Chapter 994: Blood Dyed Queen Palace (1)

“Your Majesty Heavenly Concubine!!” 

All of the servants going in and out went pale with fright. All of these people were holding on to items from Mu Qingyi’s bedroom palace because the Queen’s Palace had changed owners. Fang Wu had ordered them to move out these items that belonged to Mu Qingyi, and to move in new items. 

These people didn’t dare to disobey and followed these orders. 

However, when they saw their majesty appear in front of them and next to her an imposing White Tiger, they immediately felt ashamed and cowardly as they kneeled down. 

At this point, a few of the concubine women saw Mu Qingyi. They stood there, their legs shaking, but their faces forcibly remaining calm. 

“You… you ruthless and vicious woman. You dare appear here!” the captain of the concubine women, Zhuo Yun’s face was flushed red as she spoke. 

Zhu Yun had naturally been brainwashed by Fang Wu. Moreover, everyone here knew that the Mu Qingyi of present was not the same Mu Qingyi. Without the Crown Phoenix King, she may not even be stronger than Fang wu.

“Senior Fang Wu gave you a way out to let you survive. Yet, you are unwilling to accept her kindness!” next to her, a young concubine woman suddenly began to jeer back. 

Presently, a violent wave of opposition towards Mu Qingyi had arisen in Soul Alliance and Wanxiang City. These people here were at the core of this wave. 

In the past, these concubine women with evil intentions had feared Mu Qingyi. Now, there was no need to fear because there were experts in the Queen’s Palace that could deal with her. 

“What are you kneeling for? She is no longer the owner here. Stand up!” Zhuo Yun flew into a rage out of humiliation as she saw the servants all kneeling on the ground and began to yell at them. 

These servants looked at Mu Qingyi, before looking at Zhuo Yun. For a moment, they didn’t know whose order to listen to… 

Mu Qingyi’s eyes were cold and arrogant. Now, even the Concubine Women Captain dared to act so arrogantly in front of her. 

However, Mu Qingyi couldn’t be bothered to care about a single Zhuo Yun. In the past, she didn’t even know what this woman’s name was. She didn’t need to waste time on this sort of person. 

She stepped forward and ignored them as she brought her White Tiger straight inside the Queen’s Palace. 

“Go and notify Senior Dancing Desolation and Senior Tie Xin.” the Concubine Woman Captain saw that the situation was not good and hastily spoke. 

Mu Qingyi wasn’t in a rush. Since someone was going to notify those two bastard followers, she could just wait in the palace for them. 

It wasn’t that she was unwilling to just kill her way in, but she was afraid that in a fit of anger she would destroy the Queen’s Palace. That would be letting down her own family. 

Mu Qingyi entered the front palace and sat on the owner’s seat, waiting for her two female disciples. 

The White Tiger lay next to the Queen’s seat, causing those concubine women who only dared stay a certain distance away to tremble with fear. 


Eight Desolation Fang Wu was giving orders to the servants inside the Queen’s Palace. Although she couldn’t be the Queen, the Queen’s Palace would belong to her. She was going to get rid of everything related to Mu Qingyi and replace them with her own items. 

Fang Wu and Mu Qingyi were female soul pet trainers of the same generation; in fact, Fang Wu had made a name for herself even earlier than Mu Qingyi. 

However, Mu Qingyi had ended up rising to power and no matter how hard she tried, she was far from being able to match up to Mu Qingyi. 

The main reason for this was the Crown Phoenix King. Without it, Fang Wu was confident she would be able to defeat her! 

In truth, she had been devoted to Mu Qingyi; nonetheless, that was a few years ago. After being constantly suppressed under the golden divine glow of this woman, the resentment began to accumulate. 

Yet, Fang Wu didn’t have the courage to take action against her because no matter if it was her status of the imperial family or her strength, Fang Wu was still unable to challenge her. 

It wasn’t until she obtained a chance opportunity by Fourth Hero Mo Ling who referred her to the Empress Concubine where she obtained the Empress Concubine’s recognition. 

Fang Wu felt that the Empress Concubine was far mightier than the Heavenly Concubine. Her two eyes were practically capable of seeing through one’s heart. Moreover, her schemes were extremely profound. How was she like Mu Qingyi at all who would offend the Heroes just to save a few insignificant people? Mu Qingyi always took pity for no reason and had no ambition of a queen. How could she have the qualifications to become a queen?! 

Therefore, the Empress Concubine gave her instructions and an ample opportunity. Fang Wu began to send people to commit some atrocities and pushed the blame onto Mu Qingyi. Simultaneously, she hid these acts until they had accumulated right to the brink where she unveiled them all at once and pushed Mu Qingyi into a plight of no reprieve. 

Of course, the most important thing was to get rid of the Crown Phoenix King. This was a world dictated by experts. A mere slandering was unable to influence Mu Qingyi’s status. Only by greatly reducing her strength could they overthrow her. 

Unexpectedly, all of this had gone smoothly! 

Fang Wu’s current state of mind could even be described as great. Without Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi, her status in Wanxiang City and Soul Alliance was completely different than before. The feeling of controlling everything and living in the Queen’s Palace while receiving respect was something incomparable to a lowly follower! 

“Take these items and move them in. If you damage them even a bit, I will have your heads!” Fang Wu was personally overseeing these things since they were going to decorate her own bedroom. 

“Take these all out and burn them. If you dare take them for yourselves, hmph!” harrumphed Fang Wu as she looked at the pile of Mu Qingyi’s things like she was looking at trash. 

The servants didn’t dare make a sound and did as told. 

“Se… Senior Fang Wu, Her Majesty…. Her Majesty is in the great hall!” a concubine woman flusteredly ran in while panting. 

“Her Majesty Empress Concubine? Why has she honored us with her presence?” Fang Wu was confused. She was actually a bit afraid of this woman because she had control over everything, even Soul Alliance. A single stamp of her foot was capable of causing Wanxiang City to tremble. 

“No… No, it’s Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine!” hastily said the concubine woman. 

“Pai!!” suddenly, Fang Wu gave a hard slap to the concubine woman, causing her mouth to bleed. 

Fang Wu fiercely glared at this stupid concubine woman and said: “You’re still calling her Majesty?! How many time do I need to say it!” 

“Yes… yes. This servant will not dare to in the future. That…. She’s in the Queen’s Front Palace.” the concubine woman clutched her face and spoke in an extremely quiet voice. 

“Hmph, that slut dares come here. Go to Fourth Hero’s palace and inform Senior Fourth Hero. Also notify Her Majesty Empress Concubine.” coldly sneered Fang Wu. 

Fang Wu was currently unafraid of the stray dog-like Mu Qingyi. Last time Mo Ling had been unable to take her down because had lowly relied on help from the three great palaces. Now that she had presented herself to them this time, this would definitely be her burial ground! 

Fang Wu summoned Tie Xin and brought a group of betraying concubine woman quickly to the Queen’s Front Palace. 

“She really came?” said Tie Xin with a slightly strange look.

Tie Xin couldn’t be considered one of the betrayers. Unfortunately, Mu Qingyi had been heavily injured, left in dire straits and her reputation had been badly damaged. To save herself, she could only stand with Fourth Hero and Fang Wu. 

“What are you flustered for? The two of us can combine forces and deal with her!” said Fang Wu. 

Tie Xin’s emotions were a bit strange. Having to face Mu Qingyi made her heart a bit of a mess. 


Mu Qingyi had many disciples. Fang Wu was the strongest and Tie Xin after her. 

Fang Wu and Mu Qingyi were about the same age while Tie Xin was older than Mu Qingyi. The two of them had followed Mu Qingyi for a relatively short amount of time, only after Mu Qingyi had became famous and defeated them. However, those disciples that she had raised herself were all very loyal and didn’t dare disobey her. 

Unfortunately, Mu Qingyi had only been a teacher for a short period of time and these disciples all had limited strength. They either ran away or were exiled to other places. Mu Qingyi could only take back her position to summon them back. 

On the Queen’s seat, Mu Qingyi sat there like normal. Her cold eyes stared at her two strongest disciples that were walking in the large palace as well those concubine women who had steeled their hearts and betrayed her. 

The Queen’s Palace was primarily composed of women. To promote her cause, Fang Wu had called upon all of the experts. There were a total of 30 female spirit emperors with unordinary strength. 

“Mu Qingyi, have you come to surrender yourself for your crime?” Fang Wu sneered and looked extremely contemptuously at the woman who dared sit on the Queen’s seat. 

Mu Qingyi’s eyes were rather normal. If it were before, Mu Qingyi wouldn’t have hesitated to have the White Tiger smack Fang Wu to death with one paw. This time, however, she was calm. 

She didn’t respond to Fang Wu. Instead, she glanced at Tie Xin whose head was lowered. 

“Tie Xin, I’ll give you a chance. Turn and leave right now and I won’t follow up. But if you stay here…” Mu Qingyi’s words were very clear. 

Tie Xin didn’t even have the courage to look up at Mu Qingyi. 

“You’re indeed so falsely righteous. You suffered a lesson once, and you still haven’t learned. You’re so stupid that you can’t be saved. Do you really think you’re the same as before? Please use your stupid brain and think what exactly you’re relying on to speak like that? Could it be that man surnamed Chu in the three great palaces? How laughable. You’re a woman of the imperial family, yet you sold your body to a man and begged the three great palaces for protection.” Fang Wu’s words were cutting and harsh. 

Mu Qingyi took in a deep breath as her chest angrily heaved. So these people had already spread such rumors about her, even going so far as to accuse her of selling her body for protection! 

“Your majesty, you truly made an enemy of too many people for no reason. This is too much for me to swallow…” Tie Xin lowered her head and slowly spoke. 

Experts had rules among themselves. Mu Qingyi had never followed these rules and always operated by some fantasy ideology. 

Due to her strength, nobody had dared say anything to her in the past. However, she had lost everything now and Tie Xin could only choose to side with the stronger side. 

Mu Qingyi looked at Tie Xin who had made her decision. A disappointed feeling welled up in her heart. 

Mu Qingyi had always been very lenient towards her own disciples. Yet, she never expected her own leniency had aided in the growth of their ambitions. 

“Fine, since you have chosen your path so don’t have any thoughts of regret. It’s best if you become like Fang Wu and adhere to your path right to the end. Don’t leave any margin for change, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to rise above others…” sofltly sighed Mu Qingyi. 

The remnant of goodwill left in Mu Qingyi had vanished. Her eyes turned from helplessness to coldness as she slowly said: “Only, these words of mine are directed towards your descendants.” 

The moment her voice faded, the White Tiger next to her stood up. Instantly, an enormous killing intent and coldness filled the Queen’s Palace!! 

Mu Qingyi really wanted to be merciful. But when she thought of her Evernight Emperor that had died and her disciples that had been persecuted… 

Today she would dye the Queen’s Palace in Blood!!

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