Chapter 980: Traversing the Army

Getting doubted by the war goddess wasn’t a great feeling. Chu Mu immediately replied, “What if I do end up doing it?”

“If you do it - then do it, why do you want something for it?” Mu Qingyi noticed Chu Mu’s expression was slightly wanting, and lifted an eyebrow.

“Uh…..” Chu Mu saw that his intentions were seen through and laughed awkwardly, “I heard from others that the Mu Clan has a way to quickly grow soul pets…..”

“Stop beating around the bush.” Mu Qingyi smiled charmingly and said, “if you help me, I'll naturally tell you small things like that. But, since you said you wanted to get rid of this tribe commander, then I’ll tell you it after you attract away the stronger black armored pool beasts and successfully pass through.”

“......” Chu Mu laughed bitterly. He hurt himself with his seemingly smart move.

The immortal spring water in soul palace was very limited, and was usually only effective on pseudo emperor rank organisms and below. Once dead dream finished its rebirth, it probably would be perfect emperor rank. Immortal spring water may not be very useful for an organism with such a high species level, so Chu Mu naturally started plotting for Mu Qingy’s tricks.

“Alright, you guys be careful.” Chu Mu said he would do it, so naturally he could only follow through.

‘You’re the one that should be careful.” Mu Qingyi was slightly speechless. This man only had one soul pet, and would easily subject himself to attacks in the chaos of battle. However, looking at him, it was as if they were fighting a group of tame sheep instead of fierce black armor pool beasts.

Chu Mu laughed and didn’t bother explaining. Turning around to Chao Lengchuan and the other three, he said, “You guys stay with Mu Qingyi, I’ll get rid of this tribe’s commander.

The four all stared back blankly. Thinking Chu Mu going alone with one soul pet was too dangerous, Chao Lengchuan offered to go with him.

“No need, you protect Pang Yue well.” Chu Mu didn’t continue. He jumped off Mu Qingyi’s demon and quickly disappeared into the rocky stalagmites.


Killing a commander amongst an army couldn’t be done without demon or dark type organisms. Sadly, Chu Mu indeed didn’t have any soul pet that could assassinate like that. The only one that could really do it was the explosive and fast Mo Xie.

That was why this mission must be completed by Mo Xie.

As a dominator rank, it was easy for Chu Mu to hide and approach. Chu Mu walked through the night, and easily neared the center of the entire basin tribe.

At this time, Chu Mu couldn’t go forth anymore, instead telling Mo Xie to infiltrate into the cave of the black armor pool beast herself.

If Chu Mu entered the cave himself, he might as well kill the leader himself too. It was better for the bored Mo Xie to get more chances to train herself, and become a true forgiven fox.

Little Mo Xie had her way of entering without being noticed. However, it wasn’t exactly stealthy, because the little fellow simply waved its nine soft tails around as she walked in in front of all the beasts!


Little Mo Xie constantly jumped around, even leaping onto some larger black armor pool beasts. The black armor pool beasts originally just glanced very angrily at the little being, but after noticing that it was just an auraless little fox that seemed cute, they gave it a stare and ignored it.

Pitiful appearance was always little Mo Xie’s secret trump card. It was a demon type mental technique that confused the enemies using its weak and young exterior. It caused organisms to feel as if they were seeing the young of their own species. The stronger the organisms, the more times they easilyfell for it.

So, even though a full row of black armored pool beasts were standing imposingly in front of Mo Xie, she only had to wave her tail around and let out a few cute calls to allow the guards to turn a blind eye towards her, and treat her like a wild little animal, allowing her to run around.

“We’re halfway to success.” Seeing little Mo Xie get into the enemy cave by herself, Chu Mu smiled.

This strategy worked in prison island for Chu Mu many times. Now that they were higher rank, he used it much less. The scene in front of him reminded himself of being alone with little Mo Xie on prison island again.


“Will Chu Fangchen be fine alone?” Pang Yue said slightly worriedly.

Hearing nothing for so long and remembering that he only had one soul pet, he could be in life-threatening danger easily.

“He should be fine, his white nightmare is so powerful it could probably sweep this entire tribe clean.” Teng Lang said.

“En. The tribe’s strongest member is probably top tier emperor rank, there can’t be dominator ranks. With white nightmare’s strength, getting rid of commander rank isn’t hard for it.” Shen Mo said.

Mu Qingyi glanced at everyone and said, “He didn’t plan on summoning white nightmare.”

“No white nightmare?” The four stared blankly.

“Without white nightmare, just a top tier emperor is akin to suicide!” Teng Lang said very straightforwardly.

“Yes, it’s too dangerous. He might get surrounded by a huge army before he even nears the cave, let alone actually kill the commander……” Pang Yue said.

Mu Qingyi and the others had similar thoughts. Going Into that tribe’s cave with just a top tier emperor rank, taking the commander’s head, then leaving safely was almost impossible.



Suddenly, an uproar sounded from the pool beasts afar exploding like a thousand claps of thunder!

Angry roars constantly spread through the army. From afar, one could see countless black armor pool beasts run through this basin while recruiting more allies!

The calm basin instantly thrown to chaos signified that something major had happened!

After a little longer, Mu Qingyi noticed that many of the patrolling black armor pool beasts also quickly headed towards a certain direction.

Not long after, ahead of them was an open and empty field. The five of them stood still, and watched where all the beasts surged towards.

“He succeeded, let’s go.” Mu Qingyi was the first to realize and said to everyone.

The others jumped onto their soul pets and headed straight across the tribe territory.

Their path had no obstructions. Occasionally, they met a few groups that didn’t head to the commotion but with their powerful strength, they easily powered through.

Though the running process eventually started getting obstructed by armies surrounding them, compared to the previous amount, the current army didn’t pose a threat anymore. The five people very safely got through this basin and reached the foot of the next mountain.

Behind them in the huge basin, there still came many loud roars. The five of them stood up on the higher ground, which allowed them to see everything within the basin.

Very soon, they noticed a running red shadow in the night. Its nine soft flaming tails dragged out a brilliant trail in the dark.

The flaming body was swiftly approaching them, but one could see a black swarm following it. The wild aura was something the five people could already feel from so far away. If one fell deep into that, who knows how long it would take to escape.

The red flame figure was extremely fast. The chasing black beast swarm was slowly losing distance on it, while the beasts ahead similarly couldn’t obstruct its speed in the slightest, slowly becoming one with the chasing crowd.

“Such an imposing chase.” Teng Lang said.

“This man, he actually killed the commander with just a seven sin fox, and even dares to run through their entire territory!” Shen Mo’s mouth twitched. No one normal would do such a thing.

“Brother Chu truly is an outstanding man, I truly admire him.” Chao Lengchuan said very humbly.

“Prince Chao, we would need a basket full of books to fit the names of everyone you admire.” Pang Yue said.

Chao Lengchuan often noted his admiration to everyone. When Mu Qingyi summoned a soul pet with a special technique, he would show his admiration. Since Shen Mo’s white nightmare was royal species, he admired it too. Even Teng Lang’s iceberg lion got his admiration.

However, thinking back, when Chu Mu took the commander’s skull and escaped through the heavy chasing troops with such ease and command of their escape path, it garnered everyone’s respect. If he didn’t get chased often, there was no way he would be so good at it.


Everyone waited for a while. A little while after Chu Mu completely lost the black armor pool beast, he appeared in front of everyone.

“Did you have fun?” Pang Yue smiled and teased Chu Mu.

“Not bad.” Chu Mu didn’t really care, but little Mo Xie hadn’t felt that adrenaline in a while and was excitedly wagging her tail around.

“Chu Mu, you really didn’t summon the white nightmare?” Teng Lang asked.

“No.” Chu Mu said.

“The cave definitely had many high rank emperors. How did you do this?” Shen Mo asked.

Mu Qingyi also looked at Chu Mu with her pretty eyes, and was curious as to how Chu Mu took down the commander.

Chu Mu smiled mysteriously. It was better if he didn’t explain, since he used his half devil abilities to cheat a little when approaching.

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