Chapter 971: Popped Out of a Rock

“Sister, I don’t want to leave. They’re bringing me to a completely unfamiliar place. I didn’t even get to see my grandpa, I don’t want to leave with them.” Ning Maner pulled on Ye Qingzi’s arm and said with a wronged expression on her face.

Ye Qingzi looked at the people that said they were from the other side of Dark Sky Ocean World. They were brought aside by servant girls, but she didn’t know how to deal with this matter temporarily.

Soul palace indeed would protect Chu Mu at all cost, but this didn’t mean that soul palace would be willing to offend many of these people across the sea for Ning Maner, especially when they all seemed extremely powerful.

“Don’t worry, no one will bring you away.” Ye Qingzi said.

Ning Maner nodded.

At this moment, Elder Chao was very confused and asked, “Are there people on the other side of Dark Sky Ocean World, with cities just like our side?”

Ning Maner shook her head and said, “I think there are. 

“Oh?” Elder Chao immediately nodded.

Other elders were very curious because history documents barely have records since not many people crossed the ocean and came back. Even so, they only explained the situation across the ocean in a very simple way but never mentioned specifics. This caused people who researched unknown worlds to be full of curiosity to the other side of the ocean.

“Ahem!” At this moment, the older hermit suddenly coughed acutely, and his face turned paler.

Diagram supreme Ke Yin glanced at old hermit and immediately realized something, quickly saying, “Let’s not ask too much about this.”

After speaking, diagram supreme Ke Yin glanced at the woman in the main seat, “You just came back to soul palace. Go to the supreme palace to rest first, I can deal with these things.”

“The four are very powerful. If they’re here just for the girl…..” The woman said.

“En, I’ll keep an eye out for this.” Ke Yin naturally understood what she meant.

After speaking, Diagram Supreme told everyone to leave their own ways.

Ye Qingzi brought Ning Maner back to her courtyard. At this moment, the second young master Chen Yingxiang quickly walked over.

Soul palace second young master was known to be idle and playful; this was something everyone knew. However, the fellow walked very close with Ning Maner for the sole reason that they were both playful.

Learning that Ning Maner was Chu Fangchen’s little sister, second young master Chen Yingxiang was even more respectful of Ning Maner, often calling her Missus, making it sound as if the second young master of soul palace is just a follower of her.

“Missus Ning, whoever brings you away will have to step over my dead body first! Hengheng, these oversea barbarians truly overestimate themselves, daring to come to soul palace to boss people around. We’re a civilized bunch and simply decide to be polite with them. Do they truly think soul palace is afraid of them?” Chen Yingxiang said indignantly.

“Sure, you can try to say that to their faces.” Ye Qingzi ridiculed second young master.

“Ai, ai, I’m very firm about this!” Chen Yingxiang said slightly embarrassed.

“Yes, why was diagram supreme second seat sat in today? Who was that beautiful woman?” ye Qingzi asked.

The female on the main seat also gave Ye Qingzi a feeling of immeasurable strength, but she didn’t know who she was.

“Lady Ye, that’s our Dawn Supreme. She came back to soul palace today morning and walked right into the oversea barbarians.” Chen Yingxiang said.

“Dawn Supreme?” Ye Qingzi clearly didn’t know about the supremes of soul palace. Because diagram supreme Ke Yin was always managing the large matters, Ye Qingzi thought that Diagram Supreme Ke Yin should be the highest authority within Soul Palace.

“Lady Ye, you truly should listen more carefully to information. Our soul palace has four supremes, each placed above all normal elders. This includes even nightmare palace and soul pet palace senior elders.”

“Speaking of Dawn Supreme, you may not know but many others call her “Lady Supreme”, or her other nickname “Cold Beauty”.

Chen Yingxiang said this, and Ye Qingzi finally remembered that Ning Maner did seem to mention the human realm female soul pet trainer ranking. She remembered that there was a cold beauty. Now she knew she was soul palace dawn supreme.

“She’s the sixth best female soul pet trainer, cold beauty Liu Binglan?” Ye Qingzi asked.

“En.” Chen Yingxiang nodded and added. “I heard my father say Dan Supreme is the only person in human realm with a chance of reaching ninth remembrance. However, because of certain events, her soul was severely injured and caused the hope to become slim. I’m not sure if she succeeded this time.”

“She might have.” ye Qingzi muttered. Her remembrance was very high, but when she probed her, she still felt like it was unfathomable. This showed how powerful her soul remembrance was!

“Hehe, hopefully. If she really did, then it would be really using grief as power.” Chen Yingxiang laughed.

Chen Yingxiang saw Ye Qingzi confused and laughed bitterly, “Lady Ye, do you not even know of the events in Tianxia City?”

Ye Qingzi didn’t know which event Chen yingxiang was referring to and shook her head.

“You must know Chu Mu, right?” Chen Yingxiang continued.

“This…….I know.” Ye QIngzi’s expression changed.

“Then good. Chu Mu became a devil to save Tianxia City and became the king of tianxia realm. Female Supreme is Chu Mu’s mother, and she was at the scene……” Chen Yingxiang said.

Ye Qingzi paused.

Chu Mu’s mother, meaning her mother in law?

And, this mother truly was so young. If she were put beside Chu Mu, calling Chu Mu, who was always stern and stone faced, the brother would be believable!

“Haha, I knew you would be surprised. In fact, many people who knew that female supreme had a child in the twenties have similar expressions of disbelief. It would be like saying emperor concubine was pregnant. But, the truth is the truth. Female supreme should be the earliest person of human realm to become spirit emperor. Uh, it’s said she had a kid while she was pretty young, but authorities have been keeping the news down, not letting anyone know.” Chen yingxiang realized he said a little too much and quickly stopped.

Long ago, Ye Qingzi had wondered. Chu Mu clearly was brought up from a grassroots background, so how did he suddenly get the title of soul palace young master? Now it made sense, as Chu Mu was the son of a soul palace supreme.

About Chu Mu’s upbringing, Ye Qingzi didn’t ask much. She only knew his father was Chu Tianmang, yet Chu Tianmang was tied to the sealed mouth event, so she couldn't even ask more.

If she didn’t ask Chen Yingxiang out of curiosity today, Ye Qingzi would have continued believing Chu Mu simply popped out of a rock, and that Chu Tianmang was just his adopted father…….

“She seems cold and truly is a “Cold beauty”. She doesn't seem too easy to deal with.” Ye Qingzi muttered.

The female supreme’s aura of pushing everyone away was evident. Even sitting a dozen meters away, she could feel her coldness. If she were extremely strict, Ye Qingzi was afraid of getting criticized for countless flaws. Even worse, Ye QIngzi would get a headache if she used her authority as a mother to arrange a better woman for Chu Mu.

But as Ye Qingzi thought, she started getting off track, “Was Chu Mu always cold and stone-faced before because of his mother’s genes?....”

“Sister Ye, what are you thinking about?” Ning Maner saw Ye Qingzi lose focus and pulled her shirt.

“Oh, nothing.” Ye Qingzi came back to her senses and didn't ask more, bringing Ning Maner back to her room.

If female supreme were Chu Mu’s mother, then Ning Maner should have an even more appropriate way of handling the matter. Ye Qingzi only needed to explain Ning Maner’s true nature to her, and she wouldn’t let Ning Maner go easily.


After it was night time, Ye Qingzi went towards supreme palace, wanting to tell Liu Binglan the situation with Chu Mu and Ning Maner.

However, when she passed through the corridor, Ye QIngzi saw the young man named Ning Changqing walk over.

Ning Changqing’s face held a seemingly polite smile, but his eyes danced rampantly over Ye QIngzi’s body. As he got closer, the fervor in his eyes became scorching.

Ye Qingzi had seen such people, but people like Ning Changqing who thought so highly of themselves was much rarer.

Ye Qingzi chose to ignore him and walk right past this guest of soul palace.

“Lady Ye, why are you so hurried? Though the courtyards here aren’t as exquisite as the ones we have at home, it has a unique atmosphere. Why don’t we have a talk over there?” Ning Changqing called for Ye Qingzi and said with a smile on his face.

“Not interested.” ye QIngzi replied lightly.

“I heard from before that your husband is a protector?” Ning Changqing.

“Guardian.” Ye Qingzi corrected.

“Guardian? Heh, we all call ourselves protectors. More importantly, protector isn’t a duty anyone can take. At least from what I see, none of you can be protectors.” Ning Changqing said.

Ye Qingzi furrowed her brows and didn’t want to speak more to the brainless man.

After taking her leave, Ye Qingzi quickly walked away.

Ning Changqing chose to walk up and continue nagging her.

Ye Qingzi directly ignored him. Dealing with such person, the more you gave a response, the more they nagged. The best way was to just act as if he didn’t exist.

Ning Changqing naturally couldn’t continue to court a rebuff. He stopped a few steps in, but his eyes kept staring at Ye Qingzi’s slim legs.

“This place isn’t much, but the beauties are truly fine, all rare beauties.” Ning Changqing smiled.

However, the smile quickly turned dark, as he didn’t like being ignored!

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