Chapter 996: Mo Ling, I’m here to take your life

“Let’s deal with her together!” Fang Wu had no other path but to keep fighting.

She just had to stay alive until End Hero Mo Ling came. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have any path to live.

Bloodthirsty emperor stepped forward heavily. When Mu QIngyi killed the concubines, she already silently commanded bloodthirsty emperor to set down a net of blood!

“Gulu!!!!!” Bloodthirsty emperor opened its jaw and suddenly pulled its sticky blood web tight, tightly binding the white tiger in front of it!

Bloodthirsty web was as dense as a spider web as it covered the white tiger. The powerful blood poison started corroding the white tiger’s skin.

The white tiger was almost completely covered, but remained standing as an ice sculpture, staring coldly at the bloodthirsty emperor!

Seeing that her bloodthirsty emperor couldn't even drag the fierce white tiger, she immediately gave everyone a look and told them all to attack.

Fang Wu summoned three top tier emperor ranks, while tie Xing summoned two top tier emperor rank and three high class emperor ranks. The other concubines all summoned high class and middle class emperor ranks. These ten soul pets caused the palace to look very squeezed. After they trapped the white tiger, they all roared and killed towards the whtie tiger.

Seeing the ten soul pets almost come at once, the white tiger struggled free from the laughable web and charged towards all the emperor ranks.


The white tiger ran and swiped, sending shattering ice energy through the air. The two high class emperor ranks were instantly kill. Soon following, the white tiger’s body dashed through the group of emperors and killed its way to the center with ease!

To white tiger, an organism near low class dominator rank, only top tier emperor ranks actually threatened it.

Of course, Mu Qingyi couldn't possibly let white tiger fight so many emperors by itself. After all, there were nearly 20 of them. If they got together, it would be equivalent to 4 top tier emperor ranks and could actually threaten white tiger.

After the white tiger killed its way into the emperor rank formation, Mu Qingyi summoned Immortal Ming Bird, and Nine Colored Phoenix.

Immortal Ming bird and Nine Colored phoenix were both invincible emperor rank organisms. In this palace, they couldn’t fight to their max potential but they were still invincible emperor rank. To defeat high class emperor ranks needed no effort!

The battle was very one sided. Once immortal ming bird and nine colored phoenix joined, white tiger’s cruel claws fell only on top tier emperor ranks.

In the short time, Tie Xing’s Cyan Pupil Devil and Fang Wu’s main soul pet was shredded to pieces. They didn’t even have time to retract their soul pets.

Blood started flowing more and more, flowing down the steps into the snow. Many corpses were mashed into meat within the palace. The palace was also shaky from the emperor ranks’ attacks, finally collapsing!


Many times, a cruel battle would alarm the entire wanxiang altar. Countless experts were standing far away from the queen palace. They watched as in the collapsing palace one after another emperor died…..

“What’s wrong, who dares to be so brazen, killing so many spirit emperors within wanxiang altar!!” A hermit stared in shock at the queen palace.

“It’s heavenly concubine! She came back to exact revenge.” A soul alliance member pointed at the white tiger that darted out of the queen palace and said surprised.

“No wonder. This will lift up a bloody scene!”

More and more people gathered in queen palace, but no one dared to stop the events.

One has to know that Mu Qingyi summoned two invincible emperor ranks, a near dominator rank white tiger, and a top tier emperor rank demon. This was an incredibly powerful roster. High class emperor ranks were like kids in front of her. These people most likely didn’t even have a high class emperor rank, so who dared to come stop her?

“Quick- end hero Mo Ling came!” Suddenly someone pointed at queen palace.

The spirit emperors on wanxiang altar all quickly looked at end hero.

End hero Mo Ling rode his Black Winged Demon as he brought all his subordinates towards queen palace.

“Wasn’t Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant killed by soul palace Chu Fangchen? How does he dare to fight Mu Qingyi still?”

“Who said so, his tai mountain giant didn’t die!” The spirit emperors discussed from far away.

The people in soul alliance were unrelated to them, including the fight between three palace and soul alliance. But, they definitely would come up if something happened!

When Black Winged Demon neared, Mo Ling instantly saw the rampaging Mu Qingyi.

However, he also quickly noticed Mu Qingyi’s abnormally fierce white tiger. Originally, Mo Ling had the chance to kill her along with her white tiger, but for some reason when the white tiger was heavily injured, it suddenly exploded with speed. Mo Ling could only watch as Mu Qingyi escaped with it.

Mo Ling didn't expect that Mu Qingyi had the courage to come back!

“Walking the road of death. Mu Qingyi, are you here to die?” End hero Mo Ling said, coldly gazing at Mu QIngit standing in the ruins.

Fang Wu and Tie Xing saw end hero Mo Ling appear and they all felt as if they gained a new life, quickly hiding behind Mo Ling.

Mu Qingyi was truly powerful. He didn't expect that, even without crown phoenix king, Mu Qingyi could kill them so easily. With white tiger’s presence, it was like a nightmare where they had no way of fighting back.

Mu Qingyi lifted her head and saw the arrogant end hero Mo Ling. Her eyes flashed with anger and said, “Mo Ling, I’m here to take your life!”

“Haha, haha, you?” Don’t you see where you are? Even if I don’t fight, I can cause you to die painfully.” Mo Ling said with disdain.

As he spoke, Mo Ling waved his hand and immediately, a large crown appeared around the queen to attack it.

These people were all part of Mo Ling’s personal army. There were two thousand people all of which were elites of the kingdom he managed. Mo Ling had confidence that they could defeat all of Mu QIngyi’s invincible emperor ranks with this army alone. As for the white tiger, Mo Ling would naturally fight himself!

“End hero, kill her quickly, don’t let her get away again!” Fang Wu’s face turned pale and said flatteringly.

“I don’t need you to say that.” Mo Ling waved his hand in disgust.

Giving the command the two thousand soul pet trainers narrowed their encircling.

Mu Qingyi didn’t even bother looking around, as if the armies around her didn’t exist. She sat calmly on nine colored phoenix’s back and hovered in the sky.

Mu Qingyi coldly glanced at the concubines scared out of their minds and said,”Do you know why I only summoned four soul ets?”    

The moment she said that, Fang Wu and Tie Xin’s faces changed.

Indeed, Mu Qingyi didn’t summon a fifth soul pet, but Mu Qingyi had many top tier emperor ranks, so there was no reason why she dind’t summon more. Why was she keeping a slot open?

Just as they were confused, they suddenly noticed that the terrifying woman started radiating a piercing gold light!

The concubines all followed Mu QIngyi, so they knew very clearly what this incantation glow meant!

However, wasn’t the soul pet already killed? How could she summon it again?

The golden flames burned violently, causing the freezing winter season to become a blazing sunny day!

A sun-like flame fell into humanity, its massive flaming aura buffeting everyone. Within its range, one could see the sacred and arrogant phoenix’s figure appear, too dazzling to stare at!!

There was only one soul pet in this world able to release such a dominating fire field and only one soul pet able to be this holy and arrogant!

“Crown… phoenix king!!!!!!”

After Tie Xing saw this, she yelled out in disbelief, face full of shock!!

“Wasn’t crown phoenix king already…… this isn’t possible!!” Fang Wu saw Mu Qingyi appear with crown phoenix king and was dumbfounded!!

Crown phoenix king really revived? With crown phoenix king’s strength, even end hero Mo Ling had to back off.

However, with Mu Qingyi also having a white tiger that could fight tai mountain giant as well as other invincible emperor ranks, she was truly at the top of human realm!!

White tiger already caused them to all know what killing and cruelty meant. Originally, Mo Ling’s appearance made them think that they were saved. Who knew Mu Qingyi would summon crown phoenix king. At this moment, Fang Wu and everyone who revolted against Mu Qingyi were in despair!

They knew very clearly that Crown Phoenix King Mu Qingyi was truly a queen. Their lives were completely in her control.

“Crown phoenix king should be dead, I saw this happen!!!” Mo Ling’s face was twitching. He saw the crown phoenix die himself, yet now he saw it resurface!

The flame aura slammed into his face. The crown phoenix king’s golden eyes were locked onto Mo Ling. Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain giant was tiny in front of this true dominator rank!

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