Chapter 988: Deadly Thunder, Lightning Reincarnation (1)

The lava splashed upwards in a wave. As that happened, dead dream and Chu Mu fell in, as if evaporated from humanity.

Seeing this, Teng Lang was dumbfounded. The mu war goddess herself only withstood the lava because she needed to finish the phoenix’s reincarnation in a short notice. Yet, Chu Fangchen jumped in as if it were water!

Just how much confidence did one need to support such a crazy idea that Chu Mu had? The other three all looked at each other and were speechless.


The fire cloud became a brilliant gold. Crown phoenix king stayed in the skies like a burning sun, her golden pupils gazing at the forgiven fox thunder monarch that was sent into the skies.

Forgiven fox thunder monarch’s eyes went cold. The crown phoenix king was something it had seen before. It was a defeated opponent of the past, it just never thought it would come back and fight again- this was unforgivable!

“Houhouhou….. White tiger saw the master and crown phoenix king appear, and immediately let out an excited roar as if all its wounds were healed. The white tiger was reinvigorated and stepped forth in icy steps towards where Mu Qingyi and crown phoneix king was.

Chao Lengchuan saw Mu Qingyi and the revived Crown Phoenix King appear, and smiled.

With Chu Fangchen’s dead dream and Mu Qingyi’s crown phoenix king, adding on white nightmare, white tiger, and his thousand wave beast, they could finally defeat this forgiven fox thunder monarch!

“Brother Chu, it’s time we take our assault back!” Chao Lengchuan held it in for a while and finally got to take his revenge.

“Chu Fangchen already flew into the volcano to reincarnate his phoenix, prince Chao, support me in battle.” Mu Qingyi glanced at the strangely yelling Chao Lengchuan and said.

“.......” Chao Lengchuan was speechless.

Couldn’t Chu Fangchen wait to defeat the forgiven fox first before going to reincarnate? With the battle unfinished, and dead dream switched to crown phoenix king, there was no improvement to their fighting strength.

Goddess Mu was alright, and had full Fighting strength. Yet, Chao Lengchuan was nearly collapsed from the fight with the forgiven fox but he still had to support the battle.

Chao Lengchuan was very helpless, only able to continue the battle against his wishes. Thankfully, the forgiven fox had taken some injuries in the fight against dead dream and the three soul pets. With the reinvigorated phoenix king leading the way, the battered thousand wave beast may not take too much of a beating.

“Poor prince Chao.” Pang Yue said in a small voice on the ground.

“Yeah, he just got his inheritance and walked out with his thousand wave beast. He thought he could defeat anything, yet not only did he get beat out by Chu Fangchen and goddess Mu, he even had to suffer under the paws of the forgiven fox.” Teng Lang nodded.

“Ugh…..don’t act like you’re just bystanders.” Shen Mo laughed bitterly.

Pang Yue and Teng Lang glanced at Shen Mo at the same time, an expression of doubt, as if he weren’t a bystander.

Shen Mo laughed. He was a top tier emperor rank expert, yet in such a fight, they were useless and truly were just bystanders. It was good that they used more energy on the way here to save their soul pets’ stamina, or else today’s experience truly would have caused them to be eternally embarrassed.


The boiling lava swirled around Chu Mu’s body, burning his skin,. He could feel his bones and blood boiling through his body.

Chu Mu’s soul often withstood the burn of devil flames, and his body had experienced countless burns. However, Chu Mu had always been in contact with cold flames. A hot flame-like lava was something Chu Mu wasn’t completely immune to.

At the same time, dark type dead dream couldn’t be like crown phoenix king, and use the lava as a shower. Chu Mu told dead dream to come out, and conjured a spatial shield around himself, darting through the lava and down onto the phoenix stone altar.

The lava had some vision that couldn’t be seen through. Chu Mu could only rely on his senses.

Very quickly, Chu Mu felt an energy flow through the phoenix altar. Within the burning lava, he remained his own state and dind’t get devoured.

“This should be the phoenix species ancient blood that was already awakened. Dead dream, get ready to reincarnate!” Chu Mu smiled and pushed the lava out of the lava, creating a vacuum around the altar.

Dead dream flew down from Chu Mu’s arm, and became a phoenix again, its sixteen wings rolling around the ancient blood.

Phoenix rank reincarnations are usually completed by another phoenix, but a supporting human soul pet also worked.

This process was similar to Mu Qingyi’s crown phoenix king. Mu Qingyi guided the flames within the cave into lifeblood that entered the phoenix king and revived the weak crown phoenix king.

Yet, reincarnation required the phoenix species’ original blood to be extracted out and merged with the ancient phoenix blood to create new blood, and then inject it back. This process was much harder than strengthening soul pets. Chu Mu wasn’t even sure he could do this with eighth remembrance.

Since they were right before him, no matter if he could succeed he had to try. Chu Mu saw that dead dream was already concentrating, and extracting the blood within itself and quickly focused his attention as well.

Dead dream was a dominator rank organism. The guiding of the blood caused his soul remembrance to fall drastically. Chu Mu wasn’t sure what to do.

Thankfully, the process didn’t last long, or else this first step would have wasted all his soul power, and he wouldn’t have been able to complete the reincarnation.

The higher the level, the more soul power became needed. Many times, any strengthening could use up all of one’s soul power. If one had to recover, one would need another month or two. This was why soul techniques were so rarely used in advanced realm.

After all, a soul technique was just like a single technique of a soul pet. However, the soul power wasted was enough to summon another main soul pet!

Now, Chu Mu again knew the preciousness of soul power. This first step didn’t take much time, but he was already halfway through!

Or course, the reason his energy was going down so quickly was because Chu Mu was too low rank. Compared to a dominator rank, an eighth remembrance spirit emperor was indeed a few ranks weaker.

After extracting the blood, dead dream’s life force became very very close to death, having an extremely weak life force.

Under such a situation, if they didn’t finish the following steps, dead dream likely would sleep for a while.

Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate. Splitting his soul remembrance to two, one kept guiding dead dream’s essence blood, while the other was bringing in the phoenix ancient blood and combining the two bloods.

Splitting it into two remembrances was double the loss in soul power too, causing Chu Mu’s face to slowly turn pale.

The essence blood was very different from normal blood. They should be slowly merging together, occasionally rejecting each other. However, most of time this gap could be bridged by demon blood.

“Only a little bit off.” Chu Mu glanced at the remade phoenix blood and smiled happily

“Hong…… suddenly, a huge sound came from above and a huge thunder energy flew through the lava and into Chu Mu’s spatial barrier, darting onto Chu Mu and into the merging blood!

Chu Mu shook as he stared, shocked, as dead dream’s pure blood was destroyed by the powerful thunder!

The phoenix species blood was dead dream’s energy. The black represented dark type energy while the blood lava represented the original energy of a phoenix. Under this terrifying thunder, it broke one of the weaker essence blood…… long long... the lava started bubbling and a huge pillar of flames darted upwards into the sky, burning the world!

“Oh no!” Mu Qingyi stared pale-faced at the erupting volcano.

Chao Lengchuan was also shocked. He and Mu Qingyi tried their best to stop the forgiven fox, yet who would have thought that the fox could manipulate thunder from that far away in the valley!

“Wuwuwu……” forgiven fox thunder monarch let out an evil call!

Forgiven fox thunder monarch had a very high intelligence, so how would it not know dead dream was trying to reincarnate?

The anger from before hadn’t disappeared completely. The crafty fox calculated the perfect time to suddenly bring in thunder power and push the purely destructive energy into the volcano!

Even if the Thunder couldn’t destroy dead dream completely, it could destroy the reincarnation blood!

Mu Qingyi was furious. She was already very careful in protecting the volcanic region, yet she never would have expected forgiven fox to be this crafty, and plot against dead dream all this time.

This shot of thunder from the diagram valley could easily have killed Chu Mu and Dead Dream together in the lava. If they truly died like this, Mu Qingyi would never forgive the forgiven fox!


“That’s it, we’re done!” At the foot of the volcano, Teng Lang gazed up at the molten rain and had a soured expression.

Shen Mo and Pang Yue breathed heavily. After the thunder flew into the volcano, they ran for their lives to the bottom of the volcano.

Yet, they were sure that dead dream and Chu Mu were in the volcano. Putting aside the thunder power, even the volcano power was enough to take their lives…...

“Zizizi~~~~~~~~Zizii…… within the lava pillar, one could still see thunder arcs dancing through it and letting out noises, as if countless purple pythons curled around the pillar of lava.

“Zizizi…… the thunder was getting denser and denser, almost covering the entire pillar of lava. One could even see thunder arcs traveling inside the lava.

“Guys…...look!” Suddenly, Teng Lagn pointed at the pillar of flames and shouted.

Pang Yue and Shen Mo immediately glanced towards Teng Lang’s finger and saw that within the molten pillar and thunder, a sixteen winged phoenix shadow appeared!

This phoenix shadow floated motionlessly within the flames, as a pair of crescent and flickering pupils glared intensely at the mocking forgiven fox thunder monarch!

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