Chapter 995: Blood Dyed Queen Palace (2)

“Don’t panic!” Fang Wu’s expression grew solemn. Seeing everyone’e expression change, she quickly suppressed everyone’s voice and summoned a soul pet immediately. 

As one of the eight desolations, she had quite a few top tier emperor ranks. She relied on a bloodthirsty emperor to sit within the ranks of eight desolation.

At this time, she summoned her bloodthirsty emperor. After the incantation finished, the blood incantation created a bug organism covered in blood armor. This way, the palace quickly gained an aura of blood.

“Vicious Thirst!” Fang Wu said to her bloodthirsty emperor.

Bloodthirsty emperor opened its teethed maw and spit out a bloody fog.

The red mist covered all the concubine’s heads, sending a violent and bloody scent into their noses. It retracted all the fear they had of Mu Qingyi and exacerbated their ambition, causing them to be violent too!

Feeling the blood, Tie Xing was the first to chant an incantation. She had no other choice and had to go to the end of things and help Mu Qingyi reclaim her spot or else she wouldn’t have a great end either.

Tie Xing summoned her two strongest soul pets, Cyan Pupil Devil and Poison Teeth Demon!

These two soul pets were both violent beasts. Under the blood fog, it became even fiercer, ready to devour its enemies alive!

The next ones that summoned were concubine guard leader. These guard leaders that handled a large amount of guards were all high class emperor rank. Only main guard leader Mu Long had top tier emperor rank soul pets. However, the main guard leader already was killed by the current guard leader Zhuo Yun!

Those who didn’t want to obey and be subordinate to Mu Qingyi all either escaped or were exiled. The more adamant ones were killed. Fang Wu’s merciless ways were very scary.

Seeing the entire palace instantly get filled with fiendish soul pets, Mu Qingyi’s gaze became even colder. She knew that everyone present had once harmed her utmost loyal followers. She had to use their lives to commemorate their fallen souls!

“Leave noone alive!” Mu Qingyi said coldly and gave white tiger an attack command!


White tiger let out a roar that nearly collapsed the front palace. The sound shook so hard that the elemental world soul pets’ incantations were all interrupted!


After roaring in anger, white tiger again opened its mouth, and shot out a fierce winter storm!

The temperature nearby quickly fell and, as the storm raged forth, the entire palace gained a thick layer of frost. The biting cold and piercing wind caused the lower level concubines to all be shivering already!


The storm broke through their palace gate. The concubines without high class emperor rank soul pets were all frozen into statues under the storm, their soul pets perishing alongside them!

Fang Wu, Tie Xing, and Zhuo Yun were all dazed by the storm. When they came back to their senses, they found that a third of all the soul pets were frozen by the frost!

However, before they could react, the white tiger stomped frighteningly at the center of everyone!


All the frozen soul pets and concubines were shattered under the violent stamp, causing the ground to become a palace full of cracks!

Standing within the shattered corpses, Zhuo Yun was shocked.

If she were frozen there as well, she would have been shattered along with the rest of them, scattered all over the ground. The look alone was worthy of fear.

A technique and a follow up alone instantly killed a dozen middle class emperor rank and high class emperor rank soul pets. Such powerful strength instantly subdued all the concubines. Facing the icy cold white tiger, their original blood induced violence instantly disappeared, replaced with a terror that struck straight to their soul!

“This…..this white tiger…..” The concubines present were all subordinates of Mu Qingyi. They knew what soul pets Mu Qingyi’s soul pets were and what strength they were approximately.

What they didn’t expect was after Mu Qingyi lost crown phoenix king, her white tiger actually became this powerful, able to match end hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant and was a near dominator rank organism!

To people without even a top tier emperor rank, the near dominator rank soul pet wouldn’t take any effort killing them.

At this moment, their bodies were shaking. The corpses on the ground repeated a truth: Mu QIngyi was still Mu QIngyi!

“We…..we aren’t her opponent.” A few concubines turned pale, losing the courage to continue fighting.

One technique was enough to kill a huge chunk of them. Staying around was just killing themselves!

Another third of the concubines ran away in fear, not wanting to die here in vain.

Seeing these useless things all escape, Fang Wu’s expression turned sour. She hadn’t expected Mu Qingyi’s white tiger to have a breakthrough. No wonder this woman could stand here so confidently!

Tie Xing was completely stunned. Seeing the unbelievably powerful white tiger, seeing the apathetic Mu Qingyi, Tie Xing was already regretting her decision…...

Mu Qingyi slowly chanted her incantation. If a minute ago, these people chose to leave the palace, Mu Qingyi may have spared them. But, the moment they summoned their soul pets against her, it was destined that they would die!

Mu Qingyi summoned her demon and without her command, the demon easily passed through the soul pets subdued by white tiger, going towards the concubines attempting to run away.


A cold glint sent blood down. The concubine and the half flying Four colored bird were ripped in half, half falling back into the palace while half falling down the steps.

The grisly scene caused the escaping concubines to shout out. They ran out with all their might to avoid the invisible reaper’s claws.

However, more and more corpses mixed with the snow. Blood of soul pets and concubines caused the palace to fill with blood…...

“Your majesty…..your majesty….. Please have mercy on us!”

A young concubine that ran outside after being sprayed with the blood of her fellow concubines quickly ran back to the palace. She kneeled down and started banging her head on the ground to ask for mercy from the steely faced queen.

“Please, forgive us, we will never, we promise we will never go against you again. We will be your servant for anything….” Very quickly, the other concubines realized they couldn’t escape from the demon and, while the demon was chasing others down, they ran back with tears to beg for mercy.

“You… can tell us to do anything.”

The five concubines shook as they kneeled there, doing their utmost to atone.

They didn’t want to die, especially not this way. Seeing their fellow concubines getting decapitated and bleed to death, their last defenses in their hearts were destroyed.

“You know your crime?” Mu Qingyi looked at the bloody servants and asked calmly.

“We know, we know we’re wrong, please forgive us!” The concubines quickly bowed their heads in fear.

“I forgive you.” Mu Qingyi said.

Mu Qingyi said and instantly the concubines were overjoyed. Their bowing became even more sincere as they spewed words of praise and thanks.

Mu Qingyi glanced at the concubines and a sorrow flowed through her heart.

“Don’t thank me so quickly. I forgive you, but you have to find forgiveness from the concubines you harmed….” Mu QIngyi said.

The concubines all looked at each other in confusion, not knowing how to beg for forgiveness from dead people.

At this moment, they noticed Mu QIngyi close her eyes and her cold face showed some unwillingness and determination…...

Seeing that expression, they suddenly realized what she meant.


A cold glint passed through all the bowing concubine’s necks and their heads flew off without any warning.

Their long hairs splayed out and were dyed red with blood. Five skulls, five beautiful young faces full of disbelief.

Maybe until death, they still wouldn't understand why the merciful majesty wanted to kill them.


The palace was full of blood scent. Now, the only ones intact were Fang Wu, Tie Xing, Zhu Yun, and seven other concubine guard leaders that were restricted.

Beforehand, the concubines were all not high ranking. Their deaths didn’t take long, but in this short time, the blood dyed their queen palace red, causing all the people that wanted to revolt against Mu Qingyi to turn cold!

They all followed Mu Qingyi, and knew that she normally would never kill unless they were truly utmost evil people.

Yet, they saw their majesty’s merciless side today, killing twenty concubines that were her old followers, only closing her eyes when they begged for mercy…...

Even the begging ones at the end were killed. Such determined killing intent caused them to be in disbelief.

“You are left.” Mu QIngyi didn’t look at the corpses, and their gaze fell on the core ten people that lead the revolt.

Mu Qingyi didn’t even move. Killing, to dominator rank Mu Qingyi, was truly easy. Yet, someone once told her that killing wasn’t true power; true power was being able to kill but deciding to protect and forgive.

She wanted to forgive everyone because they all followed her for many years and helped her. And in reality, she was in tears in her heart already…..

But, she couldn't. Forgiving them meant disrespecting all the other loyal and determined souls!

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