Li Ziran’s eyes lit up, and he hastily called the guard to welcome them.

Vice City Lord Mu also suppressed his temper and sat in his seat.

A moment later, Chu Mu and the others entered the city lord’s great hall. When City Lord Li saw that everyone was there, and that there were even two more people, he felt relieved of a heavy burden.

“Seeing you guys safe and sound, the suspending stone in my heart has finally fallen.” said City Lord Li.

“City Lord was worried we wouldn’t be able to return?” asked Chu Mu.

“No. Rather, I just heard the news that two devils appeared where the Devil Souls were and slaughtered half of the dominator rank experts. It was said that those two devils had terrifying and savage power…” said City Lord Li.

Chu Mu’s expression didn’t change as he said: “We didn’t encounter the devils.” 

“Didn’t encounter the devils? You guys are truly lucky.” sighed the City Lord in relief. 

Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi held in their laughter. They were silently wondering how marvelous the expression of the old city lord would be if he knew the two devils were actually standing in front of him.

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