Chapter 566: I’ll Use Your Deaths As A Form of Catharsis

Chapter 566: I’ll Use Your Deaths As A Form of Catharsis 

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare could at most only restrict Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare.

After being purified by the Water Moon, Zhan Ye expelled the dark energy in its body before using another Broken Limb Rebirth. Although its strength once more increased, it could still only barely resist a peak monarch rank attack!

Princes Jin Rou, Ye Qingzi, and Ye Wanshengs’ injury riddled soul pets were fighting together against Xia Guanghan’s Blood Terror Wolf and Gold Evil Insect. It had only been a few minutes, but they were in extremely miserable states.

Now that both Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan had summoned a peak monarch, these two pepak monarchs would definitely be able to slaughter them all within half a minute!! 

Princess Jin Rou’s gaze fell on Ye Qingzi. She had no other choice right now, and could only see if Ye Qingzi could buy some time for everyone. 

“Qingzi, you already used it last time in Li City…” Ye Wansheng shook his head at Ye Qingzi, indicating that she shouldn’t rashly use this ability. 

Ye Qingzi was unable to change anything, though. So she decisively retreated behind the soul pets, and began to chant an incantation! 

Ye Qingzi closed her eyes. With each chant, an incantation character would appear. Her pulse began to violently beat, and the War Court Black Beast that was linked with her soul also began to pulsate. 

When they had fought Duan Xinhe’s Hundred Mother in Li City, Ye Qingzi had used this technique. The originally much weaker War Court Black Beast had suddenly erupted with the strength to fight against the Hundred Mother! 

As Ye Qingzi chanted, black hairs began to slowly rise up. The War Court Black Beast that gave people a feelings of calm and collected, gradually began to exude a savage aura. This aura increased with each pulse and with each increase, it would rise quite a bit!!! 

The War Court Black Beast’s hair was originally disorderly hanging down. However, as its soul pulsed, the War Court Black Beast’s hair began to stand on end!! 

Even more shocking, when the hairs began to ostentatiously stand on end, a black specter-like energy began to envelop the especially savage War Court Black Beast! 

In this moment, the War Court Black Beast no longer seemed to simply be a War Court Black Beast. Under the strange black grievance shroud, it transformed into a creature filled with dark type aura that controlled death itself!!!

It began to explode from the ninth phase middle stage. Under the special technique, it unexpectedly instantly reached the tenth phase peak monarch rank! 

The enormous dark aura was much stronger than the emperor species Mo Ye’s. Moreover, even the Gold Evil Insect didn’t dare approach!! 

A tenth phase peak monarch!!!

At the most crucial moment, Ye Qingzi used this mysterious technique again! 

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!”

The War Court Black Beast astonishingly transformed into a specter of death and abruptly appeared in front of the peak monarch Qin Ye had summoned!!


This peak monarch had just been summoned but was immediately met by the War Court Black Beast’s fierce attack and was knocked flying!

The War Court Black Beast’s speed and strength was very high. It was even more ruthless and fierce than Xia Guanghan’s peak monarch rank Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf! 

After knocking this peak monarch flying, the War Court Black Beast used its powerful skills and quickly appeared in front of the Gold Evil Insect!! 

It raised its claws of death as a dense dark light congealed on its arm before fiercely smashing it at the Gold Evil Insect!!

Although the Gold Evil Insect’s defense was astonishing, it had encountered the dark type War Court Black Beast, and its defense was unable to withstand a blow. This claw immediately shattered the Gold Evil Insect’s armor, crushing it under this terrifying attack!

Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan saw that Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast suddenly erupted with such shocking strength, and their two faces were filled with astonishment!

The White Nightmare that had reached the peak monarch rank was already very difficult to deal with. Now that a powerful soul pet which was in between the pseudo emperor and peak monarch rank had appeared, if they didn’t take out their true strength, it would be impossible for them to kill those three people. 

“What a fierce soul pet!” Princess Jin Rou saw how fierce the War Court Black Beast was, and a smile rose on her face. 

She swept her gaze over Ye Qingzi who wasn’t saying anything. However, she was stunned because Ye Qingzi looked as if she was frozen, and her face was extremely pale! 

“How could this be!” Princess Jin Rou was stunned and looked with disbelief at Ye Qingzi. 

On Ye Qingzi’s fair neck, a vine-like black object was slowly crawling up to Ye Qingzi’s face!

Those were Ye Qingzi’s arteries! 

Right now, Ye Qingzi’s arteries had been completely corroded by some black substance. It was as if she had been poisoned. Her originally snow-white and transparent skin was completely showing the black arteries through her skin. It was clearly visible that they were rapidly destroying her body…  

Ye Wansheng stood beside Ye Qingzi, and his face was extremely unsightly. 

Ye Wansheng was very clear about Ye Qingzi’s energy. In order to use this powerful energy, she had to pay a painful price. Moreover, the moment the black arteries completely infected all of her arteries, Ye Qingzi would die!

Princess Jin Rou looked at Ye Qingzi’s state, and her heart was filled with emotions. She abruptly realized why Ye Qingzi hadn’t included herself when she said that they would survive. 

This type of energy was self-destructive!

“This female soul teacher… she’s using a self-destructive mysterious technique!” said Xia Gaunghan. 

“So what? I’ll have my demon restrict it. You have your Destructive Wind Fairy get rid of them. I’ve already had enough of these trash!” said Qin Ye. 

As he spoke, Qin Ye’s demon outlandishly rushed forwards and its black eyes emitting a spectral light stared at the War Court Black Beast!

The War Court Black Beast quickly realised that this demon possessed an extremely powerful mental ability. Relying on its agile fighting ability, it quickly dodged this demon’s gaze!

The War Court Black Beast was a beast type soul pet, and its strength had been forcibly risen through Ye Qingzi’s technique. If it was restricted by the demon, then all of its strength would dissipate!! 

The third soul pet Xia Guanghan had summoned was a Destructive Wind Fairy!

Destructive wind was a fourth rank wind element crystallization. The Destructive Wind Fairy was thus a wind elemental type monarch rank soul pet a rank above the Hurricane Fairy! 

Xia Guanghan’s Destructive Wind Fairy had been strengthened to a peak monarch. A wind type soul pet innately possessed extremely high destructive power. It had a lot of range and if it wasn’t restricted, a single technique would be able to deliver a fatal blow to everyone!!

Right now, there was no soul pet that could stop Xia Guanghan’s Destructive Wind Fairy. 

Chanting a wind type incantation, the biting destructive wind began to swirl around the Destructive Wind Fairy’s body. It transformed into a dense ashen energy that a strange air flow to appear in the entire sealed space.

The space was fiercely whipped about and as the wind type technique brewed, everyone found it hard to breathe! 

Obviously, this Destructive Wind Fairy was fermenting a tenth rank wind type technique!

The moment this technique swept through, most of the three peoples’ heavily injured soul pets would die!

“All of you, die!!” Xia Guanghan mercilessly said. 

Finally, the Destructive Wind Fairy finished its incantation. A destructive wind that practically occupied the entire sealed space suddenly formed and everyone felt an aura of death pervade the air!

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!!”

The destructive wind mixed with an ashen color energy resembled the charge of ten million wild beasts that would fiercely trample anything with their enormous bodies!!!

The intense wind energy was difficult to defend. Quickly, Ye Wansheng, Princess Jin Rou, and their soul pets were swept up by the wind. With the level of their soul pets’ defenses, it probably wouldn’t even be a few seconds before they would be ripped to pieces by the destructive wind!!

Ye Wansheng held on tightly to the extremely weak Ye Qingzi. Right now, his face was extremely pale. Perhaps he understood that he would be unable to protect Ye Qingzi from the destructive wind like this. However, as an older brother, even if there was only that sliver of hope, Ye Wansheng would protect his sister. 

“Brother…” Ye Qingzi didn’t know what to say.

“As a brother, I’m growing more and more useless. If I manage to survive this time, I’ll definitely not let anyone harm you! Nobody will be able to!!!” Ye Wansheng grit his teeth.

Practically the moment his voice faded, Ye Wansheng’s body was ripped apart by the destructive wind energy and he quickly disappeared from Ye Qingzi’s view. 

Ye Qingzi was unable to grab onto Ye Wansheng. Watching Ye Wansheng’s Sword Beetle which was stubbornly resisting the wind energy for her, Ye Qingzi’s immediately felt her heart being cut out… 

No  matter how much she struggled, they were unable to stop these two peoples’ soul pets. Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye were too much stronger than them!

Ye Qingzi, whose life was dissipating extremely quickly, felt powerless. She could only remorsefully close her eyes and embrace death. 


Watching the three people and their soul pets being enveloped by the incomparably turbid destructive wind, Qin Ye’s face looked extremely cold. 

To Qin Ye, even if all of these people died, it was not enough to make up for the death of his emperor species Mo Ye. Therefore, after they died, he would go and hack them to pieces!! 

Xia Guanghan stood next to the Destructive Wind Fairy. Even if all of these people died, the grievance in his heart would still exist. After all, Chu Mu wasn’t among them. Especially that Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox. It had also perished among the statue guard legion. Xia Guanghan was extremely unreconciled. 

“Don’t kill the White Nightmare as well, otherwise we’ll make a loss.” Qin Ye saw that Xia Guanghan’s Terror Wolf and White Nightmare were gradually suppressing Chu Mu’s White Nightmare so he immediately reminded him. 

“Their deaths are only used as a form of catharsis! I won’t kill the White Nightmare!” Xia Guanghan coldly said.

Xia Guanghan’s Destructive Wind Fairy’s techniques swept up Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng. Princess Jin Rou had suffered an evidently weaker attack because Xia Guanghan still had to take her to the female master. Therefore, she couldn’t die. 

As for Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng, these were insignificant people and it didn’t matter if they died. Xia Guanghan didn’t even blink as he killed them!


“Then, I’ll also use your deaths as a form of catharsis!!” 

Suddenly, an ice cold devilish voice rang out from the incomparably turbid destructive wind, and transmitted into Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye’s ears!! 

Xia Guanghan was stunned. Abruptly, he discovered that amidst the gradually calming destructive wind, a fearsome figure had appeared!

Most shockingly, this figure had nine incomparably ostentatious long shadows that resembled nine fierce dragons. These shadows unrestrainedly unfurled, revealing enormous majesty!!! 

“Qin Ye, Xia Guanghan, your time of death has arrived!!” this voice rang out once more. It was full of ruthlessness and killing intent that was hard to suppressed!!  

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