Chapter 559: Three Main Pets Fight

Chapter 559: Three Main Pets Fight

In the sealed space.

Xia Guanghan stood there. His entire being had been enveloped in a frosty air. One could see the skin on his pale face twitching. as his eyes revealed great anger!

“You’re crazy. If you open the seal, hundreds to thousands of statue guards will charge into here. Can it be that you can deal with them?!!” Qin Ye saw what Xia Guanghan was about to do something and immediately gave an angry shout!

Xia Guanghan really was planning to open the seal. He didn’t care about Chu Mu’s death, but this Royal Flame NIne Tail Inferno Fox was something he had been scheming for! 

“Isn’t it just a perfect commander rank Nine Tail Inferno Fox? You just need to spend a bit of money, and you’ll be able to purchase one. Even if it’s special, could it be even more valuable than the White Nightmare and Warbeast Mo Ye?” said Qin Ye.

“What do you understand?!” Xia Guanghan’s state of mind was very messy and his tone carried no trace of politeness. 

Qin Ye simply didn’t know that this was a continuously mutating soul pet. This soul pet should have been in the hands of Xia Guanghan by now. However, he never expected that only it hadn’t fallen into this trap!!

This ending immediately caused Xia Guanghan to feel that the sky was spinning, and for him to blow his top!! 

His eyes swept over the three people, and his expression turned sinister and vicious!

“All of you go die!!”

Nine underworld devil flames burst out of Xia Guanghan’s body, as a dense cold aura suddenly enveloped the entire narrow sealed space. The aura immediately suppressed the White Nightmare, and White Nightmare Princess!

This was a White Nightmare that possessed middle rank nine underworld devil flames!!

Xia Guanghan’s expression was malevolent, and his anger right now was akin to the torrential burning of the nine underworld devil flames!!

Finally, the White Nightmare appeared and it astonishingly was a peak monarch rank tenth phase White Nightmare!

“A peak monarch!!!” 

Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, and Princess Jin Rou all showed shocked expressions. It was already very difficult for them to deal with a high class monarch rank soul pet much less a peak monarch rank White Nightmare!!


The White Nightmare standing next to Ye Qingzi let out an extremely mournful cry!

Xia Guanghan’s state of mind was a mess, but the state of Chu Mu’s White Nightmare wasn’t any better. Especially since the human in front of it was the person responsible for harming Chu Mu- a resentment aura began to violently surge!

The flames on the White Nightmare’s body began to rise. Even though it was a high class monarch, in front of Xia Guanghan’s peak monarch rank White Nightmare, it still carried a heavy ruthless aura. Its other pupils stared fiercely at the same species soul pet, not showing any signs of weakness at all!!!

“You ingrate. You being alive is due to me, Xia Guanghan. Now you want to rebel against me?” Xia Guanghan stared at the White Nightmare and spoke with disdain and loathing. 

After speaking, Xia Guanghan gave his White Nightmare the order to attack!

The middle rank nine underworld devil flames were stronger than Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s nine underworld devil flames. This soul burning strength was still able to make its way into the soul even if one had defenses. 

The middle rank nine underworld devil flames was a deeper color than the low rank nine underworld devil flames. When the two devil flames clashed in the sealed space, it was possible to clearly feel that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s devil flames were being suppressed.

Soon, the middle rank devil flames reached the White Nightmare’s body, burning its arm and leaving a deeply colored wound. 

The White Nightmare didn’t care though. It didn’t stop transforming the resentment aura in its body into its own power to increase its strength! 


Qin Ye saw that Xia Guanghan had already gone forth, and his eyes locked onto the all-black Zhan Ye as a smile rose on his face.

From Zhan Ye’s eyes, Qin Ye could feel this soul pet’s provocation. Clearly, this Mo Ye was challenging him, and challenging his emperor species Mo Ye!

“You still want to fight? I have time anyways. Sure, I’ll do what you want. But don’t let me down. If you let me down, you won’t be able to keep your life.” Qin Ye also chanted an incantation! 

A darkness aura began to pervade the area. This energy was even more dense than a few elemental world soul pets. If it wasn’t because the summoning pattern was a beast type soul pact, people who saw this dark energy would have believed Qin Ye was summoning a dark type elemental soul pet!

In the soul pet pact, an even mightier Warbeast Mo Ye gradually appeared. This emperor species Mo Ye’s armor was even shinier and black. As it stood in front of Zhan Ye, the exterior of the two were evidently different!

The emperor Mo Ye was mighty, robust, and its armor was extremely black. This soul pet clearly had innately superior blood lineage and its fighting strength was much stronger than a normal soul pet!

It was dual main attributed, being both dark and beast type. Its darkness attribute was also abnormally talented!

To a soul pet, one attribute being innately talented meant that it was a top quality soul pet amongst top quality. This kind of soul pet would always have an enormous advantage in a fight.

As for being dual main attributed, this meant that the emperor Mo Ye required three times the resources to train in order to raise its dual attributes. Yet, a dual attributed soul pet’s strength was always two to three levels higher than the fighting strength rank it was at!

Very obviously, this Warbeast Mo Ye, from its aura, was only a middle class monarch. However, the dual main attributes caused its fighting strength to match a high class monarch. Further adding on its unique darkness strength, even a high class monarch wasn’t necessarily its opponent! 

Purely from a fighting strength rank perspective, this emperor Mo Ye’s strength was three levels higher than Zhan Ye!

Fortunately, this emperor Mo Ye hadn’t reached the tenth phase and was situated at the ninth phase high stage. Therefore, it was only higher than Zhan Ye by one level.

Qin Ye’s emperor Mo Ye was also clearly wearing an incomparably expensive ninth rank soul armor. Accordingly, adding it all together, this emperor Mo Ye’s strength was probably higher than Zhan Ye’s by four levels!

“If you don’t die within ten minutes, you can live.” Qin Ye indifferently said.

After speaking, he swept his eyes over the other restless soul pets, and a disdainful smile rose on his face: “Your soul pets are all practically trash. Therefore, you don’t need to court death so urgently. I will summon one main pet and slowly play with you!” 



On the altar plaza.

Ten seconds was extremely short, and Chu Mu could clearly feel a rock type energy that was capable of causing one’s body to involuntarily tremble surge towards him.

As the slightly turbid air settled around him, rows upon rows of statue guards holding enormous rock blades appeared in front of Chu Mu.

The leader of them was the high class monarch rank statue guard that had stopped Chu Mu from returning to the seal location!

This statue guard was a head taller than the other statue guards, and the rock blade in its hand was incomparably large. As it dragged it along the ground, an ear-piercing friction noise rang out, and a deep mark was left along the ground!


Suddenly, the high class monarch rank statue guard raised the rock blade in its hand, and let out a deep roar.

The moment it lifted its rock blade, all of the statue guards suddenly halted in their tracks. Their green eyes all fell onto Chu Mu and Mo Xie.

For a moment, the surrounding cluster of statue stood there like officers and soldiers as they encircled Chu Mu and Mo Xie into a hundred meter space!

“It’s afraid its strength will injure its own people?” Chu Mu quickly understood this high class monarch rank statue guard’s intentions. 

The entire plaza were all statue guards. If it gathered strength to attack, it would definitely harm its own species. This high class monarch rank statue guard clearly knew Chu Mu and Mo Xie could not flee, and in order to prevent its allies from being injured, this statue guard personally went to battle!

"Beng!!! Beng!!!!!”

The high class monarch statue guard took heavy steps as its green eyes were fully fixated on Mo Xie!

The Advent of the Demon Moon’s effect still existed. However, even if this was the case, Mo Xie and the statue guard were an entire three levels of strength different!


The high class monarch rank statue guard let out a roar, and suddenly pointed at the ground!

The ground instantly ruptured and black rock arrows appeared from underneath. They outlandishly flew up, passing right by Chu Mu and Mo Xie!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie’s nine tails rapidly danced about. The black rock arrows were densely packed like it was raining. Moreover, they were very powerful. They easily passed through Mo Xie’s defense and struck her body and nine fox tails. 

With Mo Xie’s dodging abilities, she could dodge these attacks. The reason why she was using her tails to block them was to protect Chu Mu.

Watching the black rock arrows pierce Mo Xie’s body, Chu Mu sucked in a deep breath of air. His black pupils stared at the injury riddled Mo Xie.

“Even if we die, we will have you rock guards accompany us to our deaths!!” suddenly, Chu Mu’s body burned with nine underworld devil flames!

This was Chu Mu’s final soul power. This soul power transformed into a pale white attack. Chu Mu couldn’t let it just waste away in his body for no reason! 

As for Mo Xie, she had already entered her mutatoin. The special bloodline that violated all natural laws wouldn’t let her die so miserably like this!! 

“Mo Xie, species mutate!! Make these enemies that want to kill me pay with their lives!!!” 

Only by facing these undefeatable enemies would the mutating blood in Mo Xie’s body boil.

Originally Chu Mu planned on having Mo Xie face the Blood Beast in the Blood Beast Altar alone. This way Mo Xie could mutate on the battlefield and enter the pseudo monarch rank.

But now in front of enemies that were a hundred times stronger, even if Mo Xie mutated, it would be very difficult to defeat them. However, Chu Mu didn’t feel hopeless. If she could enter the pseudo monarch rank, that would cause countless statue guards to die with them. This was enough!

The nine underworld devil flames on Chu Mu’s body transformed into a devil flame ring with Chu Mu at the center. Astonishingly, it began to spread outwards! 

The devil flame ring spread to surrounding hundreds of statue guards. Although his nine underworld devil flames was incapable of harming them, it was capable of momentarily causing them to lose sight! 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!! Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!”

The moment the white devil flames swept everything up, Mo Xiem who was full of bloodm raised her head in an incomparably proud fashion and let out a fox’s howl that came from deep within her soul towards the dark oppressive sky.

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!”

The sound of a soul-trembling reverberated for a long while in the black sky above Immortal City. The sound seemed to carry an evil strength to it because when it pierced through the low-hanging horizon, the horizon began to strangely warp!!


Chu Mu’s soul was rapidly ascending because this was the omen before Mo Xie species mutation!!! 


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