Book 2 Chapter 383 - Chu Family Brothers, Reunite in a Foreign Land

Chapter 383: Chu Family Brothers, Reunite in a Foreign Land

Chu Mu walked out of the transaction hall and walked into the plaza.

Many people walked around within the plaza. With a simple glance, Chu Mu estimated over a hundred people, so he immediately started searching for Chu Ning and Chu Xing using his soul remembrance.

Initially, Chu Ning and Chu Xing had gone to Sin Source Mountain Range under Chu Mu’s lead, and had gotten several million gold from it. With Chu Ning and Chu Xing’s previous level, these couple million was definitely enough to greatly increase their strength.

Soul pet trainers often simply needed to bridge a gap. Once they bridged a certain threshold, a snowball effect would appear and they would become stronger and stronger.

Chu Mu believed that Chu Xing and Chu Ning both weren’t mediocre. They just never found a good opportunity to become powerful. After that incident, their strengths definitely increased; coming to Tianxia City was the proof!

Seeing his clan brothers become more powerful, Chu Mu naturally felt very happy. After all, he couldn’t constantly chaperone his family. Only by letting the younger generation surpass the limitations of their family and region can the entire family continue to prosper and grow to become larger.

Chu Mu was currently a fifth remembrance soul master. His soul remembrance searching capabilities were near five hundred meters wide. As long as Chu Ning and Chu Xing were within five hundred meters of him, Chu Mu would definitely find them.

Indeed, Chu Mu found two familiar silhouettes within the crowd!

Compared to Chu Mu, Chu Ning and Chu Xing’s appearances were basically the same. However, when Chu Mu locked his soul remembrance on them, he could clearly feel that the two people’s characteristics were much different from the first time they met!

Chu Mu felt joyous, and quickened his steps towards where Chu Ning and Chu Xing stood.

In the plaza, Chu Clan’s third generation big brother Chu Xing suddenly stopped walking and his expression became strange, his eyes starting to sweep the nearby people.

“Big brother, what is wrong?” Chu ning saw that Chu Xing suddenly stopped, so he asked.

“It feels like someone is watching us……” Chu Xing said.

Chu Xing’s level was never low. After that great change of soul pets, Chu Xing and Chu ning started training in the dangerous wildernesse too, constantly challenging themselves. 

Not too long ago, Chu Xing also finally broke through the great barrier and reached soul master level.

Though Chu Xing was considered pretty old in the younger generation, stepping into soul master meant he already surpassed his father to become the most powerful member of the entire clan.

Because of this, Chu Xing finally dared to come to Tianxia City.

Chu Xing knew that, compared to Tianxia City, even if he hit soul master, he wouldn’t be much. However, he now has a heart to become an expert so he felt that, even if he wasn’t as good as the others, he could only grow stronger quickly by stepping into the pool of experts here!

Chu Ning was currently an eighth remembrance soul teacher. Compared to before, his strength truly has skyrocketed. This time Chu Xing came to Tianxia City, he decisively followed!

“How about now?” Chu Ning asked. Chu Ning, at soul teacher level, couldn’t possibly notice the spying of others.

“And, I feel this person coming closer and closer.” Chu Xing furrowed his brows.

“Is he powerful?” Chu Ning asked worriedly.

“Very powerful. No matter how I hide, it’s in vain. I feel that if he were trying to hide intentionally, I wouldn’t even be able to feel his spying.” Chu Xing said very heavily.

Chu Ning’s expression became graver. They had just arrived so they knew their place. They never caused any trouble, so how did they somehow get an unpredictably powerful expert on their backs?

“He’s here.” Chu Xing stared tightly at the crowd and said while staring attentively, holding his breath.

Chu Ning also started staring at the moving crowd, wanting to notice the expert as fast as possible.

Suddenly, a young man stood in front of the two.

This young man stood tall and fair, with his deep black pupils glistening with a mystery and wisdom that didn’t match his age.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning were both dazed, because they would never have thought that the unpredictably strong expert that locked onto them would be a young man even younger than they were!

Tianxia City had countless experts, but they couldn’t all be this abnormal. An early twenties young man unbelievably reached middle rank soul master. Though Chu Xing and Chu Ning had mentally prepared themselves to lose some self confidence, this blow to their esteem was truly deadly!

“Big brother, third brother!” Chu Mu opened his mouth to reveal a very natural smile.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning were still in shock. Hearing this extremely abnormal team call them those titles, they both looked at each other in confusion.

“Big brother, third brother, I’m your fourth brother Chu Mu.” Chu Mu knew the two could no longer recognize him by look, so he projected his remembrance into their mental worlds.

If Chu Mu didn’t mention it, they wouldn’t be as shaken. With this mention, Chu Xing and Chu ning opened their eyes wide and stared in disbelief at this fellow that called himself fourth brother.

“You…’re Chu Mu?” Chu Xing and Chu Ning stared at Chu Mu for a long time, unable to believe it.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning both thought that the person that locked onto them with remembrance must be some higher up expert in Tianxia City. With that impression in mind, seeing Chu mu caused the confusion and shock to be even more severe.

Chu Mu saw that the two brothers didn’t believe him, so he made Old Li change his appearance back to his original face.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning both stared as Chu Mu’s face slowly changed. These changes were very subtle, such as facial angles, nose type, mouth corners, but all these tiny changes later, they saw a familiar face and the surprise in their faces slowly became outright joy.

“Fourth brother!! It is really you!!” Chu Ning was the first to react and very unrestrainedly gave Chu Mu a bear hug.

Nothing was more exciting than meeting family in a foreign place. The three brothers all were extremely moved and started talking about their experiences once they left each other.

“For us, once we split from you, we went back to the clan. Both big brother and I thought that if we stayed in the tiny place, it would still end with the family slowly decaying. Therefore, big brother and I decided to put down all our clan matters and started to train outside. These two years, we’ve been to quite a few places and finally experienced the world. Finally, hearing Battle of the Realms starting soon, we hurried here from thousands of miles away…... “ Once they met Chu Ning again, they told everything to Chu mu.

Chu Xing nodded and patted Chu Mu’s shoulder, “I originally thought I could somewhat close the gap between me and you, but…..”

Speaking of this, Chu Xing shook his head helplessly. Chu Mu was already middle remembrance soul master, his soul pets must be ridiculously powerful too. Don’t even speak about closing the gap, because the gap was getting larger and larger!

Though they said this, and though their confidence was slightly hurt, Chu Xing and Chu Ning were both unbelievably proud that Chu Mu could reach that level!

“I recently understood more about the Battle of the Realms. Seeing your strength, fourth brother should be able to squeeze into third tier, right?” Chu Ning asked.

Once in Tianxia City, Chu Xing and Chu Ning had heard the most of experts within the three tiers. And, they were even humiliated by a third tier expert the moment they arrived, but had to take it silently despite their burning anger.

Third tier peak young experts seemed already too far away for the two. They couldn’t even get to know one, let alone surpass them, yet in front of them was a third tier young expert, and this man was their brother too. How could they not be excited!

Chu Ning, don't ask too much. Let’s first find a place to sit and drink a little. Those can come later.” Chu Xing pushed Chu Ning aside half way through his sentence.

“That’s good, we haven’t done that in a long time.” Chu Mu nodded, bringing the two towards the south side of the plaza.

Chu Mu was the type to eat anything that made him full, so the specifics weren’t important. What was important was who he was with.

Chu Xing and Chu Mu were both with the same attitude and decided to pick anywhere they could drink at.

However, when Chu Mu and the other two walked past a very exquisite restaurant, Chu Ning and Chu Xing both showed awkward expressions.

Chu Mu was observant and took a look at this restaurant before asking confused, “What’s up?”

“Just now, we wanted to go taste the delicacies of Tianxia City, but the two guards outside told us that this place was only open to high titled people of certain factions and didn’t let us in.” Chu Xing said.

“That was nothing. However, we saw Qing Meng’er and some guy from Luo Region Sect together come down here. We didn’t think we would see Qing Meng’er sister here so we were especially happy. However, the guy beside Qing Meng’er truly was a bastard. He acted like we were nothing and grabbed Meng’er away.” Chu Ning said indignantly.

“I saw her just now too, she indeed has an unsightly dog around her.” Chu Mu smiled coldly.

“Fourth brother, didn’t Meng’er always have something for you? You leaving without a notice, wasn’t that a bit….. A bit….. You see how she’s with a dog-like thing now, isn’t that a clear waste of a beauty?” Chu Ning said.

“Yeah, fourth brother, I can tell that sister Meng’er doesn’t have anything to do with the guy. She probably can’t say anything because of Luo Region Sect. Since you’re a well off guy now, you should intercede.” Chu Xing said.

“That’s things of the past.”

Chu Mu shook his head. He always thought of Qing Meng’er as a little sister and didn’t have special feeling. However, he also knew that Qing Meng’er indeed had something for him at the time, but he obviously couldn’t say anything against his own heart, or else he would be cheating her feelings.

“Let’s go up.” Chu Mu didn’t want to think of this issue and simply said to Chu Ning and Chu Xing.

“They don’t allow us factionless people to enter……” Just as Chu Ning was about to finish, he quickly realized that Chu Mu was no longer who he was before!

Inside the Auction Hall

“What’s wrong, Meng’er?” The Luo Region Sect young man said.

“I think I left something at the restaurant.” Qing Meng’er said as she looked around frantically.

“Don’t worry, let’s head back. The restaurant knows it was my place. Not only will they not dare to touch it, they will safeguard it for us and wait to give it back the next time I go.” Luo region sect young man laughed and said.

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