Chapter 992

It was already winter when the party of six returned to the borders of Wanxiang City.

Snow covered the sky, dyeing the ground with a cold, white color, making everything look that much more serious.

The entire wanxiang city seemed more solemn than usual under the cover of snow. To countless people coming with dreams of soul pet trainers, the already majestic city gained a piercing sharpness. They no longer dared to look up when they entered the city and walk confidently down the dignified roads. Instead, they hung their heads low and sighed as they disappeared into the city.

The city was still bustling and busy. There and back was a long year. Flying in the cold skies, Chu Mu was rueful, and Ye Qingzi’s beautiful face appeared in his mind along with Ning Maner’s chime like laugh and determined look.

“It’s been a year abroad, my mother must be worried. I will say goodbye first and reconvene with everyone later.” Chao Lengchuan was like an obedient child. Just as he returned to wanxiang city, he quickly took his leave and returned to main soul palace.

The five people were very speechless about prince chao. He was this old already yet he was still like this. If he didn’t come into contact with society more, he was like a kid that never grew up.

Prince Chao saw everyone staring with a look of disgust and was embarrassed. Quickly bowing, he ran away.

“I have to return to nightmare palace, you all take care.” Shen Mo learned prince Chao’s expression and turned around to leave.

“Take care? Soul palace and nightmare palace are less than ten minutes apart……” Pang Yue rolled her eyes and gave teng lang a stare, “If you mimic them, you’re dead to me.”

“Ugh….” Teng Lang was actually about to but could only give up at that.

Chu Mu didn’t bother with these people fooling around. Seeing Mu Qingyi ride her white tiger, he asked, “You? Are you coming to soul palace with me, or….”

“I’m returning to queen palace.” Mu Qingyi said calmly.

“Goddess Mu wants to reclaim everything of hers. Looks like things will be interesting in the next few days.” Teng Lang heard and laughed, unafraid of the chaos.

“Do you need help?” Chu Mu felt that Mu Qingyi by herself may find things inconvenient. Now that nightmare palcae completely obeyed their command, helping Mu Qingyi bring together some people wasn’t too hard.

“No worry, I still have some loyal subordinates. If I have them, it’s fine. You three palace shouldn’t participate in case there’s war ahead of schedule.” Mu Qingyi said.

“En, then you stay safe.” Chu Mu nodded.

After speaking, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi decided to say goodbye to Pang Yue. Yet, they noticed the two had backed off a long time ago, and were even more speechless.

Wanxiang City was indeed large, but they all lived in inner city and near wanxiang altar. Seeing them wasn’t too hard, so everyone split ways after speaking some more, leaving just Chu Mu and Teng Lang.

“Chao Lengchuan truly is inconsiderate. It’s like we aren’t soul palace, not even waiting for us to go back together.” Teng Lang complained.


Soul palace’s two young masters were both very low profile, deciding to enter through the front gate.  

After entering the main soul palace, Teng Lang had to go report to his father and waved goodbye.

Chu Mu walked along the palaces until he reached the large courtyard at the back, wanting to give his little wife a large surprise after a year of being apart.  

Yet, entering the courtyard, he didn’t see Ye Qingzi, Ning Maner, or even the restless white nightmares.

“Ah, young master, you’re back.” Little servant girl held a basin. Seeing Chu Mu standing outside, she smiled shyly and said.

“Why isn’t there anyone here?” Chu Mu asked.

“Lady went to the supreme palace, and is probably by the lake right now.” Little servant girl said. Chu Mu nodded and walked to Ye QIngzi’s normal medicine making room. After putting down some more valuable gemstones he found there, he reasoned he had nothing better to do, and went towards the supreme palace.

The lake pavilion Chu Mu had been to a few times. The view was good, likely accentuated with a special touch by the snowy season.

The lake was already frozen like a hazy mirror. Some flakes of snow lazily floated through the air, tracing elegant paths through the sky.

Walking to the wooden walkway, Chu Mu saw a beautiful and calm girl sitting in the pavilion. Wearing a snow white fur robe that brought out her noble and curvaceous body, she stood like an angel in this winter day, pure and untainted.

Chu Mu saw her and was stunned.

This figure was familiar yet strange. In the past, when he saw her, her chilling apathy caused Chu Mu to feel scared and cowardly. He never understood why his father was so easily approachable yet his mother was this unaccepting.

Now, Chu Mu slowly understood that she was simply born this way; no one could approach her easily. Her stories instead hid under her icy cover. Her emotions were hidden behind calm and lonely eyes, much like the snow covering up everything else.

Chu Mu lost his thoughts staring at her. Only after a while did he finally make his way along the wooden corridor.

She clearly hadn’t noticed him yet. Chu Mu just walked up to her slowly and smiled, calling out “Mom.”

Liu Binglan’s body shivered. Turning around, a handsome smile fell into her view. The confidence and ease in the smile radiated a man’s unique charm, almost confusing Liu Binglan as to whether this was her husband that wanted to roam the world and regain all he lost, or was it the determined worker pushing towards a goal in his heart.

“Chu Mu……” Liu Binglan’s cold heart melted instantly, becoming the moisture in her eyes.

From Ye Qingzi, Liu Binglan already knew that Chu Mu was still alive.

Yet, when Chu Mu truly stood in front of her and smiled as he called her mom, all her emotions finally broke through the dam in her heart, revealing her most sincere and vulnerable side.

The heart wrenching grief she felt after Chu Mu became a devil, as well as the tears of joy from the reunion created a juxtapositon between heaven and hell. Even Liu Binglan didn't realize she was suffering this much mental stress over the past years. Seeing her son well, she choked on her words as she hugged Chu Mu’s shoulders tightly…...

Chu Mu looked at his crying mother and felt waves of warmth course through his heart. No matter where he went, she was always thinking of him, worrying for him.

No one liked being alone and having no ties with the world…...

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