Chapter 479: Abyss, Surprise Appearance of Ten Thousand Feet Millipede

Chapter 479: Abyss, Surprise Appearance of Ten Thousand Feet Millipede

“Hou!!!!!!! Hou!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, Zhan Ye’s roar came from behind.

Princess Jin Rou turned around and glanced over to notice that Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye had fallen behind some time ago!!

“Its leg has been caught!” Old Li said.

Princess Jin Rou’s heart sank. The unconscious Chu Mu was still on Zhan Ye’s back!

Mo Xie and White Nightmare’s attention were both on the killers. When the flames lifted, they all thought Zhan Ye was holding Chu Mu beside Princess Jin Rou. They didn’t realize that it was actually far behind still.

“Wuwuwu~~~~” Mo Xie didn’t hesitate, quickly turning around and running towards Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye, on the other hand, started slowing down. As if it realized it could no longer protect Chu Mu well, he shook his body and let Chu Mu fall from his back and into his tail.

“Hou!!!!!!” Zhan Ye roared at the approaching Mo Xie and whipped its chain-like tail over to toss Chu Mu to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie quickly halted and extended two tails to catch Chu Mu as he flew over, laying him on her back.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~” Mo Xie called towards Zhan Ye. Zhan Ye’s roar signalled Mo Xie to leave. What confused Mo Xie was, after Zhan Ye threw Chu Mu over, it stopped running. Instead, it turned around and faced the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros and Lightning Monkey King.

Seeing Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye give up escaping, Princess Jin Rou suddenly realized something. Her eyes stared intensely at the black yet determined figure, and she found herself at a loss for words.


Mo Xie won’t leave Zhan Ye behind. She ran in front of Zhan Ye and called a few times, extending two tails to curl it up to escape as well.


Yet, Zhan Ye’s chain-like tail whipped across and slapped Mo Xie’s tails back.

It turned around and gazed at Chu Mu, letting out a low growl.

Then, Zhan Ye no longer paid attention to Mo Xie. It stood unmoving on the perforated cave floor, its black eyes burning with flames against a large group of enemies…” “Nie~~~~~~”

White Nightmare quicky floated over. It realized what Zhan Ye was about to do. Though it had small grudges against all of Chu Mu’s other soul pets, it would never give up on its companions when times mattered.


Mo Xie also didn’t try to escape. If Zhan Ye didn’t leave, she would rather stay and fight with it!


Seeing the actions of the three main soul pets, Princess Jin Rou was moved.

Soul pets that stayed didn’t have a chance of living!

Princess Jin Rou had just been deciding which soul pet of hers to give up, because she knew if she picked one, it would stay behind without any complaints…...

Yet, Chu Mu was still unconscious, but his soul pets didn’t need him to pick. In this moment of danger, the beast Mo Ye passed its owner onto its companions and chose to stay behind…

This needed not only loyalty, but a relationship above that of a soul pact between soul pet trainer and soul pet. Only such emotions could let a soul pet sacrifice itself for its trainer so willingly!!

“Mo Xie, White Nightmare, leave here first, keeping Chu Mu alive is your priority!” Old Li couldn’t watch all three main soul pets stay. If all three stayed, they would all be killed and Chu Mu wouldn’t make it alive either.


Suddenly, Zhan Ye let out a deep roar. Its front legs lifted up with beast type energy and, before Mo Xie and White Nightmare noticed, stepped downwards powerfully!!


Zhan Ye’s stomp’s energy rolled up a gust that sent Mo Xie and White Nightmare back to the tunnel entrance.


Mo Xie flipped backwards and landed stably. Looking at the Zhan Ye make up its mind, Mo Xie’s silver pupils started glistening.

“Nie~~” White Nightmare cast Nine Underworld Devil Flame forcefully pushed away Ling He’s two soul pets to buy more time for Zhan Ye.

But, White Nightmare saw that Zhan Ye never even attempted to leave and immediately let out another angry shriek!

“Mo Xie, White Nightmare, let’s leave. You have to persist until your owner wakes up.” Princess Jin Rou saw Chu Mu’s three soul pets refusing to leave and quietly suggested.

There wasn’t much time left. Many killers were already riding their soul pets through the flames, reaching only two hundred meters away. “Nie!!!” White Nightmare suddenly let out an angered call, signifying Mo Xie to leave with Chu Mu alone. It wanted to stay and fight with Zhan Ye to stop the opponent and find another chance to escape.

After saying that, White Nightmare floated forwards and started towards Zhan Ye.

Yet, just as White Nightmare floated up, Mo Xie’s two tails suddenly locked onto White Nightmare and forcefully pulled it back.

Mo Xie turned around and no longer hesitated, determined as it dragged White Nightmare towards Princess Jin Rou…...

White Nightmare and White Devil Princess’s devil flames helped buy this short time. However, these flames could no longer stop these killers’ footsteps. Thirty green eyed beasts and thirty demons charged over like a tidal wave!!

After Ling He’s two soul pets were pushed back by White Nightmare’s Nine Underworld Devil Flames, they charged forwards again quickly, approaching extremely quickly!

On the other end of the cave, Ling He’s apathetic eyes looked through the slowly dimming flames and he laughed coldly at the sight of the Zhan Ye.

Compared to the massive amount of opponents, its three meter body was incredibly tiny. One glance from Ling He was enough to judge this soul pet’s phase and rank.

This was a Mo Ye that hasn’t even reached ninth phase. Having such a weak soul pet stop his soul pets and that of sixty other killers was laughable and ridiculous!

“Kill this poor thing.” Ling He gave a command to his Ardent Sun Rhinoceros.

Ardent Sun Rhinoceros’s strength was a full five ranks higher than Zhan Ye. From Ling He’s perspective, instantly killing it was too easy!

Facing such a violent tide of soul pets as well as the powerful Ardent Sun Rhinoceros, Zhan Ye’s eyes glowed with a calmness like never before.

Even when it knew it couldn’t escape death anymore, it didn’t have any fear. Its eyes only shined with fighting spirit!!

Seeing the Ardent Sun Rhinoceros pounce over, Zhan Ye retreated towards another tunnel and forcefully leaped upwards.

Its body did a flip in mid air and, as it released the dark aura at its highest point, its body morphed into a dark hammer!!


Suddenly, Zhan Ye let out an angry howl!!

This angry howl was full of shocking energy. It was Zhan Ye’s anger, a release of its fighting spirit, as well as a manifestation of a heart trembling heroism!!

After the angry howl, Zhan Ye’s body dropped down and heavily slammed into the ground!!!

The dark hammer fell down, releasing a stamping energy that could completely shatter the ground!


A huge sound reverberated through the entire cave!

When the entire Zhan Ye’s forelimbs hit the ground, the entire rock floor shook violently.

Quickly following, shocking cracks appeared in the perforated rock layer!!!

These cracks spread towards the inner structure of the rock cave but also covered the entire cave floor, quickly destroying the floor!


Large rumbles travelled over. This cave was already weak, so it couldn’t possibly hold after Zhan Ye’s charged stamp. When the energy from the stamp spread outwards, the entire rock layer started crumbling from the center!

All of the floor broke apart. Without a support, the rock layer immediately fell into the massive black abyss!!



“Han!!!!!!!! Man!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Chaos and alarmed calls filled the space!

The killers were too far forward, so all sixty of them fell into the deep abyss along with the floor when it collapsed!!

Abyss, that was the nest of thousands upon thousands of thousand feet millipedes!

There were countless thousand feet millipedes measuring past ten meters. Just where Mo Xie’s light reached previously showed at least nine tenth phase thousand feet millipedes. One could only begin to imagine how many the rest of the abyss held!!


“Sisisisi!!!!!!!!! Sisisisi!!!!!!!!!”

Immediately, ear piercing millipede screeching started, causing everyone’s hairs to raise!!

Zhan Ye’s attack caused the entire upper rock layer to collapse. The sound alone alarmed the countless thousand feet millipedes below!!


Through all the screeching, suddenly, a terrifyingly penetrating millipede shriek cut through!!

At the bottom of the abyss, a massive bug type aura rolled upwards. The green eyed demons that were thrown down first started rotting as they fell because of this bug type aura!!


Like the sound of meat being cut, after the powerful bug type aura rose upwards, countless cold glints flashed in the dark abyss, quickly rising with time. In this process, the killers and soul pets that haven’t fallen to the bottom of the pit were shredded into pieces!!


Another penetrating shriek echoed throughout. This time, one could clearly make out two organized files of sharp scythes standing upright in the pit, reaching the top in one leap!!

A massive, ugly, and grotesque head suddenly appeared. Below the head were rows upon rows of legs. Its snake like body extended deep into the darkness, as if this beast propped up was perfectly the length of the abyss, from the bottom to the top!!

“Ten….ten… ten thousand feet millipede!!!!!!!” Old Li shouted out without composure. Standing in the tunnel, he stared shocked at the alarming millipede’s head!!!

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