Chapter 991: Birth, Little Dead Dream

Thunder Monarch was incredibly arrogant, not accepting the medicine that Chu Mu threw over. Mo Xie’s gestures were wasted. Seeing that thunder monarch wasn’t taking it, Mo Xie drank it herself. This caused everyone to be speechless. If Chu Mu threw another one over, thunder monarch probably still would just look over condescendingly. It was trying to tell Chu Mu with its mind that it wasn’t thirsty.

Chu Mu couldn’t do much about the thirsty little mo Xie. When Ye QIngzi was making these medicines, she even added a fruity taste to them. It made it too appealing for soul pets…...

The two sin foxes let out “wuwu” sounds, and started an incomprehensible conversation.

After a while, the forgiven fox thunder monarch glanced at Chu Mu and left with some resentment.

Little Mo Xie jumped back onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, her small snout still lingering with the scent of the medicine.

Chu Mu laughed helplessly as he told her to move closer and used his sleeve to wipe off the remaining medicine and asked, “Did you find out?”

Chu Mu told little Mo Xie to go talk with thunder monarch to see if he could find out how to become a fully forgiven fox.

Little Mo Xie only got half its power unleashed. If it were fully forgiven, its strength should definitely be like thunder monarch’s as well.

Using soul items to strengthen little mo Xie was very infeasible, so Chu Mu had to find a way for Mo Xie to atone as well.

“Wuwuwu~~~” Little Mo Xie called by Chu Mu’s ear.

“En, and?” Chu Mu continued.


The human and fox conversation was only understandable by them. The others glanced at each other in confusion.

However, quickly, they saw Chu Mu smile. Sounds like what they were asking about finally had a solution.

“Chu Fangchen, it told you the way to get forgiven?” Mu Qingyi quickly asked.

“Not really because thunder monarch himself didn’t know how to atone for his crimes. It said it passed through human territory and reached a “Fox Temple” on the east side and finished its atonement there.” Chu Mu said.

“Fox temple? Never heard of it before.” Pang Yue siad.

“It’s translated over, so our name for it is probably different. Mo Xie knows its approximate location, so I plan on paying it a visit.” Chu Mu said.

“If its on the east side, it should be the same direction as growth spring.” Mu Qingyi said.

It was temporarily unsure whether the fox temple could truly help Mo Xie finish its forgiven fox transformation. The main mission was to go with Mu Qingyi to get the growth spring and bring up dead dream’s phase in the shortest time possible.

Once dead dream was tenth phase, Chu Mu believed his little hidden dragon, Zhan Ye, and night would probably return. Then, Chu Mu would go fulfill his promise and make the “goddess” his slave!

In the past, having no where to look to retract his first soul pet, Chu Mu felt very hopeless and lost. Soon after, finding out defector young woman’s true strength caused his journey to retract her to exponentiate in difficulty. Thankfully, Chu Mu never gave up and the day was getting closer and closer!


The road back was much simpler. The demon realm guard thunder monarch was already defeated, so they could leave from the front door, not needing to leave from the valley.

Coming off the huge mountain, they weren’t far from the tunnel. The six people came out of demon realm and all greedily took a deep breath of the fresh air outside.

The experts within demon realm were plentiful, forcing them to stay alert constantly. The feeling of pressure caused a great burden on all six of them, so now that they walked out of the demon realm, they felt relieved.

But, speaking of which, demon realm was actually deep within forbidden realm. This meant they were still in a region that was deadly to humans. Only these six would dare to relax and deeply breath this far into the forbidden realm.


The return would take five months. When Chu Mu merged the phoenix blood, it took a lot of his soul power. Though he brought some of Ye Qingzi’s soul power medicine, truly recovering it required meditation still.

Once he was eighth remembrance spirit emperor, the complete replenishment of his soul power needed nearly a month.

So, for a whole month, Chu Mu sat on Mu Qingyi’s immortal ming bird and meditated. This caused everyone to be impressed by Chu Mu’s determination. They couldn’t believe he could go a whole month without speaking, remaining in meditation. If it were Teng Lang, who was naturally very lively, he would have gone crazy.

Chu Mu’s soul power slowly replenished and, to Chu Mu’s surprise, little Dead Dream started hatching when Chu Mu’s soul power was fully replenished.

Chu Mu quickly pulled little dead dream out, to let everyone witness the birth of a new life!

“Chu Mu, you truly are a man with great fatherly love, causing little dead dream to hatch so quickly.” Teng Lang glanced at the hatching egg on Chu Mu’s palm and teased.

The others all pushed their heads over to glance curiously at little dead dream about to break out of its shell.

“This is a low class dominator rank soul pet. We very likely are the only humans to witness the birth of a low class dominator rank soul pet!” Pang Yue said excitedly.

Once Pang Yue got close with everyone, she threw away the reserved and gentle nature required of her as a princess. She pushed Shen Mo aside with no trace of remorse and stared starry eyed at little dead dream.

Just as Pang Yue finished, the purple phoenix egg started showing a dense web of cracks, as if a miniature thunder slowly went through the smooth shell.

This small scene caused Chu Mu to be even more excited.

This was the second time Chu Mu watched his soul pet hatch. The first time in immortal city, cyan hidden dragon’s death and little hidden dragon’s birth showed the cycle of life to Chu Mu. At that moment, Chu Mu felt the true meaning of life and shed a tear of utmost sincerity, becoming a monument tear that lasts eternally.

This second time as witness, Chu Mu was watching dead dream reincarnate, holding its original belief and willpower to become a fragile new life and start anew with him on his journey!

“Gezhi~~ Gezhi~~~~~”

The cracks started expanding and slowly took over half of the egg.

Just as they waited for the cracks to continue expanding, a small head poked out of the shell eagerly to look around!

 A clean crescent pair of eyes glanced curiously at the six humans aside it. Very quickly though, little dead dream’s gaze fell on Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s little dead dream was already bound by soul pact to Chu Mu. Even in its infant stages, it felt a natural closeness to Chu Mu, as if he was its parents.

“Yi~~ Yi~~~~~~~~”

Little dead dream let out a weak call. Its voice was young and cute, like a baby calling out.

Little dead dream struggled out of the shell. Different from other bird species, it was covered in dark purple fur already when it was born, causing the recent born little dead dream to look extremely cute and pretty.

Mu QIngyi and Pang Yue were both women, and felt a surge of motherly love. Blinking, their faces filled with gentle smiles as they extended their pale hands to pet little dead dream’s soft fur.

Little dead dream wasn’t scared of the unfamiliar and let out a few calls, causing the two girls to smile even larger.

“Chu Mu, do you see, goddess Mu’s gaze is so caring and full of motherly love. You have to try a bit harder and create your very own life crystal.” At this moment, Teng Lang went up to Chu Mu and said.

Chu Mu looked at Teng Lang and was speechless at what he said.

However, at this time Mu Qingyi showed a very rare gentle and cuteness, becoming a naive little girl like Pang Yue.

After a while, Mu QIngyi and Pang Yue didn’t want to let go anymore and gave Chu Mu angry stares, as if they wanted to throw him aside and take little dead dream for themselves.

Enjoying the soft rubs, little dead dream seemed to want to fly and flapped its weak wings.

Chu Mu felt an itch in his hand. No matter how hard little dead dream tried, it couldn’t take off. The little dead dream’s love for the skies was let down, and it looked down in sadness.

“You’re just born, don’t think of flying.” Chu Mu laughed as he rubbed little dead dream’s head.

“Yi~~~~~” Little dead dream let out a young call. Though it couldn’t fly, it could still stand in a tall place.

So, the little fellow stepped forth with its small claws and shambled along Chu Mu’s arm before finally reaching Chu Mu’s shoulder.


Little Mo Xie was taking a nap when she suddenly felt a thing climb over. Opening her eyes immediately, she found little dead dream clambering up to steal her spot!

This was little Mo Xie’s specialty, Usually, it sat on Chu Mu’s left shoulder while its nine tails laid on Chu Mu’s right shoulder. This kind of sleeping was the most comfortable. When little hidden dragon was around, Mo Xie very reluctantly had to give the mischievous little guy half of her space so she could only hang her tails off of Chu Mu’s back.

Now, another little fellow was here to take her spot. This was unacceptable; how could she nap in the future like this?

 "Mo Xie, take care of little dead dream.” Chu Mu said to little Mo Xie.

Little dead dream was in her infant stages. Though it had already signed a soul pact, its soul wasn’t completely formulated. Summoning it wouldn’t take up Chu Mu’s soul, so little Mo Xie and little dead dream could appear at the same time.

However, after little dead dream reached tenth phase, summoning it would definitely take up a soul.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~” little mo xie let out a complaining call. She acted as a maid and bodyguard when little hidden dragon grew up. Now with infant little dead dream, she probably had to stay with it constantly again. If it accidentally lost its life, the loss would be immense, as it was a future low class dominator rank!

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