Chapter 981: Diagram Valley, Enormous Seal?

The Mu Family’s method to make a soul pet speed up its growth was similar to the Immortal Spring Water, and also came from a special spirit ground’s spring. This spring water was called the Mu Family Spring because only the Mu Family people knew about it.

Until Mu Qingyi’s generation, there was only one branch in the family in which this information was passed on to. Thus, Mu Qingyi was the only person who knew about this spring. It was only really when Mu Qingyi accepted inner disciples that she would gift some of this rare spring water to her disciples.

What Chu Mu needed was perfect emperor rank spring water. Indeed, if he wanted to speed up the growth of a perfect emperor, the spring water would have to be exceptionally pure and the amount would not be small.

Mu Qingyi indicated that she had a little stored in her spatial ring. However, this spring water could at most support a perfect emperor from the first phase first stage to the sixth stage. After the sixth stage, the amount of spring water that would have to be consumed increased. 

“If you need it, when we leave the demon realm, I’ll take you to the source. It’s been a while since I’ve been there to collect any. There should be quite a bit stored there now.” said Mu Qingyi.

“Ok.” Chu Mu was candid. 

From the first phase first stage to the tenth stage, it would take over ten years to complete if normal cultivation methods were used. But now that he wasn’t lacking in resources and the fact that his soul remembrance was high, his low phase soul pets would be pulled up correspondingly. However, it would still take him five or six years. 

Chu Mu couldn’t wait for five or six years; thus, he had to use special spirit items to help.


The Phoenix species’ mountain could be described as a treasure house. Countless crystals and spirit veins caused everyone’s eyes to dazzle. If humanity was able to obtain this mountain, they would be able to create a huge group of experts!

Unfortunately, these resources were placed here, surrounded by groups of wild high ranking soul pets. Their numbers surpassed the group of six’s imagination and their strength also caused the group, who stood at the apex of humanity, to feel powerless. 

The closer they got to the peak of the mountain, the higher the ranks of these creatures. Initially, they were able to deal with one group at a time; however, now they had to combine forces just to get rid of one creature. Only by doing so could they save the most amount of fighting strength. 

“We’re nearly there.” Mu Qingyi rode on her Immortal Ming Bird as she floated down. Her haggard face blossomed with a happy smile. 

Chao Lengchuan, Shen Mo, Teng Lan and Pang Yue were already numb to everything. Thus, when they looked up and saw a flat ridge appear above them filled with volcanic ash, as well as torrential fire clouds, they all felt like they had been liberated! 

Such a long and drawn out journey was a first for them. Ignoring Chao Lengchuan and Shen Mo for now, Teng Lang and Pang Yue’s high emperor rank soul pets had pretty much depleted all of their energy by this point. If the journey ahead of them was longer, they probably would be unable to summon more soul pets to fight. 

The sky was a grey haze, but the top of this enormous mountain was a gaudy fire cloud. The bright red color gave people the feeling that in the sky atop the mountain was reflected a door that led to another world. That world was a fiery red hell! 

The group of six walked along the fiery heat. The rocks under them were scalding; even hotter than certain flames. In between the cracks in the rocks could be seen small balls of flames shooting gout. 

“How high have we climbed by now.” Teng Lang turned around, and looked at the scenery in the distance from high above. 

However, Teng Lang’s expression suddenly froze and gradually turned to shock! 

“Quickly look!” Teng Lang pointed at the earth in the horizon that was unceasingly sliding down as he let out a shout. 

Everyone turned around and looked through the haze of ashe. They looked at the first mountain ridge they climbed over. 

Those towering mountain ridges from back then had transformed into no more than small bumps in the earth. The deep set fissures and mountain valleys were no more than shallow scars… 

This wasn’t what made them shocked. Instead, outside the enormous mountains, when they looked at the complex Diagram Valley from this angle, it astonishingly formed an enormous drawing that was sprawled in the distant earth!!

The purple lightning became the addition of bright color to this enormous drawing. 

The narrow valleys became special symbols. 

The deep set abyss became the mold of a diagram. 

The lofty mountain peaks became the axis of the drawing. 

Each diagram intersected with another, drawing out an important silhouette on the ground. It formed a magnificent and shocking scene!! 

“This…” Mu Qingyi could no longer speak. She hastily opened the document in her hand. However, after flipping through several times, she was unable to find a corresponding picture. 

“Are you looking for this?” Chu Mu flipped this document booklet to a certain page, and pointed at the imprinted image on the yellow page. 

Mu Qingyi hastily looked over and saw a diagram that resembled an emblem. She then looked at the enormous ground drawing that was faintly discernible in the grey ashe horizon. 

Mu Qingyi continued to double check and her face grew more and more shocked. 

“Practically the same!” finally, Mu Qingyi reached a conclusion! 

“So you’re saying that in our one month in the valley, we pretty much walked through this diagram?” Shen Mo was full of disbelief. 

“Could it have been someone who has stood where we are standing now, and then drew out the Diagram Valley?” asked Pang Yue. 

At this point Teng Lang shook his head and said: “The likelihood is not high. The diagram as complex and intricate. The two may look identical but there are many complex parts that are impossible to memorize.” 

“When we chant incantations, it consumes soul power. If we try and chant an incantation which rank is too high for us and try to force the remembrance, it will reverse damage our mind. This diagram is the same. This is a miniature version of the diagram of the Diagram Valley. Inside the diagram are included tens of thousands of even small diagrams. Each diagram is an incantation that must be accurately recorded. This is equivalent to chanting tens of thousands of incantations. The strongest imprint masters or array masters of humanity require an entire day already to create an array capable of sealing an emperor rank creature.  

“Moreover, the smaller the diagram, the harder it is to engrave. A single mistake is equivalent to an incantation being interrupted; it must be restarted.” 

“Therefore, this diagram is 100% a full imprint. An imprint is actually no more than proof of a complete array. For example, in Immortal City and the Sealed Tower, in order to accurately record what creatures are sealed and what seals are used to seal them, the authorities will keep a large record with an imprint of each sealing array. These are all imprints left by the creator of the array on the record using their soul remembrance.” 

“Ai, the reason why I’m speaking so much is to tell you that the imprinted diagram in Goddess Mu’s hands is an imprint of proof that what we’re seeing right now is an enormous completed array; or at least, in the past, it was complete!” 

Teng Lang’s words made everyone even more puzzled. If for instance the diagram in the document in Mu Qingyi’s hands could be drawn out, who on earth possessed such an ability to draw such an enormous array!! 

“I don’t understand much about arrays. Teng Lang, tell us about the meaning of this Diagram Valley.” said Chu Mu.

“Arrays can be split into two types. One is used to seal creatures; this is the most commonly seen sealing array. Tianxia City’s Immortal City and Wanxiang City’s Sealed Tower are formed by these sealing arrays.”

“The other type of array is a battle array. These arrays are used to fight. They can become domains, environments, attacks, defenses, illusions, interferences… I can say with assurance that it’s almost impossible for a person capable of creating battle arrays to exist in this world. Instead, it could be some soul pet’s technique that created this array. Normally, the ranks of battle arrays are extremely high, and they can be very harmful to even dominator ranks.” 

Teng Lang’s words made Chu Mu think of the defector woman. 

This woman seemed to understand how to create arrays. In Xiangrong City, she had implemented the flower type killing array in order to defeat Chu Mu and the White Nightmares in one go. Unfortunately, her array fell through. 

Moreover, from Mu Qingyi’s description, when the Empress Concubine had sprung the trap on her, Mu Qingyi had also fallen into her killing array. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her to be injured that badly. 

“One type is a battle array and another is a sealing array. But why do I feel like no matter which array this is, the Diagram Valley is too terrifying!” Pang Yue shivered! 

Since the Diagram Valley was a complete imprint after being shrunk, this meant that the diagram valley was composed of tens of thousands of smaller ultra large arrays.    

If this was a sealing array, given how big it was and how many smaller arrays were used, what exactly was the creature being sealed inside? 

If this was a battle array, once this battle array which was composed by mountains, valleys, abyss and fissures was enabled, how powerful would it be? Would describing it as heaven and earth destructing be too much?  

“I hope it’s just an abandoned ancient array. If its still capable of use, this array isn’t a joke. It’s absolutely in a domain we cannot even see.” said Teng Lang. 

“Cultivation is limitless. The further one climbs, the more insignificant one feels. The words of our predecessors are not wrong.” Chao Lengchuan lightly sighed. 

The extreme boundary of humanity was the peak emperor rank. After that was the dominator rank; but the number of humans at this rank was limited. No matter what usage the diagram in front of them had, a creature like the Thunder Giant was only one of the tens of thousands of awakened guardian creatures. This was capable of demonstrating how insignificant peak emperor ranks were in the face of this array! 

The four people felt sullen by this. Indeed, despite their arduous training, a simple looking up had revealed that they were still so small and insignificant, standing at the base of a mountain. This was a feeling of powerlessness. 

“Ai, when we realized that the forbidden regions were so vast that humanity was incapable of passing through it, we should have also realized that there was a chance humanity was situated in an extremely narrow section of the world.” 

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