Chapter 493: One Billion in Compensation, Two-faced Chu Mu

Chapter 493: One Billion in Compensation, Two-faced Chu Mu

Sixteen days finally arrived, and the competition authorities sent guards to retrieve all of the competitors back to Tianxia City.

Chu Mu obviously wouldn’t let the female master easily go. After returning to Tianxia City, Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou respectively went to Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace to report the large amount of killers that had made their way into the Battle of the Realm. 

The authorities, due to the missing guards, had already noticed that something was wrong. Only, in order to ensure the competition wasn’t disrupted, they didn’t notify others about this during the realm breakthrough. It wasn’t until the seventh realm breakthrough had ended that they began to investigate. 

“It indeed is a large plot. Chu Mu, tell me what happened.” Palace Master Yu’s face was serious as he spoke. 

Princess Jin Rou had previously been targeting Merchant Alliance’s Hao Ting, searching for evidence of his various crimes. When the seventh realm came, his figure finally surfaced. 

Chu Mu roughly spoke about the killers he encountered as well as their plot to capture Princess JIn Rou. He also told them about the female master’s terrifying emperor rank ability.

“You’re saying that this female master controls a Sacred Holy Flower?” Palace Lord Yu asked in astonishment. 

“It’s her that possesses the Sacred Holy Flower ability.” Chu Mu emphasized. 

Palace Lord Yu was stunned. Shortly after, he understood the meaning behind Chu Mu’s words and his eyes turned abnormally complicated. 

Regarding the female master’s Sacred Holy Flower ability, Palace Lord Yu didn’t press on. Thus, Chu Mu felt that Palace Lord Yu had ostensibly heard things about this female master.

“Does Palace Lord Yu know about this woman’s existence?” asked Chu Mu.

“I know, but only rumors. Moreover, this matter is very likely related to the matter that happened over ten years ago. Back then, I had only just stepped into the young generation and didn’t understand this matter too well. I have to ask an elder about it.” said Palace Lord Yu,

Since he had to ask an elder, Chu Mu quickly went and found Old Soul Teacher De. 

However, this time, Old Soul Teacher De didn’t say anything about it. Very clearly, he didn’t want to spread this tightly sealed information from within Soul Palace. 

“This matter has nothing to do with you. All you have to do is finish the realm breakthroughs. We’ll deal with it.” Old Soul Teacher De’s tone was very unyielding as he spoke. 

Chu Mu hesitated a while, and wanted to speak of his soul pact with the defector young woman to Old Soul Teacher De… 

“Young master, Her Majesty only told your father about your soul pact signing with the defector young woman. Soul Palace’s people also don’t know that the Sacred Holy Flower woman is your soul pet. In my opinion, you’d best keep it a secret for now. Also, even if you tell him, Soul Palace people may still not give you any information.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu had no choice but to get rid of that idea. 

As a young master who had not been published yet, when encountering killers during the realm breakthrough, this would obviously attract much attention from Soul Palace. Soon, there were elder level people inside Soul Palace that began to exert pressure on the Tianxia authorities. Clearly they wanted to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

At the same time, Princess Jin Rou’s position in Nightmare Palace was rather high and the Nightmare Palace higher ups had an even more violent temper as they denounced the Tianxia authorities. 

The matter of killers breaking in was due to the competition authorities not doing enough to maintain confidentiality, otherwise the killers would not be able set an ambush in a bewildering world that was supposedly unknown beforehand. The blame would naturally fall on the Tianxia authorities. 

The two factions simultaneously exerted pressure and the Tianxia authorities quickly began to closely investigate the matter, searching for the culprit. At the same time, the Tianxia Authorities began to compensate the competitors that had been threatened by the killers. 

Due to Nightmare Palace’s strong influence, the Princess Jin Rou, who had an injured a soul, obtained a young middle class monarch pet and a large sum of gold as compensation. Of course, this compensation wasn’t publicized. 

The Tianxia Authorities had powerful status and wouldn’t publicize this matter. After all, if they did, it could cause serious repercussions to them. Compensating was to both to compensate the person who had been threatened and to prevent them from spreading this matter. 

Not long after, the matter regarding the killers ended. 

However, this ending caused Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou to crease their brows. This was because after an investigation, it was Shen Yicheng who was found to have killed the competition authority guards. Moreover, according to the even more meticulous investigation and search, the competition authorities found that the culprit of all of the leaked secrets, movement of the killers and collusion of the factions all was Shen Yicheng!

When all of the crimes fell onto Shen Yicheng’s head, Chu Mu basically understood why the female master wanted to leave Shen Yicheng alive. Obviously Shen Yicheng would be abandoned once something had been exposed. Moreover, this abandonment would be enough to protect herself! 

“Chu Chen, the Tianxia authorities cannot stop the Battle of the Realm. In the subsequent realm breakthroughs, it is impossible for killers to intrude. As for the woman you spoke of, we’ve already sent people to take note of her. As long as she uses her ability, we’ll be able to find her.” Old Soul Teacher De said to Chu Mu. 

The terrifying strength of Chu Mu was a problem he had considered in the subsequent realm breakthroughs. Because of her existence, he would definitely be unable to continue. Fortunately, a few Soul Palace elders were already watching her. As long as she used her Sacred Holy Flower ability, it wouldn’t be long before she suffered from the pursuit of Soul Palace experts. 

Of course, Chu Mu could be sure that she definitely wouldn’t give up on the Battle of the Realm. Presumably, in the eighth realm, the female master would complete the realm breakthrough using the competitors who were loyal to her. 

“Also, this is the compensation of the Tianxia authorities to you. The Soul Healing Paste isn’t something easy to obtain, so the competition authorities can only compensate you 1 billion for you lost soul.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

“Isn’t 1 billion too little?” Chu Mu felt that the compensation was a bit little. The eighth rank Soul Healing Paste was worth nearly 5 billion and was practically unpurchasable. 

“Do you think that the Tianxia competition authorities are easy to speak to? 1 billion is enough. You lost a soul, so use the 1 billion to strengthen your other soul pets. Don’t suffer any injuries in the subsequent realm breakthroughs. With your current age, it will have an enormous effect on you.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

Chu Mu nodded his head and took the 1 billion. 

After Old Soul Teacher De finished speaking, he immediately left. 

Ye Wansheng who was standing next to him had an extremely abnormal expression. After Old Teacher De left, he looked as if he had restrained himself for a long while as he pointed at Chu Mu and shouted: “Ungrateful! An ungrateful person!! You clearly lost your soul from a defector soul pet, yet you said that you injured a soul in the seventh realm and extorted 1 billion out of the Tianxia competition authority!!”

Chu Mu let out a dry laugh. This time, because of the female master’s appearance, he hadn’t obtained the highest honor’s large reward, and thus could not strengthen his soul pets. Therefore, when Chu Mu heard that the competition authorities would compensate his losses, Chu Mu resolutely told them that he had lost a soul. 

Chu Mu really had lost a soul. When the Tianxia competition authorities searched, they discovered that Chu Mu’s first soul didn’t have any spiritual connection; therefore, they also gave Chu Mu a compensation of 1 billion, like Princess Jin Rou. 

From the first realm of the Battle of the Realm, Chu Mu had been striving for a few 100’s of millions of gold. Yet right now, he had accumulated over 1 billion. This also meant that Chu Mu’s present strength was incomparable to prior the competition. 

1 billion of gold could do a lot of things. Chu Mu firstly raised the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength. 

Chu Mu’s three main pets all had very strong close-combat abilities. However, the opponents he would face next could have extremely powerful demons, plants, elements or even departed souls. If he faced a mental demon type soul pet, Zhan Ye would not be able to use its skills fully. If he encountered plant kingdom soul pets, Mo Xie would be heavily restricted, so Chu Mu had to develop his soul pets together. 

Previously, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ice Air Fairy had been strengthened by spirit items, and required fights to raise their phase and stages. If he wanted to use spirit items to raise their phase and stage, the amount of gold he needed to raise their phase and stage was much larger.

Chu Mu needed raise his soul pets strength right now and didn’t care about spending more money. 

He gave 500 million to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the other 500 million to the Ice Air Fairy, purchasing ice type spirit items.

The strengthening process was very smooth, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier successfully broke through the eighth phase bottleneck, reaching the ninth phase second stage. 

As for the Ice Air Fairy, it was already at the imminent evolution state, so the use of 500 million worth of spirit items caused its strength to jump, reaching the ninth phase third phase. Its strength had increased nearly two levels. 

Right now, the only soul pet of Chu Mu’s that was lagging a bit behind was the Ghost King. The other soul pets had all reached the ninth phase low stage or middle stage. 

As for the high class monarch, the White Nightmare, it was his means of fighting four souls with his three souls. In the subsequent eighth realm, even if he faced a hidden expert, Chu Mu would be able to contend with them. 

Due to the events that happened in the seventh realm, the eighth realm start was delayed. 

After a series of reorganizations, the competition authorities finally announced the eighth realm breakthrough round. 

“Heavenly Life Mountain?” 

Chu Mu was extremely surprised. The eighth realm had no clear-cut realm break finish mission. Instead, they only indicated the location of the realm breakthrough.  

By only giving a location, how would one successfully breakthrough the realm? 

“We’re together.” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu’s name was also in Heavenly Life Mountain, and a smile rose on her face. 

Chu Mu nodded his head, but wasn’t happy about this. 

“What’s the matter?” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu’s expression had changed.

“I’m scared of my other great enemy. He laid a trap for me in the eighth realm, but I don’t know what the trap is.” Chu Mu was afraid that Ye Qingzi would be involved in this matter. 

In this period of time, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s relation had developed to a certain level so that Chu Mu didn’t even want her to suffer the smallest of harms.

“It’s better to face it with two people rather than just you. I’ll help you breakthrough the realm and you’ll help me obtain my teacher’s will.” an elegant smile rose on Ye Qingzi’s face!

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