Chapter 998: Invitation to Fight

“This person is Wu Kuang, the disciple of the Alliance Master?” the three great palace’s senior elders creased their brows. 

Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master hadn’t participated in the fight between the three great palaces and Soul Alliance because ostensibly in his eyes, a fight like this was a secular world thing that he could ignore. 

However, his disciple represented Soul Alliance’s younger generation, and would definitely enter the conflict between the two sides. Ignoring his strength for now, purely his sensitive identity made the three great palaces not feel good. 

Ultimately, even if this person did something excessive, they wouldn’t dare make a rash move. 

The anger in Mu Qingyi’s heart naturally hadn’t disappeared. However, the appearance of this person was even more tricky than the appearance of the other Hero expert. 

“This is a grudge between me and Mo Ling. I hope you don’t involve yourself.” said Mu Qingyi. 

“I’m not willing to involve myself either, but my master has orders that I must obey. At least until you find a suitable replacement for the Fourth Hero, he cannot die.” said Son of Heaven Wu Kuang. 

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang’s words made Mo Ling wear an unsightly expression. What “until you find a suitable replacement”? Could the Alliance Master have already decided on replacing him? 

“Son of Heaven, I, Mo Ling, was also just following orders…” at this moment, Mo Ling planned on selling out the Empress Concubine. 

Son of Heaven Mo Ling turned around and looked calmly at Fourth Hero Mo Ling: “Whose orders were you listening to? It’s been many years since master has been in Wanxiang Realm.” 

Mo Ling suddenly froze. His words just now had been hinting to Son of Heaven Wu Kuang that the person who wanted to get rid of Mu Qingyi was the Empress Concubine. However, Wu Kuang’s retort clearly indicated that he had to shoulder the blame! 

If it was the past, Mo Ling would have just shouldered it; indeed, he was unhappy with Mu Qingyi. However, now that Mu Qingyi’s Crown Phoenix King had revived and the White Tiger was also this mighty, if nobody was protecting him, Mu Qingyi would definitely find him for revenge. 

“As long as I am in Wanxiang Realm, Wanxiang Realm cannot hold Mo Ling. I don’t care what orders the Alliance Master has. After I take Mo Ling’s dog life, I will naturally go to the Alliance Master to ask for forgiveness.” indifferently said Mu Qingyi. 

“This…” Wu Kuang never expected Mu Qingyi’s attitude to be so firm. She even dared disobey the Alliance Master’s orders. 

Nonetheless, that being said, Mu Qingyi’s strength had already far surpassed Mo Ling. Mu Qingyi and Mo Ling were like fire and water and if he had to make a choice… 

“If you want to stop me, you can try your hardest.” Mu Qingyi didn’t give Wu Kuang much face. 

Mu Qingyi understood that her real enemy wasn’t Mo Ling but the Empress Concubine whose hands already covered the sky. 

She knew that the present her was not the opponent of the Empress Concubine’s massive influence. However, she couldn’t just swallow this. Since Mo Ling’s attitude was so unyielding, she wanted to make that woman understand that provoking her wouldn’t lead to an easy end! 

Right now, the other Hero experts hadn’t appeared. To a certain degree, this meant that the Empress Concubine was going to protect her reputation and wasn’t planning on helping Mo Ling. 

Wu Kuang’s face froze. He seemed to not expect his face to be of no value. 

However, this also meant that Mu Qingyi’s anger was truly deep. Adding on her present strength, there really wasn’t a need to be so afraid. 

As for the Alliance Master, Wu Kuang had truthfully only used his name for intimidation effects. The reality was that the Alliance Master didn’t care about this. Even if he did care, he would definitely save face for the Mu King, and be lenient in dealing with this matter. 

The troublesome and conniving Empress Concubine could often wantonly destroy the Mu Family without fear. However, the Alliance Master ultimately lived in this era, and he knew of the Mu Family’s power and flourishment back then; that was also when was also could have received favors from the Mu Family. Therefore, to save their face, Mu Qingyi could not be attacked. 

“It seems that Young Lady Mu is a bit prejudiced now. Even if there is some animosity between you two, now isn’t the time to deal with it. You cannot kill Mo Ling, but your enmity cannot be removed. Then how about we deal with this using the most ancient dueling method.” said Wu Kuang. 

“Son of Heaven, this is unacceptable!” the moment he heard the word duel, Mo Ling’s face blackened! 

A duel was a fight between two people without any interference by others. This was unquestionably even crueler because the moment the duel started, Mo Ling had to fight Mu Qingyi. What difference was that from just sending her his head? If there was any difference, it would just be the manner in which he sent himself to death! In a duel, it would be more ceremonial and proper! 

Mu Qingyi’s eyes showed a trace of suspicion. A duel would be beneficial to her. By suggesting it, why didn’t Wu Kuang just outright side with her? What was the need for all this useless talk?  

“Don’t be hasty.” Son of Heaven Wu Kuang glanced at Mo Ling who was letting out a cold sweat in fear. His eyes fell on Mu Qingyi, “I will participate in this duel too. If Young Lady Mu can kill Mo Ling with my participation, Young Lady Mu will be able to take revenge. Moreover, I can take responsibility so that you will not be punished by my master. However, if Young Lady Mu cannot kill Mo Ling in this duel, then could Young Lady Mu please lay down your anger. You are both influential people in Wanxiang Realm and if any one of you is to perish, it will be a loss to our human realm.” 

Wu Kuang’s words immediately incited an uproar. 

Regardless if it were the three great palaces or Soul Alliance, they never expected Wu Kuang to suggest this method of resolution. Could Son of Heaven Wu Kuang be that confident in his strength that he could deal with the Crown Phoenix King and White Tiger possessing Mu Qingyi? 

Indeed, the current Mu Qingyi could only be opposed by the Hero Chief! 

“Of course, Mo Ling and I are two people. This would be unfair to Young Lady Mu. Therefore, Young Lady Mu can choose any expert you believe in to fight against Mo Ling and I in a two versus two.” continued Wu Kuang. 

As everyone was still in shock, Wu Kuang’s next set of words swept up a wave of astonishment in both sides! 

Wu Kuang and Mo Ling combining strengths to fight Mu Qingyi already made both sides astonished at the Son of Heaven’s strength. Yet, Wu Kuang even permitted Mu Qingyi to invite an expert! 

Mo Ling’s Titan Giant could at most fight the White Tiger to a standstill. If Wu Kuang wanted to save Mo Ling, he had to possess a dominator rank creature that could stop the Crown Phoenix King! 

By indicating he would participate in this fight, Wu Kuang was undoubtedly telling everyone present that he was an expert with a dominator rank. 

Moreover, his final words indicated that his strength was far from as simple as a dominator rank! 

This logic was plain and simple. How could the three great palaces not understand this? 

However, the conclusion reached using this logic undoubtedly was deadly to them! 

It had taken them great difficulty to obtain the assistance of Mu Qingyi, this expert who could oppose the Hero Chief. This had greatly expanded their power in the fight against Soul Alliance. 

Chu Fangchen, Chao Lengchuan and Liu Binglan were all experts that could hold their own. They gave the three great palaces the qualifications to fight against Soul Alliance's higher ups. 

However, an increase in strength didn’t only happen on their side. As they continuously pumped out experts, Soul Alliance also managed to produce the same level of experts. 

Even if the three great palaces were prepared, they never expected Son of Heaven Wu Kuang to reach such a degree of power! 

“Are you sure about that?” Mu Qingyi stared at Son of Heaven Wu Kuang’s confident eyes and spoke. 

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang nodded his head and said: “Didn’t Young Lady Mu say that if I wanted to stop you, I could try my hardest? I’ll give it a go.” 

 “Ok, we’ll do as you say.” said Mu Qingyi. 

“Then five days later on Wanxiang City’s eastern Wanxiang Plains.” Son of Heaven Wu Kuang directly spoke the location and time of the duel. 

Mu Qingyi just nodded her head, not saying anything more. 

Wu Kuang saw that Mu Qingyi agreed and he wore a smile on his face. He turned around and looked at Mo Ling, who didn’t look too good. He said: “What? You don’t the confidence in me?” 

“I dare not. I dare not.” Mo Ling hastily plastered a smile. 

In truth, Mo Ling didn’t have the confidence. Ultimately, Wu Kuang was part of the young generation and his strength had to be at least equal to Mu Qingyi in order to save his life because the person Mu Qingyi would ask would be Chu Fangchen. 

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang was indeed very strong. This had always been the rumor; the rumor of his strength even surpassed his own. However, Mo Ling was still unsure whether Wu Kuang had equivalent strength to Mu Qingyi. 

Most importantly, the purpose of this duel was for his life. If Wu Kuang couldn’t beat Mu Qingyi, he could just step to the side and his life would be over. Wu Kuang himself didn’t have a stake in this fight. He just had to say so and his life would be over… 

Right now Mo Ling could only hope that Wu Kuang indeed could rival Mu Qingyi. Otherwise, his life would not be able to be preserved. 

“Then wouldn’t Young Lady Mu like to clean up the Queen’s Palace? After all, this place was left by your ancestors. It being dyed in blood and in disarray like this…” said Son of Heaven Wu Kuang. 

Mu Qingyi didn’t want to say anything more. She swept her eyes over the Queen’s Palace servant girls and concubine women hiding in the distance. 

These servant girls, servants and concubine women had seen the end of the fight. The anger of the Queen had dissipated and smartly, they chose this time to return. They began to clean up the corpses and skeletons in the Queen’s Palace. 

“So it turns out this many people had arrived. It seems that the day of the duel will be very lively.” Son of Heaven Wu Kuang surveyed the surrounding members from the three great palaces, Soul Alliance and neutral factions as he calmly spoke. 

The Soul Alliance and neutral faction members all politely greeted him and spoke words of praise. 

Wu Kuang ignored them. Instead, his eyes fell on to the three great palace’s faction. Suddenly, a glimmer sparked in his eyes. He wore a smile as he said: “Young Lady Ye, you’ve also come. I happened to be looking for you.” 

As he spoke, Wu Kuang began walking to Soul Alliance. He ostensibly ignored the hostile situation between the three great palaces and Soul Alliance! 

Yet, his words caused everyone’s eyes to fall on Ye Qingzi! 

There had been a rumor recently that Chu Fangchen’s woman had gotten involved with someone. When the rumor started, everyone felt that this person was just asking for trouble; but none of them expected it to be Son of Heaven Wu Kuang! 

Amidst Soul Alliance, Ye Qingzi creased her brows seeing Wu Kuang walk over. 

However, just at this moment, a familiar handsome figure walked up to Ye Qingzi and adeptly grabbed her waist before pulling her into his embrace… 

Ye Qingzi was initially stunned, but shortly after smiled, giving this fellow who truly knew how to pick his entrances a coquettish fake-angry stare.

This shameless fellow gave Ye Qingzi an unconstrained smile in response before looking apathetically at the person walking over to Ye Qingzi! 

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