Chapter 99: *Title Hidden*

Chapter 99: *Title Hidden*

“Now where?” The woman called by Female Venerable asked coldly.

“According to my sense of smell, he should be in the territory of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor. He seems to be chasing someone. Female Venerable, I really haven’t involved myself with the mundane world anymore. Normally I just hide in the forest, gather some fruits and take a few naps. I haven’t really been watching People like the Nightmare Palace Xia Guanghan. Just let me go. Think about it, my legs are so short, how long will it take for me to crawl back to my home?”

“You sure he’s in the territory of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor?” Female Venerable asked again.

“I’m sure, how would I dare lie to you?” The raccoon man immediately lifted up its furry paw and said.

“En, you can get lost yourself now.” Female Venerable said.

Just as she finished, the Starlight soul pet suddenly opened its claws, and the raccoon man immediately let out a shrill scream, and he fell right from the hundred meter high skies!

Normally, when soul pet trainers entered any wild region, they would specially retract their flying soul pet and walk on land. After all, the greatest taboo when entering a soul pet’s territory was flying.

However, this woman didn’t mean to stop at all, riding her starlight soul pet straight into the terror-striking Southlands Forbidden Region.


Within the blue sky forest, Chu Mu was still slowly moving forward on his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The closer he was to the center, the more in-depth the blue on the ground. Under the shine of moonlight and starlight, it caused the hue to become even more bright and enchanting.

As they went deeper, Chu Mu could already gradually feel a dense demonic and wood type aura fill the air, giving one a strange feeling in the heart. It left one somewhat suppressed, yet also feeling like one stepped into a pure and untouched wonderland.


Suddenly, the Night Thunder Dream Beast stopped, and it stood silently on the flower tarp constructed of blue flower petals. Under the moonlight, its bright eyes looked forward.

Chu Mu could also clearly see the objects in front in the night. What confused Chu Mu was, about two hundred meters in front of them, there were a group of weird, black trees.

These black trees weren’t tall. Their bodies weren’t covered by any leaves. They were like a group of dead trees with down hanging arms. They stood neatly in a row within this blue sky forest, making Chu Mu feel that they were more like a group of guardians protecting something.

The soul pets Chu Mu understood had its limits. These soul pets that were lined up like guardians were something Chu Mu had never seen before. Only from their reserved aura could he barely tell that they were probably warrior rank soul pets.

Of course, if warrior rank soul pets always lived in a special environment, their abilities would often be much stronger than the normally grown wood type warrior ranks.

The Black Wood Demon Warriors had obviously been influenced by this special environment, and they shouldn’t be any weaker than the strengthened commander rank soul pets of the outside world.

What surprised Chu Mu the most was these Black Wood Demon Warriors’ phases. Using his remembrance, Chu Mu could approximately determine that these Black Wood Demon Warriors were almost all seventh phase and above. The largest Wood Demon Warrior was probably even at the eighth phase.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~~~” Mo Xie called out to Chu Mu in a small whisper.

“En, the inside may very well be the area of the strong demonic aura.” Chu Mu nodded and specially looked behind him.

Currently, Chu Mu couldn’t walk forward as easily anymore. Once he walked into the territory guarded by those Black Wood Demon Warriors, he would definitely face the surrounding attack of dozens of seventh phase and above Black Wood Demon Warriors.

However, behind him, through the mark on the White Nightmare, Chu Mu could feel Xia Guanghan’s aura nearing, so he had to think of a way to get through the obstacle of the Black Wood Demon Warriors and sneakily enter the mysterious and powerful demon’s territory in order to let Night Thunder Dream Beast stealthily absorb the pure and thick demonic aura.

“Mo Xie, see if you can use your Evil Pupil Scare to control that stump of black wood on the very edge. Ye, you remain in Night Dance status. If Mo Xie awakens them, decisively help Mo Xie hide.” Chu Mu said to his two soul pets.

Mo Xie immediately nodded. Staying in her Pitiful Appearance, she slowly jumped down from Chu Mu’s body and immediately took gentle steps, waving her beautiful nine tails around as she walked adorably and seemingly harmlessly towards the Demon Wood Warrior nearest the edges.

Mo Xie was also daring because of her confidence. Completely acting like she was a harmless little organism, with a jump and skip she climbed up the edge of the Black Wood Demon Warrior’s body.

When Plant World soul pets stayed completely still, oftentimes there were little organisms that climbed onto their shoulders to play around. If they weren’t specially trying to hunt, these plant world soul pets normally wouldn’t mind these little organisms.

Mo Xie’s pitiful appearance had its absolute use at this time. The seventh phase Black Wood Demon Warrior completely viewed Mo Xie as a harmless little fellow. When Mo Xie climbed onto its shoulder, it didn’t mind at all.

The closer she was, the more powerful the Evil Pupil Scare was. Mo Xie didn’t even need to leave her Pitiful Appearance state. Her silver eyes immediately morphed into the Evil Pupil Scare’s effects, taking control of the Black Wood Demon Warrior before anyone even realized.

“Ao? Ao?” The Black Wood Demon Warrior let out a string of strange noises, and it looked around blankly at its fellow Black Wood Demon Warriors that were still napping.

Finally, this Black Wood Demon Warrior slowly stepped a few steps to the side with its dry bark feet.

“Very well, move them aside one by one.” Chu Mu immediately smiled.

In the same way, Mo Xie, who was ignored by these Black Wood Demon Warriors, moved them to the side one by one, making these Black Wood Demon Warriors create a path that they wouldn’t even notice.

After all the Black Wood Demon Warriors moved aside, the Night Thunder Dream Beast started to walk extremely slowly past the rows of snoring Black Wood Demon Warriors.

“Ao?? Ao??”

A foolish looking Black Wood Demon Warrior suddenly lifted its head up, as if it felt the Night Thunder Dream Beast walk by it…...

“Night, Dream!” Chu Mu’s reactions were very fast, immediately telling his Night Thunder Dream Beast to cast its Dream technique on the awoken Black Wood Demon Warrior.

Just as the Black Wood Demon Warrior woke up and was about to discover Chu Mu and his Night Thunder Dream Beast, it was quickly hit with a demon ability from the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and it bewilderingly went back to sleep.

Passing through the outer perimeter of guards, Chu Mu let out a breath, and he continued to let Night Thunder Dream Beast remain in Night Dance status as they walked step by step into the deeper regions.

After entering the inner region of what the Black Wood Demon Warriors protected, all sorts of different blue night flowers popped up under Chu Mu’s feet. These night flowers were more like radiant stars, densely dotting this forest in the sky. Voluminous, they gave one an enjoyment for its beauty.

The blue night flowers became more and more plentiful as they went deeper. Chu Mu slowly felt as if he was stepping into a blue sea of flowers, and what he was stepping on was actually one big blue and soft flower petal…...

Not knowing why, but Chu Mu remembered that, when he looked from afar through the protection of the Black Wood Demon Warrior, he should be able to see the special nature’s oddball at the center of the Ninth Misleading World if he walked forward for a bit. Yet, as the Night Thunder Dream Beast went deeper, this deep blue flower petal world was like it never ended.

“Wuwuwu~~~~” Mo Xie let out a delicate call to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu looked at Mo Xie and said, “You too feel that it is strange, right?”

The blue flower sea wasn’t blue the way Chu Mu liked, a blue that could evoke happy memories. This deep blue gave off an irrepressible depression, causing one to remember past things from the depression.

“Wuwu~~~~” Mo Xie again let out a sound as if she noticed something. Suddenly, she jumped down from Chu Mu’s shoulder and ran towards a massive flower bud.

Chu Mu saw that Mo Xie suddenly left him, and he immediately told his Night Thunder Dream Beast to follow.

“What’s wrong Mo Xie?” Chu Mu looked questioningly at the high blue flower waiting to blossom, and he suddenly felt the scene was all too familiar.

In front of Chu Mu was a massive blue flower still in its budding form. This flower was the same height as Chu Mu, and it had sparkling night dew on it. The dew shined with a captivating glint under the moonlight.

The bud of the dazzling blue flower stood silently in front of Chu Mu, and it felt like a closed off blue heart of depression. It caused a sort of longing and curiosity within one’s heart, making them want to know how pretty this bud would be when it bloomed into a flower, or whether it actually hid some special soul item…...

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~Wuwuwu~~~~~~~” Mo Xie let out a string of calls, her voice clearly somewhat angry.

Chu Mu jumped down from the Night Thunder Dream Beast and stared at the blue and dreamy bouquet.

Seeing this blue budding flower, Chu Mu’s expression changed completely. Shock, surprise, disbelief, and many even more complicated emotions flashed over his face.

“Can it be…..” Chu Mu blanked, but in the next moment he displayed an excitement he had never displayed before.

Chu Mu already couldn’t suppress the turmoil in his heart, and started to extend his own soul remembrance into the blue budding flower to explore the inner life.

Yet, just like long ago, just as Chu Mu extended his soul remembrance into it, the deep blue flower shook slightly, and it slowly opened up amidst the glistening dew and moonlight.

Waves of aroma wafted over, causing Chu Mu’s mind to waver. This smell was enchanting and infatuating, easily causing one’s mind to wander away.

But, this time, Chu Mu wasn’t completely deceived by this aroma. His two eyes tightly watched the slowly opening deep blue flower.

The petals slowly opened. When moonlight fell upon this beautiful flower stamen, little beautiful and butterfly-like moonlight organisms immediately flew out of the blue flower, setting off the holiness and purity of the gorgeous and touching young girl within the flower!

Chu Mu, who could always keep his cool, could no longer control his emotions at this point. The young girl who was born from the flowers in front of him was the deepest scene within Chu Mu’s heart, yet this scene once again appeared in front of him!!


Eight Years Ago.

Chu Mu was only ten, but his soul remembrance was stronger than the majority of people his age, already reaching the level of fourth remembrance spirit soldier.

However, Chu Tiancheng told Chu Mu that, even though he was already a fourth remembrance spirit soldier and could already sign soul pacts with soul pets, he shouldn’t easily sign any soul pets, because the young Chu Mu couldn’t possibly judge with experience a soul pets’ quality.

Chu Mu also remembered Chu Tiancheng’s words well, so even though his own mother brought him to strange and exotic places to travel and meet many soul pets, Chu Mu never easily signed a soul pact with them.

Speaking of which, the deepest impression Chu Mu had of his mother was the time that they went on a tour when he was ten. Chu Mu and his mother’s relationship wasn’t that good. Or in other words, they communicated very little. Before the age of ten, in Chu Mu’s memory was only her cold and arrogant look. Even if she smiled for him, the smile didn’t have much warmth…...

Maybe it was because of this reason that she specially brought Chu Mu around to a few places. In reality, Chu Mu knew she was looking for a first soul pet for him.

Chu Mu couldn’t remember where his mother brought him to. Anyways, after Chu Mu woke up from his sleep, he was no longer in the little Gangluo City, and he wasn’t even in the little Luo Region.

He seemed to walk a very far distance into a strange world. In it, the floor was filled with vibrant and gaily flowers, as if he entered a sea of flowers…...


“Help me, please, I don’t want to become a slave.” The organism in the flower said.

“All soul pets have life and have souls. They aren’t the slaves of humans. No matter how strong or weak they are, their dignity and choice should be respected.”

“Then are you willing to help me?”


“First soul pact, open.”


“You need to open two soul pacts before you can contain me.”


“It’s because I’m special, different from normal soul pets.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard of a soul pet that needs two soul pacts open to sign on.”

“First soul pact, open! Second soul pact, open!”



Chu Mu shook his head abruptly, and he recovered from his deepest memories. His eyes stared at the beautifully naked girl within the blue petals.

The girl wasn’t clothed in anything. Under the moonlight, she had the most perfect body. Her skin was sparkling and pure, as if it would break with a flick. Her body let off an alluring scent, causing one to be infatuated. Her waist was like a swaying flower stem that could be grasped with one hand. Her jade-like legs were smooth, long, and elegant…...

This girl that could only be described as the most intricate art piece was so perfect that she could only appear in dreams.

An angel-like appearance, clothless body, emitting the most holy aura from all over, it was something a ten year old little boy couldn’t resist at all…...

Yet, when such an angel-like girl appeared again in front of Chu Mu, the emotions that welled up within Chu Mu’s heart was definitely not shock and admiration for the beauty, but instead was an uncontrollable turbulence…...

The deserted soul pet!!

What was displayed in front of him was ever so familiar, yet Chu Mu would never have thought that he would meet his deserted soul pet here!!

Chapter 99: Perfect Girl, Deserted Soul Pet

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