Chapter 990: A New Life Force, Phoenix Egg

The entire world went quiet besides the terrifying bolts of lightning that interweaved between the heavens and earth. 

The five people hiding at the foot of the volcano were unable to open their eyes from the dazzling flashes of light. Only the ninth remembrance Mu Qingyi was barely able to use her perceptive abilities to detect what was going on in the violent lightning clash between the 16 winged phoenix and the fox! 

“Long long long long~~~~~~~~”

Frightening lightning waves would ripple outwards when the two lightning forces came into contact. The energy caused enormous fissures to appear on the incomparably sturdy mountains. From these larger fissures, countless tinier cracks began to split off. 

Suddenly, the entire unending mountain range was shattered!! 

The shattered rocks began to float in the air due to the magnetic force of the lightning. These rocks resembled meteor of destroyed space. 

Amidst the dark purple and purple red, the 16 winged phoenix passed through the numerous rocks both at an extremely fast pace and elegantly. 

The fox, however, was knocked flying by the enormous lightning waves. Its purple red body was smashed into the destroyed pieces of mountain, ultimately being buried in an enormous mountain ruin! 


Dead Dream turned around and glanced at the heavily wounded Forgiven Fox. Its wings didn’t stop beating, however, because the terrifying lightning waves were pursuing it from behind. If the energy waves from the clash of two dominator rank’s lightning power struck its body, it would probably inflict large wounds. 

Its dark purple body passed through the chaotic space before finally escaping the range of the lightning waves. It flew to the foot of the volcano. 

At the foot of the volcano, the five people all had incomparably pale faces. The dominator rank strength suppressed them to the point where they practically couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t until Dead Dream landed in front of them did the energy suppression loosen, and did they feel a bit better. 

Their eyes felt burnt, and they weren’t able to open their eyes all the way until the lightning rays dimmed a long while later when they recovered their sight. 

However, when the five of them opened their eyes, they saw the vast destruction of enormous mountains in front of them. For a long while, they were unable to speak. 

“This type of power cannot even be described as destroying the heavens and earth?!” Pang Yue held her mouth. Her heart was beating so fast it was still making noise. 

If the clash of the two great thunder type dominators had been a bit closer to them, they probably would have ended up like the unending mountain range - shattered to pieces! 

“Where’s the Thunder Monarch?” Mu Qingyi swept her eyes across, but didn’t see any signs of the Thunder Monarch.

“It should have been buried by some mountain. It was heavily wounded.” Chu Mu jumped down from the Dead Dream. 

Chu Mu was extremely satisfied with the Dead Dream’s power. After this fight, Chu Mu was certain that after the nirvana, the Dead Dream’s strength had reached the low class dominator rank! 

 Low class dominator rank was the absolute strongest rank in the human realm. What Chu Mu had to do next was to raise the Dead Dream from the first phase first stage to the tenth phase and he would have a soul pet with two genuine main attributes in the wing and dead lightning attributes. When that time came, stepping on the defector woman would be as easy as flipping his hand!

“Brother Chu, you’re genuinely unrivalled under the heavens now!” having personally witnessed the Dead Dream’s valiance, Teng Lang was really unable to find any fitting words to describe Chu Mu.

The power of the Forgiven Fox was so powerful that it caused hearts to tremble. Yet, it was still defeated by Chu Mu after the Dead Dream underwent nirvana. Purely relying on one soul pet, he was able to sweep through everything. Even the Hero Chief would have to concede defeat!

Mu Qingyi was also staring at Chu Mu. She remembered back then when what had made her take note of him was merely a middle class emperor rank Ice Air Fairy. Yet, in a short period of time later, he had already stepped into such a high realm.

Most importantly, nobody knew in the future how much more shock he would bring others! 


Dead Dream lightly beat its wings and let out a crisp cry.

It slowly closed its eyes. The dark purple color began to disperse from its body and all of its feathers seemed resemble snowflakes falling onto water, as they melded into the air. The only thing remaining was a tiny dark purple phoenix in Chu Mu’s palm. 

The small dark purple phoenix let out a weak cry. Its body let out a gorgeous light that wrapped the Dead Dream’s tiny body. 

In the motley color, the Dead Dream gradually disappeared, ultimately transforming into a colorful and beautiful dark purple phoenix egg. 

Chu Mu was stunned before finally coming back to his senses. The Dead Dream had truly entered its nirvana rebirth, and was about to have a brand new beginning from the first phase! 

The five people all gathered over at this point. With faces full of curiosity, they stared at the phoenix egg in chu Mu’s hands. Their eyes couldn't’ stop twinkling. 

“It’s become an egg. This tiny object will become a low class dominator in the future. I really want to take it for myself.” Pang Yue blinked as she looked at the dark purple egg and spoke with extreme envy. 

“Me too. How about we act together to get rid of Chu Mu.” Teng Lang looked at Shen Mo and Chao Lengchuan next to him. The jealousy and envy was completely exposed on his face. 

Possessing this phoenix egg was equivalent to being able to laugh at outstanding experts. Any soul pet trainer would be moved by it. 

However, they could only joke around because nobody knew whether Chu Fangchen, this abnormal creature, still had any hidden cards left. Even if they acted together, the ones who ended up being taken down may still be them. 

“Chu Fangchen, you had better not let it die early, or I won’t forgive you!” Mu Qingyi seriously looked at Chu Mu as she spoke. 

“Haha, how could I let something like that happen. But… I still need to thank you.” Chu Mu cracked a casual smile and sincerely looked at Mu Qingyi. 

A cloud of red appeared on Mu Qingyi’s face as she muttered: “Why do you need to thank me. It was you who fought for it.” 

Chu Mu, seeing that she pretended to have nothing to do with this, took a mental note of this favor. 

 When Chu Mu had gone to find Mu Qingyi, it was her that told Chu Mu that the phoenix inheritance ground could allow a phoenix to undergo nirvana rebirth. However, Chu Mu knew that Mu Qingyi could have allowed her Crown Phoenix King to undergo nirvana after reviving it. Yet, she had given this opportunity to him instead. Chu Mu had no idea how to thank this selfless goddess. 

As for what Mu Qingyi was thinking, she already owed Chu Mu a favor. He had stood up for her when she had needed him the most and defeated Soul Alliance’s army by himself. 

 Giving the nirvana opportunity to him was repaying the favor, so there was no point in thanking her. 

 “How do I hatch this egg? Can your Crown Phoenix King help?” asked Chu Mu without any reason. 

“...” Mu Qingyi was speechless. Did this fellow really think phoenixes were like chicken? She glared at this fellow and said, “You probably have already signed a soul pact with it, right? Recall it into your soul pet space and it will naturally hatch.” 

“Oh.” Chu Mu confusedly nodded his head. He chanted an incantation and recalled the egg-form Dead Dream into his soul pet space. 

The soul pact had been signed when Chu Mu helped the Dead Dream assimilate its bloodline. The 15th soul pact, from today onwards, would be the Dead Dream’s new home. 

Moreover, from today onwards, Chu Mu would no longer be a soul pet trainer relegated to land. He would be able to become an aerial king like Mu Qingyi that freely and happily soared through the sky! 


This trip could be considered a complete success. 

Chu Mu had managed to help the Dead Dream undergo rebirth and had signed a soul pact with it, making it his wing type soul pet. 

To a soul pet trainer like Chu Mu, nothing was more exciting and pleasing than obtaining a new soul pet from his dreams. Moreover, it was a powerful soul pet capable of allowing him to sweep through the Four Heroes!!

The next task would be to raise the Dead Dream as fast as possible to the tenth phase. 

When that time came, he would control a low class dominator. Who would be able to stop him then? 

Mu Qingyi had managed to revive her Crown Phoenix King. What was more important to her than that? 

Additionally, Mu Qingyi could be described as profiting from a disaster. Not only had her Crown Phoenix King revived, but her White Tiger had broken through the emperor rank as it was facing its death. Entering the dominator rank was probably only a matter of time. This meant that her status as War Goddess would no longer be shaken by others. 

Although Prince chao, Shen Mo, Pang Yue and Teng Lang hadn’t harvested as much as Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi, they had still benefited from this experience.Their spatial rings were filled with so many crystals that it was probably possible for them to create a few more peak emperors! 

The four of them were still young and if they could possess more peak emperors, their status in the three great palaces would be completely different! 


“I’m going to look at that thunder fox.” as they began walking, Chu Mu suddenly stopped before walking in the direction of the destroyed mountains. 

 The five others looked at each other, but ultimately followed Chu Mu. 

In the disheveled rock pile, with blood spilling out, the mighty and imposing Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch was quietly lying there. 

The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch was covered in wounds. Its blood didn’t stop flowing, and it looked in a weak state. 

At this point, it noticed those humans walking towards it. It managed to stand up while wobbling. It bared its teeth and stared with hostility and anger at Chu Mu who was walking at the very front. 

“Swallow it. It can help you stop your bleeding.” Chu Mu stood in front of the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch. He wasn’t afraid of this wounded Forgiven Fox. Rather, he gave a blood medicine concocted by Ye Qingzi to the Thunder Monarch.

The Thunder Monarch was indifferent towards the object Chu Mu threw over. It continued to stare coldly at Chu Mu; it was as if it would accompany Chu Mu if he wanted to keep fighting to the end! 

Chu Mu was helpless and could only chant an incantation, summoning the small Mo Xie.

The small Mo Xie was in her pitiful appearance and she looked at the Forgiven Fox, which bloodline was the same as her’s, with eyes full of curiosity. She let out a “wu wu wu” cry. 

When the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch saw an Inferno Monarch of the same species appear, its eyes visibly changed. However, the hostility didn’t disappear. 

The small mo Xie ignored the Thunder Monarch’s hostility. She lithely jumped up to the healing medicine. She picked it up with her tail and drank it as a form of demonstration for the Thunder Monarch.

The Thunder Monarch didn’t attack Mo Xie. Instead, it looked confusedly at the petite Inferno Monarch. A while later, it finally let out a “wu wu wu” cry.

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