Chapter 997: Son of Heaven, Wu Kuang

Mu Qingyi swept her gaze around the surrounding people and sneered.

When she had lost her Crown Phoenix King, they had spread very debasing words and planned a myriad of ways to kill her. 

Now that they saw the Crown Phoenix King appear, none of them had the guts anymore. They didn’t even have the courage to heckle her. It was truly laughable. 

Today, Mu Qingyi wasn’t only going to clean up the palace. She was also going to take revenge for the Tai Mountain Giant crushing the Evernight Emperor. Therefore, as long as a person was one of Mo Ling’s subordinates, Mu Qingyi wouldn’t be merciful towards them!


The Crown Phoenix King slowly ascended into the air like a sun that hung above Wanxiang Altar. 

It lightly beat its wings. and a golden ardent flame, like a fiery rain spilled down. It carried a destructive aura as it smashed into Mo Ling’s army of 2000 subordinates! 

This army of 2000 was suppressed so badly by the dominator rank aura that they couldn’t even breathe, let alone summon soul pets to fight. Under the terrifying burning dominator rank flames, they could only summon soul pets to escape in an incomparably wretched manner from the Queen’s Palace. 

The moment the army was unable to stay together, they would be unable to deal much damage to a high ranking creature. After the Crown Phoenix King’s angry flames descended upon them, a huge portion of the army was burned to death. Thus, it was unable to create a genuine fighting force. 

The raging flames were torrential. Mo Ling’s face was ashen as he watched his elite army throw down their armor and weapons in the flames. 

A dominator rank creature was this domineering. Without an enormous army, it was impossible to oppose. 

In an instant, the army collapsed, and the Crown Phoenix King’s oppression couldn’t help but make the spirit emperors watching in the distance exclaim! 

“Kill them!” Mu Qingyi swept her gaze over Fang Wu, Tie Xin, and the other concubine women who betrayed her. 

She had to kill these people and wouldn’t show any mercy! 

Fang Wu, Tie Xin, Zhuo Yun, and a few concubine women who had managed to luckily survive saw the Crown Phoenix King flyover, and their faces instantly went deathly ashen. 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

A raging flame swept across and these female soul pet trainers didn’t even have the ability to flee. They were engulfed by this orbiting flame room. 

The flame room was like a burning stake that forced them all to the center. After, a golden colored flame of execution would slowly spread towards them. Being confined by wing type strength, they were unable to move. They could only watch the golden flames approach and feel the slow and long pain of being burned to death! 

The enormous stake was erected above the Queen’s Palace. Thus, even the residents in the inner and middle city could watch this golden punishment. 

There were a total of eight female soul pet trainers on the burning stake. Their clothes had been burned to ashes and they were stuck in the center. 

Nobody spectating the fight could bear to watch them because their hair was burned first before their skin was burned until it split, and then flesh spilled out! 

“Aaah!!!! Aahhhhhhh!!!!!”

“Forgive us… Your Majesty… Forgive us!” 

“Kill us…. I’m begging you to kill us…. Ah!!!!!”

Miserable and sharp cries reverberated through the Queen’s Palace. It also reached the ears of the spectators. 

This cruel burning at the stake was witnessed by everyone. How much of an enmity was there for this War Goddess to be so ruthless! 

The golden flame continued to burn. It didn’t kill them, instead forcing them to endure the most painful type of punishment. She wanted to firmly imprint this pain into the depths of their soul,s so that their descendants would never commit such an atrocity! 

“Your Majesty, kill them. This is a bit too inhumane.” an old soul pet trainer could no longer look on and from higher up, he used a mental voice to speak. 

Mu Qingyi apathetically raised her head and glanced at this flowery white bearded old man. She felt sorrow in her heart. Why didn’t these people call her “Your Majesty” just before? All of a sudden they had switched back to this respectful address. These people understood how to switch sides depending on the situation, but it was also because of these people that Wanxiang City was in such turmoil! 

“I am punishing my disciples. Does this require your worry?” Mu Qingyi didn’t care what sort of status this old soul pet trainer had and coldly spoke. 

The old soul pet trainer’s expression froze, but he didn’t dare say anything. 

“Hua Qing, Her Majesty is acting for heaven while also warning all of her traitor disciples that ultimately, they will not have a good ending!” Nightmare Palace’s Old Hermit, Old Jiang, who had already made his way over here, looked at the old soul pet trainer with disdain as he spoke. 

Hua Qing’s eyes carried a trace of anger, but he could only obediently retreat to one side. 

The smell of burning began to spread around the area. It was pungent and nauseating. Those female soul pet trainers had now been burned into mummies. Nobody could see their flowery-jade like female appearance. Ostensibly the only thing left on them was their bony face which still wore expressions of extreme pain and fear. 

Fourth Hero Mo Ling hovered in the air. He saw the entire burning at the stake. He didn’t realize this woman had such a ruthless side to her, and a trace of fear welled up in his heart. 

However, he knew very well that the moment he moved, the Crown Phoenix King and White Tiger would rush over towards him immediately. The reason he was still standing there was because he was waiting for assistance from other Soul Alliance members and Hero experts. 

If it were somewhere else, Mu Qingyi, with her Crown Phoenix King and White Tiger could have easily killed him. However, this was Wanxiang Altar where practically all of Soul Alliance’s experts were gathered. Nobody would stop Mu Qingyi from cleaning out her palace. But if she wanted to kill him, she would be stopped by experts of Soul Alliance. Heroes couldn’t be killed that easily. Nobody dared disobey the Alliance Master’s orders! 


Soul Alliance. 

“Brother Chu, Goddess Mu engaged in mass slaughter in Wanxiang Altar. She’s too mighty and domineering!” Teng Lang hastily ran to Chu Mu’s courtyard and began yelling without even taking a look around the situation. 

Ye Qingzi happened to walk out of a room in the courtyard and glanced at Teng Lang. Was this fellow really a young master? He was more like a servant who brought information. 

“Chu Mu is outside the city training Little Dream. He probably detected such a huge activity.” Ye Qingzi spoke to Teng Lang. 

“Oh, oh. Do you want to go look? This will probably cascade into a huge event.” said Teng Lang. 

Ye Qingzi pondered about this. Mu Qingyi challenging the traitorous Queen’s Palace alone would definitely cause her to suffer injuries. Ye Qingzi had just happened to finish organizing her materials. She might as well head over and look to make sure nothing unexpected occurred. 

There was no way the three great palace members didn’t detect such a huge event. Especially those living in Wanxiang Altar. They had already grouped together and were spectating from above the Queen’s Palace. 

This time, the three great palaces were naturally watching with folded arms. Indeed, Mu Qingyi was cleaning out her palace while also finding trouble for Soul Alliance’s Fourth Hero! 

“Isn’t… isn’t that the dominator rank Crown Phoenix King?!” Soul Palace’s Senior Elder Xiao pointed at the golden blazing sun pet. His face was full of astonishment as he spoke. 

Senior Elder Xiao wasn’t the only one in shock. Everyone who saw the Crown Phoenix King had an expression of disbelief. 

“She was unexpectedly able to revive the Crown Phoenix King!” when the higher ups of the three great palaces saw the Crown Phoenix King appear, each one of them had different thoughts. 

The senior elders from Nightmare Palace and Soul Pet Palace who had initially planned on helping Mu Qingyi were pleased at their initial choice. This would bring the three great palace’s another powerful ally. 

“Take a look. Didn’t I say not to look down on others? Now that the Crown Phoenix King has been revived, Young Lady Mu has definitely stabilized her position as one of the strongest soul pet trainers. Who still dares to oppose her? You people are so short-sighted. Thank goodness Chu Fangchen knew how to hide his light under a bushel!” these senior elders began to sigh with emotion. 

However, since Senior Elder Xiao was one of the conservative members, he didn’t utter a word. The reality was in front of him right now. Their three great palaces had nearly offended a god! 

“Oh, who is that? He dares appear and stop Young Lady Mu?” Senior Elder Teng pointed at the man who suddenly appeared in front of Mu Qingyi and asked in a bit of shock.

Everyone knew about Mu Qingyi’s enmity with Fourth Hero Mo Ling. Now that she had revived her Crown Phoenix King, she definitely would want to fight to the bitter end with Mo Ling who had killed her soul pets. Such enmity, unless another Hero expert appeared and made her slightly afraid, couldn’t be stopped. However, a young man who they had never appeared had managed to suppress Mu Qingyi’s anger. This was a bit strange. 


In the half-ruined Queen’s Palace, Mu Qingyi quietly stood there, arrogantly. All around her were corpses running red with blood and burned. 

This was the first time in her life she had engaged in such mass slaughter. Her anger still hadn’t died. Only when these people gave up their lives and only could their lives make those people with ulterior motives and plots understand that Wanxiang Realm wasn’t a place they could do as they pleased! 

Mu Qingyi had to take Mo Ling’s life. 

However, she knew that it wouldn’t be easy to do so in Wanxiang Altar because the Alliance Master kept an eye on the Hero experts and gave them many privileges. Moreover, only one Hero had to appear and her chance of killing him would become very slim. 

However, she never expected that this person would appear in between her hatred for Mo Ling!

“Son of Heaven Wu Kuang.” Mu Qingyi knit her brows, and stared unkindly at the man in front of her. 

Not many people knew of Wu Kuang’s existence. However, he indeed was like a son of heaven. Living in Wanxiang Realm, he didn’t have any reputation or holy light about him. However, merely as the disciple of the Alliance Master gave him the qualifications to sit equally with the Four Heroes and Two Concubines! 

“It’s been many years, but Young Lady Mu still remembers me…” a smile rose on the Son of Heaven Wu Kuang’s face. 

Wu Kuang’s figure was well shaped and his appearance was average. If it wasn’t for his perpetually confident smile and brightly lit eyes that exuded the calm and cool of an expert, he would easily be mistaken as someone average when placed into a crowd. 

Even Fourth Hero Mo Ling and the other Soul Alliance members expected this young and average looking man would be the Son of Heaven Wu Kuang!!     

When the three great palace members learned that this person was the crux of Soul Alliance’s younger generation, Wu Kuang, their expressions turned a bit unsightly. 

Because this young man who represented the Alliance Master had appeared, did this mean that a storm was about to engulf Wanxiang City? 

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