Chapter 983: Above the Fire Cloud, Forgiven Thunder Monarch

This temperature caused one to feel like their blood was evaporating

Since they walked to the top, the heat was almost a torture. White tiger and iceberg lion’s cold territory couldn’t stop this massive heat wave. Everyone felt like they were in an oven!

“Chu Mu, why aren’t you even sweating?” Teng Lang went up to Chu Mu and observed him closely.

With Teng Lang’s exclamation, everyone’s eyes fell on Chu Mu and were surprised to find that, under the high temperature, Chu Mu seemed to be fine and calm. Even goddess Mu, who had a higher soul remembrance, was already sweating.

“I signed a contract with white nightmare when I was only a spirit soldier. I felt the burning of devil flames almost every day, and just got used to it.” Chu Mu explained.

Chu Mu was indeed heat resistant. Adding on the fact that his body quality was already different from a normal human, such temperature was nothing to a dominator rank.

“You’re truly brave.” Shen Mo himself was nightmare palace and knew how risky it was to sign a soul pact with white nightmare as a spirit soldier.



A wave of heat blew into their faces. It felt like the very flames were colliding into them, causing the six people to step a few steps back.

The volcano’s conduit was perfectly straight. When the six people arrived at the edge of the volcano, they looked down into the interior of the abyss.

Molten lava rolled through and the flames danced. When they looked down, the bright red was enough to cause their eyes to water.

Thankfully, the volcano is in a calm state. If it blew up like before and rained down fire, the six people standing at the edge of the volcano would get devoured.

“It seems like there is no signs of life.” Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to check and said.

“En, but there is a hard to deal with problem.” Mu Qingyi pointed at the lava below.

The volcano’s conduit was around 5000 meters long. Since the lava had just erupted, it was slowly falling downwards.

“The phoenix species lost ground is at the center of the volcano, around 3000 meters down. Now that the lava is 4000 meters high, it means the cave is near 1000 meters below the lava. Only when the lava goes down can we fly to the phoenix species.” Mu Qingyi said.

Though Chu Mu was really confident, he wasn’t confident enough to put his body in this scary lava. Looks like this wait is a must.


Suddenly, above the fire cloud came a huge shocking bolt of lightning. The shocking purple fell down right in front of everyone and blasted the lava!!!


The strange lightning seemed to have angered the volcano. The falling lava suddenly started rolling and actually started rising again, boiling with even angrier heat waves!

“This…...this lightning did it on purpose, right?!” Teng Lang paused before again becoming angry, instantly shouting out in anger.

Since the volcano was about to erupt, the six didn’t dare to stay around the mouth of the volcano and quickly rode their soul pets downwards from the volcano.

After not too long, another fire rain appeared in everyone’s vision, sending molten lava down the side of the mountain!

Helpless, they could only wait. After not too long, the volcano slowly calmed down.

Thus, the six people again climbed to the mouth.

They still had to wait for the lava to fall below 3000 meters before they could see the cave of the phoenix cave.

“I see the red stone platform.” Pang Yue pointed excitedly towardss the center.

After a long wait, the lava finally fell below 3000 meters and they finally saw the special phoenix stone platform.

Yet, just as they were excitedly waiting for all the lava to fall down, another shocking purple lightning fell down and landed within the volcano mouth!


The lava that had finally fell down again got angry. This time, the lava shot upwards towards the skies rapidly!

Chu Mu saw that things were going wrong and quickly escaped to the foot of the volcano again. Soon after, a molten beam shot up into the clouds, causing the six to feel utterly alarmed!

“What is the matter, every time the lava falls, the lightning comes back!” Shen Mo cursed!

“The frequency of the volcano is probably related directly to the lightning.” Mu Qingyi said.

“The lightning is very powerful, something even an invincible emperor couldn’t take.” Chao Lengchuan said.

Chao Lengchuan meant that the next time the lightning comes down, they could use soul pets to block it, but they also had to measure the times it falls and the power it had. After all, the revival had to be done inside. If the lightning fell once in a while, it would cause the volcano to erupt. If the people and soul pets were down there, the volcano would definitely cause great damage to soul pets and interrupt their revival

After everyone discussed, they felt that it was better to find a pattern. After all, there were times when lightning fell rather frequently.

Yet, after many times of moving up and down, the six people’s faces were even blacker.

Very clearly, the lava never fell below 3000 meters because almost every time that happened, lightning would strike the volcano mouth that would cause a massive eruption. This happened many more times.

“Chu Fangchen, let’s go to a higher position to see what’s wrong with the thunder.” Mu Qingyi said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded and jumped onto Mu Qingyi’s Immortal Ming bird.

The bird flapped its wings and sent its body in a streak of white, swiftly darting through the fire clouds.

The fire cloud was mostly made of volcano ashes, floating in the sky. The immortal ming bird flew through the dust and above the volcano to see the source of the lightning.

When they were moving towards the massive mountain, they rarely saw lightning fall. Why was this volcano seeing lightning so frequently? There had to be a reason. If they stopped the source of this irregular lightning, the molten lava would naturally fall down.

“Do you see it?” Chu Mua sked.

“Not yet, we have to wait for the next lightning to find the source.” Mu Qingyi said.

Mu Qingyi told Immortal Ming bird to float around the mouth of the volcano to wait for the next bolt.

As expected, after a few revolutions, the deafening lightning flashed past immortal ming bird, causing her to almost go completely numb, unable to flap its wings.

Mu Qingyi reacted very swiftly, quickly chanting an incantation to summon thunder sword winged lion ahead of her and retracting Immortal Ming Bird.   

“Over there.” mu Qingyi caught the path of the lightning and commanded her lion to fly towards the fire cloud.

For safety’s sake, Mu Qingyi told her lion to pass through the fire cloud very carefully.

After going through this fire cloud, the sky became really clear. This height should not be reachable by the volcano. Passing her gaze through the clean space, Chu mu and Mu Qingyi discovered that a glob of purple red laid on the fire cloud.

“Get closer.” Mu Qingyi said to thunder Sword Winged Lion.

Thunder Sword Winged Lion flapped its wings and flew towards the purple red object. However, having not even flown a few hundred meters, Mu Qingyi’s face turned pale!

“Quickly stop!” Mu Qingyi told her thunder sword winged lion to stop.

Sitting behind her, Chu Mu was confused. Seeing Mu Qingyi nervous, he quickly asked with his mental voice, “What’s wrong?”

“See for yourself.” Mu Qingyi’s pale neck was already dripping with cold sweat.

Chu Mu didn’t understand and looked over to the purple object with his soul remembrance.

Except, why was this purple thing somewhat familiar?

Chu Mu thought to himself as he focused his gaze. Only then did he realize that the purple object’s form was similar to the lazy little Mo Xie; it was a sleeping demon fox.

However, thinking about it more, Chu Mu’s face turned stiff too!

Purple red demon fox, the demon realm protector Mu Qingyi mentioned!

“That…...that’s the sin fox thunder monarch!!” Chu Mu pointed at the purple organism and said in a small voice with his mental voice, in case the mental waves alone could wake the organism up.

Mu Qingyi’s full bosom heaved slightly as she nodded apprehensively.

Thankfully they didn’t fly over rashly. If they did, they definitely would have awoken this dominator rank organism!

The forgiven fox thunder monarch and fallen inferno monarch were very similar to the fallen inferno monarch. Laying there showing off its perfect muscle lines and luscious coat of fur. When the lightning fell, it also showed the fox’s unmatched honor as a king!

In color, Mo Xie was crimson while this thunder monarch was purple red. The biggest difference were their tails; It didn’t have nine tails like Mo Xie, instead having one beautiful purple red tail that drooped down from the cloud like a static bolt of lightning.


Suddenly, the purple lightning fox’s body flashed with electric that quickly flowed down to its tail and shot downward into the volcano.

And then, the volcano erupted yet again, sending molten lava down and creating a brilliant flame under the fire cloud forgiven fox thunder monarch was on…….

When the heat welled up, forgiven fox thunder monarch comfortably nudged its body, seeming extremely content!

Seeing this, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi’s face turned even blacker.

This forgiven fox actually used the volcano’s energy as a heating bed for itself. This meant the volcano was erupting because its bed wasn’t warm enough!

And, seeing it doing the lightning strike so adeptly while sleeping, it must do this so often that it was already used to it.

Chu Mu was utterly speechless. Because this thing was sleeping here, they had to escape from the volcano mouth to foot multiple times. If this fellow was little Mo Xie, he definitely would have lifted it up for a spanking. It was truly doing whatever it pleased!

“Didn’t you say it was at the entrance of demon realm, why is it sleeping here?” Chu Mu asked.

“This…...I don’t know. I met it last time at the gate. If I knew it slept here, why would we make a big wrap around and go through the diagram valley.”

“Things are somewhat troubled now. We walked this close without it noticing us, meaning that it’s asleep. However, we don’t know how long it will sleep for. If we wake it up, we might not be its opponent even if we join forces. This fellow should be near low class dominator rank.” Mu Qingyi said very helplessly.

The strongest in human realm was pseudo dominator rank. Even today, Chu Mu had never seen a true low class dominator rank organism.

Initially, the half devil Bai Yu was the closest to low class dominator rank. After all, before it was sealed it had already fought with nightmare ancestor, soul palace four supremes, and then fought the empyrean cyan hidden dragon after it woke up. It truly is powerful!

At its peak, it probably would be tough for empyrean cyan hidden dragon to defeat half devil bai yu.

The forgiven fox thunder monarch definitely won’t be weaker than the complete form of half devil bai yu. Even Chu Mu’s white nightmare, Mu Qingyi’s white tiger, and Chao Lengchuan’s Thousand Wave Beast together probably weren’t a match for this fox. After all, they hadn’t even stepped into pseudo dominator rank.

Of course, with white nightmare’s strength increase, Chu Mu becoming half devil was very near pseudo dominator rank. He wouldn’t be any weaker than a full form half devil bai yu. He could fight the forgiven fox thunder monarch somewhat, but the problem was Mu Qingyi and the others were all there. No matter how secret Chu Mu tried to be, the fight between two near low class dominator rank organisms was impossible to hide.

These five people Chu Mu felt he could rely on, but the matter of half devil was very sensitive. Even a slight leak that might be discovered by the crafty defector young woman could cause trouble and even harm others, potentially creating a new sealed mouth event.

So, unless his life was threatened, Chu Mu wouldn’t show his half devil in front of anyone. This wasn’t trust, its just the result of it leaking is too much.

“If my phoenix can revive, adding your white nightmare, white tiger, and thousand wave beast, we should barely be able to stop it.” Mu Qingyi said.

“Your phoenix takes how long to revive?” Chu Mu asked.

“It shouldn’t take a long time. As long as it touches the purest fire source within the cave, it can remake its body and recover to its strongest state.

“I can occupy it, go down and revive your crown phoenix king.” chu Mu said.

Mu Qingyi paused and asked questioningly, “You won’t be able to. With just a white nightmare, you will have life danger. This thunder monarch hates intruders in its territory.”

“No worry, I still have a secret weapon.” Chu Mu smiled.

Mu Qingyi blinked her starry eyes and looked at the confident Chu Mu, not knowing how many more secrets this man had.

Chu Mu pulled out his spatial ring, and extracted an ancient wooden case.

Little wooden box had the dead dream that was now a little black phoenix with a butterfly tail.

“Dead dream, I’m relying on you this tsime.” Chu Mu rubbed its thin wings and said.

The dead dream’s wings slightly shook and its crescent moon like eyes slowly opened, and it floated out of the box lightly, falling onto Chu Mu’s shoulder spiritedly.

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