Chapter 999: Shedding all Pretenses

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang’s expression stiffened. He specially went up to say hi to the outstanding female soul teacher, yet some damned fool came up and hugged her. If this wasn’t mocking him, what was?

Wu Kuang met Ye Qingzi by the fountain in Eastern Wild Forest. He was indeed injured from a bad fight, and Ye Qingzi’s appearance caused him instantly to gain good feelings for this beauty with outstanding soul art prowess as well.

Wu Kuang was the kind that must claim anyone he had good feelings for. Coming back to wanxiang city and asking around, he found out that she was the fiancee of the recently famous Chu Fangchen.

She was already someone else’s girl. This caused Wu Kuang to feel slightly down. However, stealing a girl from an incredibly famous young expert seemed to be a better challenge.

Because of his initial good feelings for Ye QIngzi as well as wanting to taunt three palace’s top person Chu Fangchen, Wu Kuang appeared more and more frequently in places Ye Qingzi usually visited, causing many people to know there was someone who had a death wish that was trying to bother Chu Fangchen’s woman…...

Of course, Wu Kuang didn’t think he was the one with a death wish. Instead, the show-off Chu Fangchen would be the one with the death wish if he isn’t tactful!

Wu Kuang slightly paused but continued, saying with a face full of confidence as he continued towards Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, “You must be Chu Fangchen? I heard of your name even in the east side of wanxiang realm.”

The three palace and soul alliance people saw Chu Fangchen and Wu Kuang meet face to face and started discussing amongst themselves.

These two people represented the strongest young generation members of both sides. It was rumored that Son of Heaven Wu Kuang wanted Chu Fangchen’s fiancee. No matter what, these two young experts would have to fight eventually!

“Wu Kuang, right?” Chu Mu glanced calmly at the seemingly arrogant man and said back with equal arrogance, “Leave my woman alone in the future!”

Wu Kuang heard this and his expression stiffened. He didn’t expect the young man to skip over all the pretenses and pleasantries, going straight to their conflict!

Three palace elders and soul alliance experts all stared wide-eyed at Chu Mu too!

Did Chu Fangchen know who he was talking to?

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang was soul alliance’s brother, and giving this challenge meant that he was very powerful. Chu Fangchen may not be his match, yet he was still speaking with such a condescending tone!

“Chu Fangchen, who gave you this courage? Don’t you know who is standing in front of you?” Mo Ling already hated Chu Mu’s guts and immediately yelled back!

Chu Mu glanced at Mo Ling and completely ignored him. He replied calmly, “Also, three palace doesn’t welcome you here, don’t think you can just come and go from three palace’s property freely.”

After speaking, Chu Mu glanced at the three palace elders and continued, “In the future, if we see him stepping into three palace, expel him immediately!”

“Expel…..that’s…..” the elders all glanced at each other!

Son of Heaven represented soul alliance. Though such a character was clearly on the opposite side, if he wanted to step into three palace, as long as he didn’t do anything blatantly mocking, they couldn't interfere. No one expected Chu Fangchen to rip away all pretenses without hesitation, telling them to expel him too. This caused the elders all to be shocked for a second.

“Chu Fangchen, let’s not give commands to all of three palace on a whim, especially one pointed directly against the son of heaven Wu Kuang. After all, his background…….” Elder Xiao said tactfully.

“Yes, don’t affect the greater picture because of your personal feelings.” The old men again started trying to convince him, afraid Chu Fangchen would accidentally start the war early. After all, Wu Kuang indeed had the power to harness soul alliance. If they angered him, it could become a huge trouble.

“His command is my command. Fellow palace guards, sacred guards, and leaders, from today on, forbid Wu Kuang from entering three palace.” Suddenly, a cold voice came that suppressed the voices of all the elders.

Right as it was spoken, the noble Liu Binglan slowly walked up under the escort of many servant girls. She was noble and elegant, her beautiful appearance accentuated by a coldness and dignity.

Three palace people saw female supreme walk over and all saluted.

Wu Kuang gazed, displeased at Liu Binglan. Trying to keep calm, he said, “Why do you have to be like this? Do I, Wu Kuang, have to play any plots against three palaces?”

“Since we’re on separate sides, we might as well draw the line clear. If son of heaven had the time to visit three palace, you might as well spend more time managing your subordinates in case they make trouble again. The fighting between the two sides is our matters, so it shouldn’t affect other factions, families, and cities.” Liu Binglan said.

This was something son of heaven Wu Kuang couldn’t refute. He replied with an insincere smile, “Then if you say so, I have nothing more to say.”

After speaking, Wu Kuang glanced at Chu Mu and said with disdain, “Since female supreme pushed me completely towards the enemy side, if we ever meet somewhere in the future, don’t blame me for being cruel. Also, Chu Fangchen, a near dominator rank white nightmare is far from enough to defeat me. As long as I’m around, you may have to avoid walking around me in the future!”

Wu Kuang’s unmasked threat meant that one of the two would have to fall in the future. This immediately exacerbated the situation to a peak!

“If stepping over you counts, then I agree.” Chu mu replied.

Wu Kuang humphed and glanced at end hero Mo Ling before leaving.

Mo Ling quickly followed Wu Kuang. If Mu Qingyi rode her crown phoenix king out, he wouldn’t be alive anymore, so he could only follow this protector closely.

The three palace people quickly spread out. However, about the final battle in three days, the high level people would have to discuss a bit. After all, it involved the stance of Mu Qingyi as well as the life or death of end hero.

Soul alliance members left surrounding son of heaven Wu Kuang. Wu Kuang told all the elites to gather in hero chief palace to discuss the final in three days too.

“Son of heaven, do you truly have confidence in defeating Mu QIngyi?” End hero couldn’t help but ask.

“Heng, how are you doing this, either pull the Mu Clan out from the roots and don’t let them get back up ever again, or don’t mess with them. Look at what you’ve done, leaving me this trash to fix!” Wu Kuang said, still angry from the previous ordeal.

“There…..there were too many accidents and coincidences. First, Mu Qingyi’s white tiger broke through. Then, Chu Fangchen’s white nightmare inherited nightmare ancestor techniques. Speaking of Chu Fangchen, Mu Qingyi will likely tell him to battle…...son of heaven, what do you think?” End hero said.

Of course, end hero was most worried about whether this unknown son of heaven could defeat Mu Qingyi.

“You thought I proposed a final just to save your worthless life?” Wu Kuang said disdainfully.

“Son of heaven means…..” Mo Ling wasn’t stupid and instantly thought of a reason, “You intentionally lured Chu Fangchen out?”

“My teacher roams far away but heard of news in Wanxiang City and felt that he may be a threat, so he told me to get rid of him.” Wu Kuang said.

Mo Ling and the others heard and quickly realized that son of heaven truly had thought of everything before doing things.

“Then son of heaven has a certain chance of success?” Another expert said.

“My teacher told a soul pet of his to stay by my side and protect my safety. In special situations, I can also command it in combat.” Son of heaven Wu Kuang said.

“Soul alliance master….. Alliance master’s soul pet!” Mo Ling immediately slide with joy!

The other experts all showed shock as well. They didn’t expect Wu Kuang to have a soul pet of alliance master. If so, Wu Kuang could walk sideways straight through all of wanxiang city without obstruction!

Since its soul alliance master’s soul pet, it had to be dominator rank!

Wu Kuang himself also had a dominator rank sou lpet. With two and adding on Mo Ling’s own soul pet, they had a sure chance of winning.

“Mu Qingyi is too powerful, so killing her will be hard. However, it’s much easier to kill Chu Fangchen!” Wu Kuan’s gaze flashed with a resentment.

Thus, son of heaven had started planning long ago! Intentionally approaching Chu Mu’s woman just to anger him- son of heaven’s mind is truly overwhelming.

Wu Kuang lifted a mouth corner. Ye Qingzi thought it was just a coincidence, but for some reason Chu Fangchen didn’t care about him at all. Wu Kuang’s anger became worse as he promised he would step on this kid!

“Son of heaven, where is soul alliance master’s current position? The three palaces were places they weren’t necessarily afraid of, so there’s no point in hiding.” Mo Ling asked questioningly.

“Not yet, soul palace's seven sacred kings aren’t decoration. Soul palace is very sensitive right now. To protect their thousand years long tradition of their name, they will definitely burn one’s bridges and summon the seven sacred kings…..” Wu Kuang said.

Three palace had their own or else anything will die before dominator rank in other cases!!

“No worries, I can deal with it.” Son of heaven Wu Kuang said. Son of heaven Wu Kuang had a lot of self-confidence.

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