Chapter 989: Fatal Heavenly LIghtning, Lightning Nirvana (2)

“Chu Fangchen…” Mu Qingyi stared at the handsome and demonic figure in the magma. Her face blossomed in a happy expression. 

Although Mu Qingyi had no idea how Chu Fangchen had withstood that fatal heavenly lightning, that person standing on top of the sixteen winged phoenix was definitely Chu Fangchen! 

Amidst the dancing lightning, the exceptionally violent volcano finally began to quell. The pillars of flame being spat down slowly began to drop, transforming into a gorgeous fiery rain that rained down on the whole mountain ridge. 

As the pillars of flame collapsed, a mighty and prideful phoenix figure appeared. Shocked, Mu Qingyi saw that this phoenix’s body contained an eerie and terrifying dark purple color of lightning! 

“Zi zi zi zi zi~~~~”

Like a berserk dragon, the dancing arcs of lightning rapidly moved in between the Dead Dream’s 16 feathered wings. They spread to the surrounding space, forming a striking lightning field. It was mighty and wild like a deity had descended to earth! 

The Dead Drea was elegant and phantom-like, resembling an envoy of the death god. The addition of the dark purple colored lightning added an aura of destruction to this creature of silent death, making it all the more fierce and explosive. Especially when it was angered ,the dark purple lightning would grow more wanton, like the heavens were going to give punishment out of anger - enough to destroy everything in this world! 

Standing on the lightning Dead Dream’s back, Chu Mu’s hair was raised because of the electric field. He looked even more like the devil himself. His dominating aura and berserk nature was completely displayed, making Mu Qingyi and Chao Lengchuan stunned. They almost couldn’t believe that a soul pet trainer would be able to exude such a powerful domineering aura! 

“Yi yi!!!!!!!!”

The Dead Dream raised its head, and let out a sharp cry that pierced the nine heavens! 

“Hong long long!!!!!!”

A forked dark purple lightning cleaved down from the peak of the sky. It illuminated the kingly body of the Dead Dream after undergoing nirvana rebirth on the volcano. 

Facing off against it, the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch no longer had a pleasant expression. Its eyes were now ice cold and serious. 

The Forgiven Fox couldn’t believe that its fatal heavenly lightning hadn’t killed the Dead Dream. Instead, it had even caused its nirvana rebirth to succeed while also, more frustratingly, giving this phoenix a new power after nirvana rebirth - an unprecedented dark purple lightning strength crystallization! 

“Chu Fangchen, are you ok?” Mu Qingyi still felt that such a lightning strike would at least deal some damage to Chu Mu and the Dead Dream. Thus, she hastily inquired about them. 

“I’m very good.” Chu Mu smiled! 

Chu Mu’s current state was obviously very good. Initially, that fatal bolt of lightning was about to completely destroy the Dead Dream’s darkness power. 

However, just as Chu Mu thought the Dead Dream would perish, the essence of the blood and the ancient phoenix blood were unexpectedly able to assimilate this most pure heavenly lightning into the blood! 

Chu Mu immediately recognized that this phenomenon was happening. Fortunately, he was able to use his soul remembrance to forcefully guide the wanton lightning type energy into the blood, and combine it with the disappearing darkness strength! 

The dark attribute was yin, while the lightning attribute was yang. As the two attributes of energy devoured each other, they formed a new power. It was a wild and domineering deathly dark purple lightning that contained the darkness aura of death!

The dead lightning was a unique attribute formed through the merging of a dark type Pheonix species’ energy and a Heavenly Thunder Fox species’ energy. It became the Dead Dream’s main attribute along with its wing attribute - both coexisting in this Phoenix species’ body! 

Despite having stepped into the soul pet world for this long, Chu Mu had rarely seen attributes merge. The only time it had appeared was when Mo Xie had possessed dual crown flames. 

Dual crown flames were the merging of two fire type crystallizations, while dead lightning was the merging of two different attributed crystallizations. However, this type of merging couldn’t be used separately like having multiple attributes; therefore, it could be a mutated attribute! 

The appearance of a mutated attribute could be credited to the phoenix nirvana rebirth. Now, the Dead Dream’s species rank was definitely a class higher! 

With the nirvana successful and with the birth of a new strength, how could Chu Mu not be wild with joy? 

When the new strength began to stabilize and the new bloodline stopped boiling, the Dead Dream would transform into a phoenix egg, and begin its true nirvana rebirth. 

However, before that, the Dead Dream would be able to use its new power as much as it wanted to! 

“Let me deal with it.” Chu Mu’s confidence soared. He wanted to have a huge fight to his heart's content to see the new Dead Dream’s power!

Mu Qingyi was stunned. She was planning on working with Chu Mu to defeat the Forgiven Fox. She didn’t expect that this fellow wanted to fight alone against the Forgiven Fox! 

Seeing fighting spirit ignite in Chu Mu’s eyes, Mu Qingyi knew that this fellow was exceptionally excited right now; thus, she kindly gave way and actually let Chu Mu fight alone against the Forgiven Fox.

“Brother Chu, so formidable!” yelled Chao Lengchuan, covered in ash, from a distance. 

Chu Mu’s beautiful appearance with the Dead Dream that had successfully undergone nirvana made Prince Chao, who was suppressed to a miserable state by the thunder monarch, feel successful. 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch was in rage out of humiliation. This fellow, who initially wasn’t its opponent, now wanted to fight it alone? Did he truly believe that after nirvana, he would suddenly be amazing? 

The thunder monarch couldn’t quell its anger. Its purple red body transformed into quick and violent lightning that took strange steps as it rapidly approached the Dead Dream. 

The Dead Dream’s cold moon eyes and lightning light pupils didn’t leave the Forgiven Fox’s body. Suddenly, a dark purple flash gleamed in its eyes. 

“Hong Hong Hong!!!!!”

Dead lightning descended from the sky without warning. It accurately struck the Forgiven Fox as it was running; it was as if every single one of its movement was seen through by the Dead Dream. It didn’t matter how fast it was; it was unable to approach the dead lightning domain! 

The thunder monarch’s attacks came to an abrupt halt. With a bit of anger, it dithered around the dead lightning domain. 

Suddenly, the crafty fox king found a weak point in the domain. Its body forcibly passed through the dead lightning with a “sou” sound as it stretched out a Lightning Rage Claw, capable of cutting through everything, at the Dead Dream! 

The Dead Dream was a wing type creature, and it was able to utilize its 16 nimble wings’ incomparable dodging abilities and powerful flexibility. The Lightning Rage Claw seemed fierce, but the Dead Dream gave a wave of its wings and moved through the sky in a dark purple arc, easily dodging the Forgiven Fox’s technique.  

The Forgiven Fox’s first attack missed before it stepped on the air and turned around, using its second rage claw! 

The rage claw was like heavenly lightning tearing through the air. If it was before, Dead Dream would have been unable to dodge this followup attack. 

However, with the identical thunder attribute now, Dead Dream no longer had to be as afraid of the Forgiven Fox’s attack. It squinted its eyes and its eyes emitted two intersecting bolts of dead lightning that smashed towards the Forgiven Fox! 

The dead lightning and purple lightning clashed, causing countless lightning snakes to fly in all directions. When the Forgiven Fox’s second attack failed, it planned on using its thunder tail to strike. 

However, Dead Dream was faster than it. When its electric chain tail swept across, Dead Dream’s body suddenly collapsed, its dark purple feathers all transforming into dark purple thunder butterflies that flew in all directions! 

“Pu pu pu pu!!!!!”

Countless dark purple lightning butterfly flew around the Forgiven Fox. Suddenly, all of these dark purple lightning butterfly flashed!!

“Shua shua shua shua shua!!!!!!!”

These feather blades containing dark purple lightning power frequently intersected with each other in the air.  They moved so fast it was as if they hadn’t moved. The only thing that could be seen was these dark purple lightning butterflies disappearing and appearing! 

Forgiven Fox finally showed an expression of panic. The lightning on its body formed a purple armor that covered its body. 

However, this kind of defense was visibly unable to deal with the Dead Dream’s dancing blades of death. Quickly, fresh red wounds appeared on the Forgiven Fox’s noble purple and red fur. 

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!!!”

The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch let out a pained cry. It attempted to forcibly barge through and escape this space with the dancing blades of death. 

The Thunder Monarch was very fast. After escaping, it stood on a cloud of volcanic ash and looked with intense hatred at the Dead Dream.

Blood continued to pour from its body. Dark purple lightning was still pestering its body, causing it to faintly tremble. 

Having fought against the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch for this long, the Dead Dream’s dead lightning effect dancing blades of death had genuinely injured the powerful fox king. 

Finally, the fox king stepped back. It was possible to feel its present anger that transformed into speeding bolts of lightning that didn’t allow the heavens to rest. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

At this moment, the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch chanted a demon fox incantation! 

A purple and red lightning began to congregate from all sides of the sky. The dazzling light precluded people from opening their eyes. Amidst the flashing lightning, the demon fox’s cry was like a king’s order. All of the lightning were its loyal soldiers that formed an enormous lightning force upon their king’s orders! 

Seeing that the Forgiven Fox planned on deciding victory or defeat with one move, the Dead Dream began to chant in the ancient phoenix language. 

The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch could summon lightning, but the Dead Dream could do the same. As purple red lightning chains covered the skies and earth, dark purple lightning struck down from the peak of the sky; they seemed to pierce through the heaven and earth, forming enormous perpetual streaks of lightning that slowly moved in between the Dead Dream. 

There were only two bolts of dark purple lightning, but they were like soaring dragons that protected the Dead Dream at its side. 

A purple red color was dancing across the sky while a dark purple color was standing tall and proud. Suddenly, the purple red color transformed into an army that frighteningly rushed towards the Dead Dream. 

In the face of this shocking scene, the three people on the ground ostensibly didn’t dare look up and watch. They could only feel the judgement day lightning destroying everything in its wake. No matter where one went to hide, it was impossible to avoid the judgement of death. 

Chao Lengchuan and Mu Qingyi immediately chose to retreat. In this fight between the Dead Dream and the Forgiven Fox, probably even pseudo dominator rank creatures would be scattered to ashes!! 

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