Chapter 494: Heavenly Life Mountain, Unknown Realm Breakthrough

Chapter 494: Heavenly Life Mountain, Unknown Realm Breakthrough

Eighth realm, Heavenly Life Mountain

There were only a few peculiar rounds at the eighth realm breakthrough. Countless experts would collide in this round; presumably, there would be even more intense fights on Heavenly Life Mountain. 

Heavenly Life Mountain wasn’t a bewildering world, but an enormous rock mountain on the northern side of Tianxia City. It was 5000 meters tall, and the base was enormous. There were numerous retired soul pet trainers who had completely retreated from the soul pet domain that resided on Heavenly Life Mountain. 

Heavenly Life Mountain was commonly known as Heavenly Life Mountain Hotsprings. When the reason season came, it would be possible to see the springs that led to the hotsprings; they were like coiling white dragons.

The entire mountain topography was formed by many objects. There were mountain ponds, valleys, ravines, caves, cliffs, strange peaks, precipices, and broken ramparts...

It was said that in the mountain resided a few rather rare soul pets. These soul pets were not easily detected by soul pet trainers, and even if they lived on a mountain that people often traversed, there were no people that knew where these soul pets were. 

Heavenly Life Mountain was divided into four mountains, east, west, south and north. In between the mountains were incomparably sturdy rock barriers and tall mountain peaks. Aside from directly climbing to the very top of Heavenly Life Mountain and then crossing over to the other mountains, it would be hard to cross between the four mountains. 

The second grade’s breakthrough location was Heavenly Life Mountain’s eastern mountain. The eastern mountain was the complex area of Heavenly Life Mountain, and resembled an enormous fierce dragon that crawled onto this eastern side. Its long dragonback and dragon tail stretched out to the eastern earth, and it continued for at least several tens of kilometers. 

After Heavenly Life Mountain was chosen as the eighth realm’s realm breakthrough location, the entire mountain was blocked off by the competition authorities. Due to the events that occured in the seventh realm’s bewildering world round, the competition authorities dispatched extra people this time, and even dispatched a large group of members riding wing type soul pest to patrol various locations on Heavenly Life Mountain. This was to prevent non-competitors from intruding into the competition.

Moreover, before the competition began, the competition authorities allocated a large group of people to sweep through Heavenly Life Mountain to ensure that there weren’t people hiding in the mountain that would upset the balance of the competition. 

After everything was prepared, Heavenly Life Mountain became a restricted area. It wasn’t until the beginning of the eighth realm that the competition authorities would permit competitors to enter Heavenly Life Mountain. 

What made Chu Mu rack his brains for a few days to no avail was what the competition authorities would have the competitors do on Heavenly Life Mountain, or how to successfully complete the realm breakthrough. Even three days before the competition, they still did not know. 

“Them doing it like this is probably because they’re going to provide a huge hunting ground to all the competitors and then have them fight it out…” Ye Wansheng gave his thoughts. 

“That’s impossible, right? The competition authorities can’t use such a cruel method. If this was the case, then many people would lose their lives.” Ye Qingzi said. 

Chu Mu didn’t look for a reason. The start of the competition would be tomorrow, and if not even one clear goal had been given, then the realm breakthrough would be extremely confusing and nothing about it could be said. 

The time quickly came and the eighth realm breakthrough finally began.

All of the competitors that successfully broke through the seventh realm were split into different regions according to the difficulty grade they selected.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both chose the second grade difficulty so, soon, Chu Mu followed the other Soul Palace competitors under the guidance of the competition authorities to Heavenly Life Eastern Mountain. 

Before each competitor entered Heavenly Life Mountain, the competition authorities gave them a competitor medicine bottle which could create a special smell.

The moment the medicine bottle was opened, the closest competition authority would arrive within five minutes, and bring this person off of Heavenly Life Mountain. Thus the medicine bottle could be regarded as a signal of giving up on the competition from the competitor. 

“The competition authorities gave every competitor this item. The eighth realm breakthrough must be dangerous.” Ye Qingzi put the medicine bottle into her spatial ring and then spoke in a low voice. 

“The competition authorities are being unnecessarily complicated.” said Chu Mu.

It wasn’t only Chu Mu that had no clue what the competition authorities were doing. The other competitors had no idea either. However, no matter what they asked, the competition authorities divulged no information. They merely had them enter Heavenly Life Mountain… 

“In past years, the rate of death in the eighth realm were extremely high. There was even one year when the death rate and elimination rate was twice as high as the elimination rate. In other words, if one didn’t successfully breakthrough, there was 50% chance that he or she would die.” Soul Palace Young Master Fang Ze glanced a Chu Mu and a light smile rose on his face. 

“Why would the competition authorities host such a cruel round?” TIng Lan astonishedly looked at Soul Palace Young Master Fang Ze. 

“This isn’t strange. The Battle of the Realm has always been extremely merciless. If you’re afraid of death, then open the medicine bottle earlier and give up on the competition.” Soul Palace’s Li Zhan lay against a rock. His arms were crossed as he spoke disapprovingly. 

Soul Palace’s Li Zhan had also crossed the bewildering world in the seventh realm, and was also the competitor that had obtained the highest honor there. 

Li Zhan had never exposed his strength previously until the seventh realm, where his name appeared as the highest honor on the Tianxia Ranking. Numerous people were astonished since Soul Palace was hiding another second grade expert. 

“Then do you guys know how to successfully breakthrough the realm in Heavenly Life Mountain? It couldn’t be fighting each other to the death, could it?” Chu Mu asked. 

Half of Soul Palace’s second grade young experts were at Heavenly Life Mountain. The strongest of them was Soul Palace Young Master Fang Ze. Then there was Li Hen’s younger brother, Li Zhan, whose strength had suddenly erupted and Ting Lan who had gradually revealed her strength. Additionally, there were four other young experts who Chu Mu had never seen before.

Chu Mu didn’t recognize these four, and had only seen their names in the previous realms. They obviously were hidden experts. 

High key people from Soul Palace like Zhao Cheng and Zhan Hong had been eliminated in the seventh realm. The fact that these four people were able to make it through meant that their strength was above even the likes of them. 

Aside from them, there were another dozen or so young experts from Soul Palace who were participating in the Heavenly Life Mountain realm breakthrough round. All together, there were about 20 people. 

There being 20 competitors from Soul Palace who were participating in the eighth realm’s Heavenly Life Mountain round meant that the amount of eighth realm competitors had severely been reduced. Being able to make it thus far undoubtedly meant that one was a young expert found only once in a hundred or thousand kilometer radius! 

“The eighth realm has always been like this. The competition authorities cannot tell the competitors how to successfully breakthrough. They must let the competitors themselves figure it out in the round. This is to test the various qualities of the competitors, and not merely how strong their soul pets are. There are many stupid people who believe that the competition authorities want all of the young competitors to kill each other in a large hunting ground. What do you think, Young Master Fang Ze?” said Li Zhan. 

“We’ll adapt to whatever the situation calls for. There’s no reason to be worried.” the eighth young master, Fang Ze, was surprisingly relaxed and carefree! 

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