Chapter 985: Thunder Monarch Purgatory, Dead End Fantasy

The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch had existed in the demon realm for countless years. From the sin fox until the forgiven fox, In this prolonged cultivation path, it had ostensibly learned everything from the expert creatures of the demon realm. 

When it had found the method of forgiveness in this lightning ground, ultimately becoming a true Forgiven Fox, nothing in the demon realm dared provoke it anymore! 

It two things it outlawed the most were intruders invading, and disturbing its sleep! 

The black phoenix and the human on top of it that had appeared had violated these two taboos, causing it exceptional anger. Its body bristled with lightning from its anger and a death ray shot out of its lightning eyes. It was going to tear this black phoenix and the human to pieces! 

Of course, the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch wasn’t impulsive. Its anger contained a calm, because it rarely had opponents now and never expected that there would be an expert among humans with a dominator rank creature! Indeed, many years ago it had infiltrated the human realm and the strength of humanity then had ostensibly been nothing impressive. 


The Dead Dream beat its wings in the air. Its black feathers seemed to separate from its body as it instantaneously disappeared from its location, blending into the sky. 

Sixteen feathers transformed into countless petals that interweaved around the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch, rapidly drawing out a strange black array! 

The Dead Dream happened to be one of the creatures Teng Lang was talking about that could create arrays. However, the Dead Dream wasn’t using a battle array; instead, it was using sealing energy of the dark type Imprison Seal! 

The black array covered the top of the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch. The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch’s body flashed, transforming into a crackling bolt of lightning that moved towards the other side of the volcanic ashe, dodging the seal. 

However, the seal wasn’t that easy to dodge. When the Dead Dream disappeared from its original location, it proceeded to outlandishly appear below the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch. 

The Forgiven Fox wasn’t able to react in time. Its purple body was abruptly covered and gradually turned a grey color. 

The Forgiven Fox wanted to move its four limbs, but after being caught by the grey seal, it was unable to move. This made it angered and humiliated, as the purple and red noble fur on its body began to dance in the air! 

It seemed that every piece of fur was drawing in a bolt of lightning!

Suddenly, all of the violent purple bolts of lightning in the sky began to congregate in one area. They were densely packed, making this terrifying scene seem as if the end of the world was approaching!!

The lightning that appeared everywhere suddenly all flowed into the Forgiven Fox’s body. The boundless lightning energy transformed into a lightning armor, that both wrapped the Forgiven Fox while also easily shattering the seal array! 

“Attack together.” Chu Mu knew that this Forgiven Fox was strong. He glanced at Chao Lengchuan. 

Chao Lengchuan was situated in the lightning and fire, making him rather agitated. He had never fought against a dominator rank creature before, much less this formidable creature that was near the low class dominator rank! 

When Chu Mu spoke, Chao Lengchuan stood on the Thousand Wave Beast’s body, and gave it and the White Tiger orders to attack. 

Simultaneously, the White Nightmare chanted a devil flame incantation. The silver white devil flames were rather conspicuous in the sky. 

As the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch’s eyes swept across like lightning, it quickly discovered the other three enemies were going to attack. 


Suddenly, the Forgiven Fox disappeared from its spot. It was so fast that the Dead Dream and Chu Mu were unable to find it. 

In the next instant, a lightning fox figure outlandishly could be seen in the volcanic cloud! 

The lightning fox figure rapidly ran through the air, slamming into the left most White Tiger before striking the Thousand Wave Beast and finally the White Nightmare! 

These three soul pets were unable to use techniques in time. The sudden appearance of the lightning fox figure knocked them high into the air.

Higher up in the sky didn’t contain a bit of volcanic ashe. It was spotless. The three near dominator rank soul pets went numb after being struck with lightning, and were unable to move in the sky. When they reached a spot high up in the sky, thunder and lightning suddenly emerged; countless bolts of purple and red lightning covered the sky, each one capable of frighteningly striking them! 

Fork shaped lightning, sword shaped lightning, and interweaving lightning chains all smashed into these three soul pets! 

“Hong hong hong hong hong!!!!!!!!!”

The heavenly punishment-like lightning of destruction caused the three soul pets to struggle in pain. Chu Mu realized things weren’t right, and immediately urged the Dead Dream to fly towards the group of flashing lightning. 

The Dead Dream weaved through the incomparably dense lightning; the lightning was unable to completely strike it.

As it approached the three soul pets, the Dead Dream split off three of its black wings that transformed into black feathered shields that floated in the air. They protected these three soul pets, giving them some way of defending. 

The Dead Dream’s interference gave the three soul pets a moment of reprieve. They immediately banded together. They alternated defensive techniques to continuously repel the never ending bombardment of lightning! 

“This Forgiven Fox is very terrifying!” Chao Lengchuan, whose body was numb from the lightning, began to let out a cold sweat.

Whether it was the White Tiger, Thousand Wave Beast, or White Nightmare, they were all capable of fighting against Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant and walking through unhindered in the human realm. 

However, in front of this Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch, they weren’t even able to use a technique before narrowly being ground to mincemeat by lightning. The power of this was terrifying!! 

Chu Mu’s face tightened. The Forgiven Fox was a Half Devil Bai Yu at full power. If it appeared in the human realm, it would definitely set off an enormous lightning calamity. 

Moreover, the Forgiven Fox was extremely intelligent. It knew to get rid of the three weaker soul pets together first, then fight alone against the Dead Dream. If they weren’t able to last until Mu Qingyi completed reviving the Crown Phoenix King, the Forgiven Fox would choose to defeat them one at a time until all four of Chu Mu’s soul pets were defeated! 

“You guys gather together.” Chu Mu said to Chao Lengchuan and the three soul pets. 

The White Tiger stepped onto ice first and ran up to Chu Mu. Its snow white fur was a bit burnt. Clearly, it had suffered several lightning strikes. 

Chao Lengchuan and the Thousand Wave Beast ran over after. They seemed to be in a slightly miserable state. 

However, the White nightmare was extremely stubborn. After being struck by lightning a few times, it angrily yelled at the Forgiven Fox which was hidden somewhere. Finally, it resignedly went back to Chu Mu and hovered around the Dead Dream’s wings. 


On the ground, Shen Mo, Pang Yue and Teng Lang initially believed that “nearing the low class emperor rank” didn’t mean much .However, when they saw the Thousand Wave Beast, White Tiger, and White Nightmare being tortured by the lightning, their faces were filled with shock. 

The cooperation of these three soul pets was already the pinnacle of humanity’s ability. Yet, they weren’t even able to use a single technique before being contained. Without the Dead Dream’s interference, they probably wouldn’t have lasted many rounds of strikes! 

Seeing it in person and hearing it from others was completely different. When they realized that these creatures near the pseudo dominator rank were helpless, they realized how insignificant they, who were still at the peak emperor rank, were in the face of this Forgiven Fox!!

“The magma has already descended. Let’s act quickly.” Mu Qingyi said to the three of them. 

The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch was stronger than Mu Qingyi had imagined. She had to revive the Crown Phoenix King as soon as possible. The longer they took, the more Chu Mu and the others would be in danger. 

The four of them stood at the mouth of the volcano. Mu Qingyi was riding on the Thunder Sword Winged Lion with Pang Yue as she swooped down in the face of the rolling heat from the magma of the volcano. 

Shen Mo had already summoned his White Nightmare. He urged his wing type soul pet to bring Teng Lang across this fiery red cauldron as they slowly approached the stone phoenix altar. 


“We’ve lost the initiative.” Chao Lengchuan bitterly laughed. 

Chu Mu scanned around. He quickly discovered multiple purple and red colored lightning dragons that appeared from cracks in space in a twenty kilometer radius. 

The terrifying and mighty energy was being controlled by the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch, interweaving into some given form. 

Not long after, Chu Mu at the end of his vision, he could see the scorching purple red lightning forming an enormous cube of lightning! The lightning net was imposing and incomparably majestic! 

“Yi!!!!” the Dead Dream raised its head, and let out a shout at the screen of lightning above it. 

Chu Mu raised his head and abruptly discovered a pair of lightning pupils coldly hanging in the skies ten thousand meters up. All of the lightning seemed to be discharging from those lightning eyes onto the heaven and earth! 

Chu Mu was stunned. This technique was extremely similar to Mo Xie’s Flame Monarch Purgatory! 

Thunder Monarch Purgatory was a horrifying lightning square that was a reflection of the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch’s eyes on the world. It was a genuine illusion technique! 

“We should head to the outside the lightning sky to break through?” Chao Lengchuan spoke to Chu Mu. 

This was evidently the Forgiven Fox’s domain. The lightning in this space was completely formed by the thunder monarch’s thoughts. In this domain, as the creator, it was the most powerful existence and could play with any enemy in the palm of its hand. 

Chu Mu shook his head. He was familiar with Mo Xie’s technique; the Thunder Monarch Purgatory was a space that could be endlessly expanded. Even if they were faster, it was impossible to breakthrough the boundary. The only way to break the technique was to find the gap in the purgatory. 

Any demon’s genuine illusion technique would have a gap. 

In this gap, any energy was completely illusory and the attacks would not be real. Therefore, if they found the gap in the purgatory, this technique would become useless. 

Chu Mu’s eyes passed through the lightning screen below him. He saw Mu Qingyi and the others fly to the stone phoenix altar. 

In order to delay for time, Chu Mu used other pupil. This caused the dazzling lightning to slow down in his eyes as his eyes acutely searched for the gap in the purgatory. 

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