Chapter 984: Dead Dream, Thunder Monarch

“Forgiven fox thunder monarch is sleeping there?” Hearing Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi’s description, the four of them opened their mouths, and stared in shock.

They didn’t step into dominator rank so, they didn’t know the realm that well. However, some things are definitely understandable with a small comparison. Since Mu Qingyi showed that she could barely escape from the claws of the forgiven fox thunder monarch even combining her crown phoenix king and other soul pets, it meant this forgiven fox was truly terrifying!

“Do we just give up on our mission now?” Chao Lengchuan sighed.

“I plan to wake it up and make time for Mu Qingyi to revive the crown phoenix king. If her Crown Phoenix King can revive, them joining forces will be enough to not be scared of the forgiven fox.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu just finished speaking when the four other people looked back.

“Chu Mu, by normal logic, even if your white nightmare, goddess Mu’s white tiger, and Chao Lengchuan’s thousand wave beast together wouldn’t be that thunder fox’s opponent?” Teng Lang said very seriously.

Shen Mo, Pang Yue, Chao Lengchuan all nodded as well. They thought similarly, unless this fellow could pull out another trump card!

“Don’t worry, we can deal with it. However, we need prince Chao’s Thousand Wave Beast just in case to be more sure. Other people shouldnt’ participate, it’s too dangerous.” Chu Mu said.

The four people didn't know what trump card Chu Mu was holding. Just as they were about to ask, Chu Mu already started an incantation and summoned white nightmare in front of him

Chao Lengchuan could only choose to believe Chu Mu. He quickly cast an incantation to summon his massive and mighty thousand wave beast.

The thousand weave beast was covered in holy light armor. Like a mighty general, it was imposing and dominant.

Chu Mu glanced at thousand wave beast. The beast’s aura was clearly stronger than invincible emperor rank, so its strength was close to white tiger.

The white tiger, thousand wave beast, and white nightmare together was indeed more powerful than a true pseudo emepror rank. Adding on Dead Dream, even if they couldn’t defeat the forgiven fox, delaying it for a while was no problem.

Everyone’s soul pets were already summoned, so their eyes naturally fell on Chu Mu. After all, the other three soul pets were just to aid. The real soul pet to fight directly against the forgiven fox still hadn’t appeared.

“Brother Chu, you aren’t thinking of letting your little fire fox fight it, are you? Unless your little fox is also a complete forgiven fox and you simply sealed some of its power away to hide?” Teng Lang said.

Once Teng Lang gave his guess, the others showed expressions of realization too.

However, before everyone could think clearly about it, Chu Mu’s hand fell onto his shoulder and coaxed the little black phoenix onto his finger tip.

Dead Dream lightly landed upon it, its wings elegantly floating as its cold crescent eyes shined with a dark allure.

Chu Mu lifted his hand, and told dead dream to take its original form.

Dead Dream flew above everyone, and started gathering dark energy. This energy quickly became many small elegant life forms that danced around dead dream.

As more and more dark fairy butterflies appeared, they slowly merged into dead dream’s body like feathers, creating dead dream’s original form.


The elegant dark night’s body appeared, rhythmically beating its sixteen phoenix wings. It was like a fallen angel, revealing a spirited and ghostly grace!

Dead dream floated silently without any noise. Yet, the volcano’s angry roars seemed to be muffled at this moment, as if as long as such an organism remained in this world, there would be no noise aside from a hallucinatory sound of what seemed like a dream!

Crown phoenix king was full of golden flames. No matter where it appeared, it was as brilliant as the sun. Holy, dignified - it was the king of flames in the sky.

Dead dream’s body was made of countless butterfly wings. It appeared and disappeared without a sound. It was ambitious, cold, and also the king of the skies. However, night was its greatest and most mysterious veil, as it floated between darkness and death to take away enemy’s lives.

The moment dead dream appeared, Mu Qingyi, Chao Lengchuan, Shen Mo, Pang Yue, and Teng Lang were all subdued!

They didn’t even need a soul remembrance to tell that this was a dominator rank soul pet!

However, when had they seen such a mysterious and beautiful soul pet that was also full of danger and death!

“This….this….what is this??” Shen Mo was utterly shocked!

Everyone else’s expressions were similar. No one had ever seen such a dominator rank. It had signs of the sacred phoenix species, yet it was the ambassador of death. Shen Mo had never seen such a mysterious dominator rank so up close. Most importantly, this was summoned by Chu Mu!

“This is a dark type phoenix species, but it also has demon butterfly blood…. Chu Fangchen, what is it?” Mu Qingyi’s eyes glowed with excitement.

This was the first phoenix she had seen other than her crown phoenix king. And she could tell that its aura was stronger than even her crown phoenix king, let alone if it had any special and mysterious abilities too.

“It’s Dead Dream, the king of xiangrong city. It had lived between the connection of human realm and forbidden realm, but no one had found it.” Chu Mu explained with a smile.

“That’s impossible, how could a dominator rank live so near without any expert noticing?” Mu QIngyi said.

“It has the ability to turn into butterflies. If you went to xiangrong city and saw black fairy butterflies a year ago, it was most likely a feature of it.”Chu Mu said.

A black fairy butterfly is its feather. They had no idea this world had such a special organism!

“Then, you said its a reviving phoenix- is it this?” Teng Lang asked.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Heavens, you’re already ridiculously strong. If it revives successfully, Chu Fangchen, you’ll become invincible!” teng Lang started shouting, venting his feelings about the unfairness.

Chao Lengchuan, Shen Mo, and Pang Yue also gazed over with envy!

Such a soul pet in the human realm was like a godking. Anyone who had it would stand at the tip of humanity!

They haven’t even touched the edges of dominator rank, yet Chu Mu instantly got a natural paragon emperor rank!

In human realm, paragon emperor ranks were truly the best soul pets. Since humans couldn’t go beyond spirit emperor, it meant that humans couldn’t sign soul pacts with soul pets of dominator rank species rank.

A perfect emperor at tenth rank was basically dominator rank in strength. Compared to an organism of species rank dominator rank, it also had the benefit of being able to sign with spirit emperors, so it was truly the perfect pet!

“Chu Fangchen, if I could beat you, I would definitely choke you to death and take it for myself!” Shen Mo said.

“Why did so many good things fall on this fellow?” Shen Mo felt indignant!

Just half a year ago, Shen Mo saw Chu Fangchen devour nightmare ancestor and his white nightmare’s strength rose dramatically. Now, there was a perfect emperor rank willing to sign a contract with it. This was too good to be true, why couldn’t the avalanche of good news just bury Chu Fangchen alive!!

Chu Mu laughed, embarrassed. This dead dream was saved from the hands of the terrifying flower demon emperors, so how could a normal person get it?

“The volcano lava should have fallen enough. Go with Mu Qingyi to revive her crown phoenix king. Prince Chao, command your thousand wave beast and Mu Qingyi’s white tiger in combat.” Chu Mu said.

After saying, CHu Mu leaped onto dead dream and told white nightmare to follow him.

Dead dream waved its wings, and darted instantly into the red clouds, his handsome back image causing everyone still on the ground to be even more jealous.

“Prince Chao, it’s a good thing you’re humble. If you really tried to compare yourself to him, you would probably die from anger.” Teng lang patted Chao Lengchuan’s shoulder and sighed.

“Uh… Brother Chu is a king amongst man, I know I can’t compare. Now with dead dream, compare isn’t even a word fit for us.” Chao Lengchuan continued humbly.

Teng Lang rolled his eyes, “Go up and help quicky, or else the mighty Chu Fangchen will come back down pathetically in defeat from the forgiven fox soon.”

Chao Lengchuan nodded and leaped onto his thousand wave beast. Glancing at the white tiger aside him, he gave a command to his beast and ran straight for the clouds.

“If the reincarnation works out, Chu Fangchen will truly shock countless people in Wanxiang city. All the hero title experts would have to stand aside!” Shen Mo said.

Teng Lang, Pang Yue, and even Mu Qingyi nodded in agreement.

“Brother Chu, since you have dead dream, wouldn’t letting it deal with the thunder coming down be a better way?” Riding his thousand wave beast, Chao Lengchuan caught up and asked.

Chu Mu smiled bitterly and pointed at the fire cloud thunder monarch and said, “The fox is using the energy from the volcano as a heating mechanism. Once the heat stops coming, it will wake up and check. Then, if we appear in the volcano, it won’t even need to fight us, it would only have to trigger the volcano again and we would be in danger.”

Chao Lengchuan nodded and said to Chu Mu, “Then brother Chu should be careful.”

Dead dream already flew above the fire clouds, its sixteen wings waving rhythmically and appearing above the forgiven fox thunder monarch instantly.

The forgiven fox was very confident in its strength, not setting down any protection when it slept. It just laid on the cloud, unafraid of any sudden assault.

“Wake it up.” Chu Mu said to dead dream.

Dead dream’s sixteen wings flapped and sent sixteen crescent death scythes down towards the fox!

The forgiven fox thunder monarch had its eyes lightly closed. Just as the scythes neared, its lightning eyes suddenly opened and thunder crackled around its body!

“Sila!!!!!! Sila!!!!!!!!!”

The rampant thunder that appeared when forgiven fox stood up instantly shocked Dead Dream’s scouting attack into smithereens!

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