Chapter 993: Stronger Feelings After a Long Time Away

Chu Mu had just reunited with Liu Binglan when he heard about the bad news about Ning Maner from her.

When Chu Mu had returned to Wanxiang City, he hadn’t felt a spiritual fluctuation from her, making him feel strange. He figured she was in some restricted area, playing around. He didn’t realize that she had been taken away by people from the Dark Sky Ocean World. 

Chu Mu had signed a soul pact with this girl, so her being taken away left a bitter feeling in his heart.

Chu Mu spent a long time talking with Liu Binglan and gave her an approximate account of what happened. Liu Binglan had already heard Ye Qingzi tell her this before, but as a mother, she wanted to hear it from Chu Mu himself. 

Chu Mu’s version was had obviously taken out any of the dangers he was in. Nonetheless, after undergoing the devil transformation, Chu Mu was no longer as weak as before. He wouldn’t constantly be in danger… 

As they talked, the topic arrived at Ye Qingzi. 

“She’s encountered a bit of trouble.” Liu Binglan had come to know this daughter in law of hers for a year now. She was rather satisfied with her. 

“What trouble?” Chu Mu wasn’t very happy about this. He had left for a year, and in this period of time, someone found trouble for her? 

“She wanted to help me concoct a few spirit items. I went with her to the Eastern Wild Forest and encountered a wounded person deep in the forest. Out of kindness, she helped heal that person and his soul pet. Somehow he managed to find out that Qingzi was in Soul Palace and often comes here…” said Liu Binglan. 

At this point, Chu Mu more or less understood what was happening. The person who Ye Qingzi had saved out of kindness went so far as to court Qingzi. That was something, eh. He absolutely had to trample on this fellow! 

“Who is that person?” asked Chu Mu with a blank face. 

“This person is a bit of trouble…” said Liu Binglan. If it was someone normal, Liu Binglan could get rid of him herself. There was no need to wait until now. 

But why would it be troublesome for Chu Mu? Even if that person was the Hero Chief, Chu Mu would still make him understand that his woman couldn’t be provoked just like that! 

“He’s called Wu Kuang. If I’m correct, he should be the Alliance Master’s disciple. In Wanxiang City, he is called the Son of Heaven. He is the most outstanding person in the younger generation.” said Liu Binglan. 

Chu Mu slightly creased his brows. He never expected it to be the mysterious and unfathomable disciple of the Alliance Master who Teng Lang had told him about. 

“Was it a coincidence or intentional?” Chu Mu immediately asked. 

Chu Mu knew that after he defeated the Fourth Hero Mo Ling, he would probably be followed closely by a lot of people. There was even a chance he could be noticed by the powerful and unknown Alliance Master. If the Alliance Master had sent the Son of Heaven, Wu Kuang, to follow Ye Qingzi in order to inquire about him, this would be troublesome. 

Although the Alliance Master could be suppressed by the Holy Region’s Seven Saint Kings, Chu Mu could only single control right now. The Dead Dream’s phase also hadn’t been raised yet. If they were to fight, he would be be in trouble. 

If it was just a coincidence, then this would be a matter of that man being jealous of a rival in a love affair. 

“It should just be a coincidence. When we entered the depths of Wild Forest, there was a spring there where experts often rest. After washing away our fatigue, we encountered him there and the wound on his body was real.” said Liu Binglan. 

If Liu Binglan had known that person was the Alliance Master’s disciple, Wu Kuang, she definitely would have gotten rid of him. Liu Binglan couldn’t afford to allow a person who could threaten her child survive. 

Liu Binglan would be able to kill him in the wild, but once back in Wanxiang City, she no longer dared. Indeed, this person was the Alliance Master’s disciple who was someone who could change the entire situation with a single movement. 

“If it’s a coincidence, then it’s fine.” Since it was a coincidence, Chu Mu didn’t need to worry too much. He would still beat him up since he was also a young generation member. As long as he didn’t kill him, it wouldn’t affect the general situation. 

Moreover, Teng Lang had told him before that in the subsequent period of time, there would probably be a contest between the young generation. Since the Son of Heaven had appeared in Wanxiang City, this fellow would probably challenge him, who had already shown his ability. Only, he had an extra reason to hate him because of Ye Qingzi. 

Liu Binglan wasn’t well-positioned to handle this so she endorsed Chu Mu’s decision to deal with it  himself. However, she told him to be careful because the Son of Heaven’s strength was definitely above Chao Lengchuan. 

Chu Mu and Liu BInglan’s relationship couldn’t be known to the public, so he didn’t stay long before leaving. 


After returning to his courtyard, Chu Mu’s powerful sense of smell managed to pick up the fragrance from Ye Qingzi when she would walk through it. 

Chu Mu was the most familiar with this fragrance. It was a mix of fresh flowers, both alluring and fresh. It would always intoxicate Chu Mu. 

After walking past the front courtyard, Chu Mu made his way to the back medicine garden. He spotted the sexy and bewitching Ye Qingzi crouched over a flower medicine. She was carefully examining the growth of the plant and her small red lips were muttering something. 

Chu Mu was like a phantom that silently reached Ye Qingzi’s back. Yet, he heard her mutter, “If Ning Maner was here, it would be good. These spirit plants are growing so slow…” 

Chu Mu’s lips curved into a wicked smile. His hand silently reached towards Ye Qingzi’s ass and he abruptly grabbed it.

“Ah!” Ye Qingzi jumped in fright and let out a delicate cry. 

But when the familiar scent reached her nose, her heart began to beat quickly like a small deer and her face instantly turned red. 

A lovely smile blossomed on her beautiful face. The colorful and fresh spirit grass and flowers paled in comparison. She lovingly turned around and looked at the handsome face still with a wicked smile… 

“Did you think of me?” Chu Mu hugged her thin and flexible waist, and asked her with his head pressed against her smooth forehead. 

“Yes.” Ye Qingzi nodded her head. 

After a long period of time away, their feelings for each other were even stronger. Seeing Ye Qingzi’s increasingly beautiful and moving figure, Chu Mu couldn’t help but be entranced. He tilted his head down and his lips planted on Ye Qingzi’s red lips. He would have a passionate kiss with her before they continued talking. 

Ye Qingzi’s thin arm was already wrapped around Chu Mu’s neck, holding him tightly. She gave a  slightly embarrassed response to Chu Mu’s mouth of a wolf…  

“Scoundrel… not here!” as they were passionately kissing, Ye Qingzi suddenly felt something and she feigned anger. Her face was already flushed red. 

“Don’t worry, there’s no one here. Trust my dominator rank perception.” Chu Mu’s lust had been triggered and couldn’t care less where this was. 

Ye Qingzi small fists punched Chu Mu’s chest. This was what this fellow used his dominator rank strength for? 

Ultimately, Chu Mu was unable to convince his conservative wife. He picked her up and glanced at the room… 

A silver colored devil flame ignited on Chu U and Ye Qingzi. Chu Mu couldn’t wait any longer and didn’t hesitate to use Displacement Specter. 

Flames burned over his entire body, even igniting the love and desire in his heart. 

Tonight would probably be a sleepless night… 


In the morning when golden rays of sunshine spilled into the white wintery courtyard, the morning dew sparkled in the beautiful light. 

A young servant girl was carrying hot water and lightly knocked on the door from outside. 

“Xiao Xin, bring it later.” Chu Mu heard the door and quickly sent her away. 

It had been a long while before he had slept so comfortably. Chu MU was lying under the cosy cover and in his arms was the sleeping Ye Qingzi whose face was a rosy red. 

Ye Qingzi had already woken up. Normally, the two of them were used to waking up early to work hard, but today they were lazing around in bed and weren’t willing to get up. The night of passion clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy the yearning they had for each other in the past year. 

The two of them just lay there talking. After speaking many words of love, gradually, the topic shifted to Ning Maner. 

“About Ning Maner…” Ye Qingzi softly said. 

“Yes, tell me what happened.” said Chu Mu. 

When it came to this topic, Ye Qingzi’s heart contained anger. Promptly, she told Chu Mu about those people who kidnapped Ning Maner at night and the extremely arrogant and ruthless Border Guard who subsequently appeared. 

After Chu Mu finished listening, his eyes became extremely cold. 

That person had been so arrogant as to tell him, the guardian, to go to the Dark Sky Ocean World to find him for revenge. What Chu Mu couldn’t stand the most was that he had used the lives of the White Nightmares and Ye Qingzi into forcing Ning Maner to willingly follow them back! 

“How is Third White?” Chu Mu said in a low voice. 

“I saved him, but its abilities have been completely lost…” Ye Qingzi was only able to save Third White whose life force was rather tough. The other White Nightmares had all perished. 

“What about First White and the others?” Chu Mu’s heart sank and he continued inquiring. 

“First White and the others are fine. They are currently training hard in the Nightmare Holy Region. They were waiting for you to return. You only need to tell them that you’re going to the Dark Sky Ocean World and they will immediately round up a Nightmare army from the small Southern Forbidden Region and the large Southern Forbidden Region to kill their way over there.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi was unable to swallow this, especially when she thought of the Border Commander’s arrogant words. 

“Border Commander Zheng Wu!” Chu Mu firmly remembered this name!

After dealing with the matters here, Chu Mu would fly over to the Dark Sky Ocean World and raze whatever area Zheng Wu was in!! 


In the sky above the Wanxiang Altar. 

A mighty and imposing White Tiger was stepping on the clouds in the sky. Its icy pupils were staring down at the Queen’s Palace situated high up.     

The entire Wanxiang Altar should have belonged to the Mu Family. However, even the final Queen’s Palace had changed masters, becoming the territory of Eight Desolations Fang Wu. 

Mu Qingyi stood next to the White Tiger, staring down at the person who had sold her out and stolen her palace. 

“Tai, go down.” Mu Qingyi jumped onto the White Tiger’s back. 

The White Tiger didn’t step its way down. Instead, it shot straight down! 

Its white mighty body fell from the blue sky and white clouds. The Queen’s Palace was defenseless right now and they abruptly landed in front of the palace!! 


The incomparably sturdy crystal rocks on the ground were shattered and the servant girls and servants who were busily moving in and out of the palace jumped in fright. They all fell backwards to the ground and stared with shock at the White Tiger with godly might and the woman with cold dignity - even more cold than chilled ice - who sat on top! 

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