Chapter 986: Butterfly Movement, Strange Movements

Chao Lengchuan looked over, and found that Chu Mu’s eyes were a silver color. His appearance looked terrifying. 

Chao Lengchuan was about to ask him about it when Chu Mu suddenly urged the Dead Dream to fly towards the very center of the lightning cube. 

Chao Lengchuan didn’t understand what he was doing, but immediately urged the Thousand Wave Beast to follow. 

The lightning cube’s vision range was 20 kilometers, forming a very regulated rectangular parallelepiped. As lightning was released from the thunder demon’s imposing eyes, enormous bolts of flashing lightning appeared in the thunder purgatory. These bolts of lightning carried so much might that they could probably smash a peak emperor rank to pieces!!  

Passing through the lightning purgatory, the Dead Dream’s wings transformed into wing shields, and continuously revolved around the four soul pets. 

These wings formed the main line of defense. The White Nightmare’s Worldly Devil Sword Array was also revolving around them; the moment the lightning shattered the wing shields, the devil swords would obstruct a large portion of the damage. 

However, the initially high defense of the dominator rank devil swords was clearly weaker than this terrifying purgatory’s attacks. They wouldn’t last more than two bolts of lightning before breaking. 

“We’re nearly there.” Chu Mu pointed at the center of the Thunder Monarch Purgatory. 

The center of this thunder purgatory was where the lightning was the most concentrated. It seemed like countless purple and red dragons were twisting their destructive bodies there. The moment anything approached, it would be destroyed to ashes by the lightning! 

Chao Lengchuan looked in horror at this place where the lightning was the most intense. In a trembling voice he asked: “Brother Chu, are you sure this place is the safest?” 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He didn’t say anything; instead, he lifted his head and glanced at the pair of hanging thunder pupils in the sky! 

The thunder monarch’s eyes turned even more fierce, as if the thunder god had been angered!

Increasingly many purple and red colored bolts of lightning began to flash around the four soul pets’ flight paths. The paralyzing force of the lightning had already permeated their defenses and entered their bodies. 

“It’s preventing us from flying there, meaning that the gap is there!” Chu Mu’s lips curved. 

“Brother Chu, but that was just a guess. It was a mere guess but you still dared come here!” Chao Lengchuan cried out in shock. 

Chu Mu ignored his cries, and had the Dead Dream speed up. 

However, the thunder monarch wouldn’t let Chu Mu and the others enter the purgatory’s gap so easily. Its thunder pupils squinted, and a lightning screen with practically no gaps appeared in front of the Dead Dream and the three soul pets! 


The Dead Dream let out a cry. In front of this enormous lightning net, its speed didn’t slow. Rather, a black fog-like energy appeared around its body. 

This black energy quickly spiralled over Chu Mu and the other three soul pets. Chu Mu looked with a bit of confusion at this special energy… 

Chu Mu’s understanding of the Dead Dream was still very limited. He didn’t know what techniques it possessed. 

The Dead Dream was still speeding up. Suddenly, Chu Mu discovered that the Dead Dream’s body under him had split into countless drifting feathers! 

Yet, before he could react in shock, the black energy that was spiralling around him also caused his body to split!!

Chu Mu raised his hands and saw that they had split up into countless tiny black dots. These black dots then, much like the Dead Dream’s feathers, transformed into black colored Fairy Butterflies.

A moment later, Chu Mu’s body and head also split. His vision went dark; the only thing he could feel was as if he was passing through some strange tunel. They were still flying but he couldn’t see himself. 

It wasn’t only Chu Mu. The three soul pets and Chao Lengchuan that were covered by the Dead Dream’s energy all split apart into lithe Black Fairy Butterflies!! 

“Hong Hong Hong!!!!”

As the lightning violently streaked across, the Black Fairy Butterflies were graceful and spry. They beautifully passed through this incomparably dense lightning curtain, appearing behind it. 

“Pu pu pu pu~~~~~”

All of the Black Fairy Butterflies managed to pass through the fine lightning curtain before gradually forming back together into the Dead Dream’s phantom-like body in flight. 

Immediately after, Chu Mu above the Dead Dream as well as the three soul pets began to slowly form from the countless Black Fairy Butterflies. They weren’t injured at all.

The thunder monarch in the sky saw these four soul pets easily pass through its lightning obstruction and angrily let out a cry. 

At this point, the Dead Dream had already appeared at the center of the purgatory. The enormous and frequent lightning aggressively and terrifyingly striking the air was emitting frightening thunder sounds, but they didn’t damage Chu Mu and the others at all. 

“So it still had this peculiar technique.” Chu Mu turned around and looked at the lightning curtain behind him as he smiled. 

Prince Chao, after having experienced his body being split, was letting out a cold sweat. When he finally discovered that they were somewhere safe, he let out a breath of air and said: “Brother Chu, next time could you please give me a heads up first?” 

“It’s time for us to attack!” Chu Mu raised his head and locked onto the purple and red thunder fox high up in the air. 

The Dead Dream’s cold moon pupils looked up, and squinted at the humiliated and angered Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch. 

With its technique broken, the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch wouldn’t continue to waste physical strength to maintain this purgatory. Its body had already appeared in the flashing lightning; it was standing on an enormous sword shaped piece of lightning as it flew towards them from above!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!”

The Thousand Wave Beast and White Tiger let out roars at the same time. The two mighty beast type soul pets stepped into the air, sweeping up an imposing beastly storm as they faced the Forgiven fox on its lightning. 


The White Nightmare wasn’t willing to display weakness, and began to chant the incantation for Shattering Heaven Imprint! 

As for the Dead Dream, it didn’t face the Forgiven Fox head on. Instead, its body slowly melded into the shadows, leaving behind a pair of cold moon eyes hanging in the air. 

The cold moon eyes gradually closed, and the Dead Dream’s phantom body completely disappeared from this area of space. 


Two interweaving bolts of lightning struck. They were the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch’s terrifying claws, and they clashed against the White Tiger and Thousand Wave Beast’s sharp blades, causing a ear-piercing sound to ring out. 

However, the thunder monarch’s strength was ultimately stronger than these two soul pets. Its lightning claws were like a hot knife cutting through butter, leaving long wounds on the White Tiger and Thousand Wave Beast’s bodies! 

Fresh blood spilled out amidst the purple and red light. The White Tiger and Thousand Wave Beast weren’t able to react in time before another two huge forces of lightning energy proceeded to smash into each of their bodies. They were knocked flying in the direction of somewhere on the enormous mountain!!

“Si la!!!!!!!!!!”

The Shattering Heaven Imprint abruptly appeared and cracks began to streak past the thunder monarch’s body! 

However, the Forgiven Fox’s reaction and dodging abilities were rather terrifying. After it finished clashing with the White Tiger and Thousand Wave Beast, it was still able to dodge these warningless shattering heaven cracks!

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