Chapter 492: Powerful White Nightmare, Subduing the Skirmish

Chapter 492: Powerful White Nightmare, Subduing the Skirmish

“White Nightmare, just kill a few extra and wake them up.” Chu Mu commanded White Nightmare apathetically.

White Nightmare was high class monarch rank. With its powerful Nine Underworld Devil Flames, it was nearly three ranks stronger than ninth phase low stage middle class monarch ranks.

Undeniably, the White Nightmare was the most high ranking being in this soul pet war, as well as the most powerful soul pet!!

When White Nightmare let out a devil’s cry, the vicious soul pets’ souls nearby started shaking!

And after White Nightmare received Chu Mu’s command, it had mercy. Casting Devil Phantom, its nine underworld devil flame burning body floated behind a ninth phase low stage middle class monarch rank!

Its flaming claws slowly extended into this ninth phase middle class monarch rank’s body. The soul pet didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, but after two seconds, this ninth phase middle class monarch’s innards were torn out by White Nightmare brutally!!


White Nightmare let out another even scarier devil’s cry. Immediately, Nine Underworld Devil Flames spread towards all directions, causing all nearby fighting soul pets to be shaken to the soul as they watched, shocked, at the sudden appearance of this supreme white nightmare!


The White Nightmare’s claws suddenly tightened, as the ninth phase middle class monarch’s innards were crushed!!

The ninth phase middle class monarch was already incredibly powerful for the contestants whose average was around eighth phase high stage middle class monarch. However, such a dominating presence didn’t even have time to let out a scream before being instantly killed by White Nightmare!

This moment, everyone felt a chill down their spines. Even the soul pets fighting showed fear.

White Nightmare’s attacks didn’t stop because of the death of that ninth phase middle class monarch rank. Those who had evil intentions against Princess Jin Rou were quickly targeted by White Nightmare. White Nightmare had already rested for a few days and was full of energy, so its techniques would be even more lethal to the monarchs that weren’t even ninth phase.

Very quickly, another few eighth phase high stage soul pets were devoured by White Nightmare’s Nine Underworld Devil Flames. Screams immediately sounded through the entire Lake Chen forest!

White Nightmare’s powerful assault controlled the hundred meters radius around it in seconds. All the contestants stared shakily at White Nightmare, and commanded their soul pets to get away, afraid that their soul pets could become their next target.

High class monarch rank soul pets were the strongest presence in second tier. If they were ninth phase, no one would be able to stop them.

After not too long, people even further out noticed the powerful aura spreading from White Nightmare. Those who didn’t get dragged into fights also started guessing at which insane young generation member had ninth phase high class monarch ranks!

“If you want to die, just come within a hundred meters!”

Chu Mu apathetically walked out of the forest, eyes watching coldly at the sour-faced competition.

The soul pets Chu Mu told White Nightmare to kill wasn’t random. Most were starting conflicts by female master’s orders, as well as intentionally creating chaotic situations near Princess Jin Rou.

So, once these soul pets were killed by Chu Mu, adding on the fact that White Nightmare’s Nine Underworld Devil Flames’s domination, the nearby skirmish was quickly quelled…...

Chu Mu knew the goal of female master, so after he subdued these people, his eyes quickly fell on female master.

The veiled female master stood by the lake as her eyes slowly showed irrepressible anger!

The veiled female master had schemed for a long time to take down Princess Jin Rou, even taking the great risk to bring a group of killers into this realm to create a trap and wait for Princess Jin Rou to fall in.

Who would’ve guessed that Chu Mu’s appearance would completely ruin her plans, not only ruining her chances of successfully capturing Princess Jin Rou, but also losing her a huge amount of subordinates.

And now, all the soul pet trainers were afraid of the White Nightmare, not daring to start any more fights. Chu Mu also chose to let White Nightmare attract everyone’s attention. In this situation, even if female master had the ability of emperor rank, she didn’t dare use any of it. Clearly, even her last plan was foiled.

Causing all her plans in seventh realm to become meaningless, how could female master control the rage burning in her heart?

Chu Mu could feel the veiled female master’s anger. He knew that the female master didn’t dare cast anything in this situation, so she immediately let White Nightmare follow by his side and slowly walked towards her.

Chu Mu opened his spatial ring and pulled out two bloody skulls to throw to female master’s feet. “Bury them well. Once you lose them, let’s see how your half-human-half-soul-pet thing will do in the following passing realm section.”

Seeing who those skulls belonged to, female master’s eyes full of anger again started burning bright. Chu Mu could already feel a strange energy blowing against his face.

Pan Zheng wasn’t important for female master. He was but a lackey. However, Ling He was the strongest second tier person. Female master needed him to finish the following passing realm, as well as use him to get the final honor of second tier.

Yet, she couldn’t believe that Chu Mu had killed him!

Ling He lost a soul, but was in reality still stronger than Chu Mu. He definitely wouldn’t lose to Chu Mu’s hand, this was an absolute impossibility!

Not long ago, female master’s disrespect for Chu Mu was almost undisguised. In her eyes, Chu Mu couldn’t possibly threaten her plans at all. However, Chu Mu had done just that!

“Chu Mu, killed Ling He?” When Princess Jin Rou noticed Ling He’s skull, she was shocked as well.

Ling He an abnormally powerful expert that only one person could possibly contend against in second tier. He was comparable in strength to many first tier experts, so Princess Jin Rou really couldn’t imagine Chu Mu killing him!

The veiled female master’s face became unpredictable. Looking at the two bloody skulls on the ground, her chest started heaving up and down, clearly feeling the anger she was forcefully suppressing.

“I will kill you, kill you myself!” Female master said in a cold voice as Chu Mu approached.

“There are countless people who want to kill me. I’ve already grown tired.” Chu Mu said lightly.

“You will die horribly, I promise.” After female master said this, she forced all her anger down for good.

She didn’t mind these two skulls, instead turning towards the lake. The waves slowly rippled outwards, yet female master disappeared amongst the water…...

Many people knew of the incredibly famous Soul Palace Si Tian. However, not many knew of Ling He. Only top three of each large faction probably knew of Ling He’s strength. Only they knew that there was such a hidden expert in second tier.

Yet, this expert was killed in seventh realm, so it’s as if he never existed now!

“He…...he seems to be soul palace Chu Chen?”

Finally, when the atmosphere cooled down, some people recognized the incredibly high-profile Chu Mu from previous realms!

“That’s White Nightmare, how could a soul palace member have white nightmare? That definitely isn’t soul palace Chu Chen. I heard that Nightmare Palace has a hidden expert called Lu Shanli. Can he be Nightmare Palace Lu Shanli?” Someone quickly asked.

Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace never had a good relationship; it was a grudge that transcended multiple generations already. Nightmare Palace people wouldn’t use seven diagram sacred soul pets as soul pet, and soul palace members wouldn’t use Nightmare species as soul pet either. Even though the two factions had no specified rules for its members regarding this, it was convention already.

So, no one could instantly make sure if this incredibly powerful individual was truly Chu Chen.

The Lake Chen skirmish didn’t end because of Chu Mu, but at least no one dared to near Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu let White Nightmare act as convoy as he walked in front of Princess Jin Rou.” You didn’t lose any soul pets, did you?” Chu Mu asked.

“En, you should give up. I can still get a Soul Healing Stamen. I’ll give it to you as thanks for this time.” Princess Jin Rou nodded and said quietly.

“You use it yourself, I don’t need it.” Chu Mu replied lightly

“Don’t need it?” Princess Jin Rou showed confusion. Then, she suddenly realized!

“Your Mo Ye didn’t die? You rescued it successfully?!” Princess Jin Rou cried out

Chu Mu smiled and nodded, “He’s very tired right now and is resting in my soul pet space. That woman will still find ways to try to control you in the future, so I feel as if you should find Nightmare Palace older generation members to help you out.”

Princess Jin Rou’s heart again lifted up with surprise! It was two continuous shocks, causing her to be speechless. She could only stare with her beautiful pupils at Chu Mu. Chu Mu brought too much surprise to Princess Jin Rou. This man was calm, wise, collected, and had an unfathomable determination and belief. It was this perseverance that caused Chu Mu’s image to completely change in Princess Jin Rou’s mind. Adding the two near impossible tasks, he seemed to gain a sheen of mystery……...

Princess Jin Rou no longer knew how to judge this man. Was he still the slave boy on the ship that trained bitterly with a low tier soul technique book?!

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