Chapter 970: The Person From the Other Side of the Dark Sky Ocean

In the icy sky and snowy ground, a boundless white covered the field of sight. All that could be seen was endless falling snow. 

In this world of pure white, six figures passed through the snowy ground towards the northeastern lands. 

The hazy snow in the sky slowly dissipated, replaced by clear blue sky that slightly enthralled these people. 

The white glaciers were protruding from the ground, towering and majestic. As they passed through these glaciers, these people couldn’t help but marvel at this natural beauty. 

As they continued on their trek, the ground in front of them turned into a flat icy land. There was nothing obstructing their view in front of them; the only thing there was the beautiful sky.

When he saw this scene, Chu Mu felt a feeling of discomfort, and subconsciously looked at Mu Qingyi who was riding on her White Tiger next to him.

Mu Qingyi was looking ahead, but her eyes contained traces of a beautiful smile.” Don’t worry, it’s not much further.” 

“That’s good. I wanted to ask about the glaciers we passed through on the eastern side. They seem to be endless. Do you know where they lead to?” asked Chu Mu.

“That place is a sparsely populated glacier world. The number of soul pets inhabiting that place are also few. If you continue along the glaciers eastward, there are a million icy mountains. I’ve never been there before, but supposedly at the very end is the Glacier Heavenly Mountain, an enormous mountain that genuinely touches the sky. The environment is strange there. It’s an extreme icy land; if you wish to traverse it, you must walk up to the very top where the cold is capable of freezing even fire type dominators into ice sculptures. Therefore, no one has actually crossed it.” said Mu Qingyi. 

“A heavenly mountain that cannot be crossed?” Chu Mu was stunned. 

Glacier Heavenly Mountain? Why did Chu Mu feel like he had heard it before? Did Old Li tell him about it, or had he read it in a book?

“How far away is that heavenly mountain from us?” asked Chu Mu.

“Very, very far away. The distance is about half the territory of Wanxiang Realm away.” said Mu Qingyi.

“Do you know if that place is Glacier Heavenly Mountain?” Chu Mu suddenly pointed at the horizon.

Mu Qingyi followed Chu Mu’s finger. Her eyes were incapable of seeing that far so she promptly used soul remembrance. 

Her soul remembrance passed through countless layers of clouds and light. Finally, she was able to see innumerable bolts of lightning dancing about in the sky that was spotless and far away! 

In this glacier world, the visibility was very high. Without any obstacles, a ninth remembrance spirit emperor’s soul remembrance could see several tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Of course, Mu Qingyi knew that outside of these several tens of thousands of kilometers, it didn’t matter how big the object was or how powerful the energy was, it would be as small as a speck of dust; she wouldn’t be able to see it!

However, she could presently see dense bolts of lightning. From how far away it was, that place was probably the legendary heavenly mountain peak that was nearly impossible to cross!! 

How strong did the energy there have to be to allow someone over several tens of thousands of kilometers away to see it? At least in her knowledge, there was no soul pet that could do that! 

“What did you see?” Mu Qingyi returned to her senses and spoke in astonishment. 

“Some abnormal lightning,” responded Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu really wanted to know right now hypothetically if that lightning were to strike the ground in front of him, how shocking of a scene would it create!

“Fog has arisen…” Chu Mu continued. 

Mu Qingyi used her soul remembrance again to look, but indeed, this time she couldn’t see anything. 

Even with soul remembrance, a soul pet trainer would not be able to see that far because of fog, space and other obstructions. However, when the sky was perfectly clear just now, Chu Mu was able to see a few silhouettes fleet through the sky above the distant heavenly mountain. At the same time, he was able to see extremely dense lightning flash above the heavenly mountain. 

Unfortunately, he couldn’t see it anymore. 

Chu Mu had no idea what was happening, but he suddenly remembered a concept Old Li had told him about that concerned the soul pet world. It seemed that in this world, there were still a lot of forbidden regions that humans had yet to discover. Inside them were hidden numerous powerful creatures, still unknown to humanity as they had never appeared in front of humans. 

“Let’s go. We’ll head next to the northeastern world. If we have another opportunity, we can continue looking.” said Mu Qingyi. 

Mu Qingyi had reached the dominator rank and knew a bit about the unknown. As someone who wholeheartedly pursued the soul pet path, she probably was filled with curiosity and longing at the world outside forbidden regions. 

As they continued north, the glaciers began to slowly melt. 

Normally, glaciers would only appear at very high altitudes. Chu Mu and the other five had probably only passed through a small patch of icy land in this glacier world. Now they had returned to a lower altitude ground. 

The climate became warmer and due to the melting glaciers, the atmosphere in this path heading north was rather clean and fresh. 

The glaciers heading north were part of a forbidden region and humans could not live here. The frequency that soul pets appeared, however, continued to increase along with their ranks. 

This group of six was rather strong; the outskirts of the forbidden region didn’t pose much of a threat to them and they were able to easily fly through. 

Among the six of them, Mu Qingyi had an Immortal Ming Bird that carried Chu Mu, who even at this rank still didn’t have a wing type soul pet. 

The Crown Prince Chao Lengchuan also had an Immortal Ming Bird as his wing type soul pet. His Immortal Ming Bird was slightly weaker than Mu Qingyi’s, and he was carrying Pang Yue who would frequently flirt. 

Teng Lang was also another rare person who still didn’t have a wing type soul pet at this rang. Thus, he could only sullenly ride Shen Mo’s Sinking Wind Dragon.

“Everyone else is in a couple. It’s only us men who have to ride together. Yet, we’re also going to train so why is the difference so great.” muttered Teng Lang.

Shen Mo shook his head. This Teng Lang was too good at classifying people as couples. First ignoring the circumstances Mu Qingyi was in, it was hard to say whether she would give her heart to anyone. Rather, it was Pang Yue who seemed gentle and quiet, yet who inside was not actually gentle and quiet. How could she start fancying the egghead Chao Lengchuan after only seeing him a few times? 

“There’s probably another two months to go.” estimated Mu Qingyi.

“We’ve already been traveling for three months. When we return, it’ll be close to half a year…” Chu Mu himself never realized the trek would be so long. The one year away made him truly worried for Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner. 

However, going out to train was also fine. If he stayed inside the city, his soul pets wouldn’t be able to train at all and wouldn’t be beneficial towards his strength increasing. If the nirvana rebirth succeeded this time, he would have an additional Dead Dream as a support and he wouldn’t need to be afraid of the Four Heroes.

Moreover, Chu Mu could feel Zhan Ye’s mental fluctuations. Although he wasn’t sure where it was, he believed that it wouldn’t be long before he saw Zhan Ye again after a few years away from him.


Wanxiang City, Main Soul Palace. 

Three months to Ye Qingzi couldn’t be considered too long, especially because she was immersed in concoction and refinement. Time flew by quickly. 

Yet, when she wore a smile and walked into the room as she was about to share her happy thoughts with Chu Mu, she couldn’t help but bitterly smile and laugh at herself: “How could I forget he went to the demon realm.” 

Since she couldn’t find Chu Mu, she naturally went to look for Ning Maner. It was rare that this girl hadn’t disturbed her once in three months, which made her feel shocked and a bit confused. 


Ye Qingzi had just walked into the courtyard when she discovered a White Nightmare float over to her. 

All of the White Nightmares looked the same, so Ye Qingzi could only use the devil flame colors to tell them apart. This was probably Fourth White. 

“What’s the matter? Where’s your young lady?” 

“Nie~~ Nie~~~~” the White Nightmare cried out as it gesticulated. Ye Qingzi didn’t understand what it was saying. 

“Whatever. Just take me to find her.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Fourth White knew that its communication ability was limited, so it led Ye Qingzi on the way.

Following behind Fourth White, Ye Qingzi discovered that Fourth White was taking her to the main conference hall of Soul Palace.  The main conference hall was used to receive important figures. When Ye Qingzi entered the conference hall, she shocking discovered that all of the three great palace’s experts were present. 

Even more surprising was that instead of the Diagram Supreme sitting at the head of the conference hall was instead an incomparably breathtaking woman. Her natural grace and cold pride couldn’t help but make Ye Qingzi quietly exclaim in surprise. When did the three great palaces have such an outstanding female soul pet trainer? Moreover, it could be seen from practically all of the higher ups of the three great palaces that they treated her as a supreme. 

Aside from her, there were a few people in guest seats. It was unknown which faction they came from. There were three men and one woman. Of the three men, there were two middle aged men and one young woman. Ye Qingzi was shocked that the young man’s soul remembrance was very high; he seemed to be extremely strong. 

As for the female visitor, she wore a long skirt that was similar to most ceremonial attire. However, Ye Qingzi found that she was unable to see through her soul remembrance! 

“These four people are all very strong!” Ye Qingzi could sniff seemingly courteous, yet extremely dangerous, smell from them!

“Big Sister Ye, you’ve finally arrived.” as Ye Qingzi was quietly observing the conference hall, a crisp voice rang out. Immediately after, Ning Maner, who was growing more and more like a beauty, ran over. 

Ning Maner’s face was red, and her beautiful eyes were full of tears. It looked like she had been wronged. 

“Soul Teacher Ye has arrived. You’ve come at the perfect time. We have no idea how to handle this situation.” said Diagram Supreme Ke Yin. He had someone give a seat to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi’s present strength had the qualifications to contend with senior elders. Adding on the fact she would often gift a few spirit items neither Chu Mu nor her could use to Soul Palace for free, her contributions towards Soul Palace were large. Diagram Supreme Ke Yin was naturally very polite to her. 

Ye Qingzi sat down in confusion. What did this matter the three great palaces were discussing have to do with her? Moreover, did she have to make a decision? 

“You are the protector of the young fairy in Wanxiang Realm?” at this moment, cold and arrogant middle aged man spoke out. He introduced himself: “I am from the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World. My name is Ning Dong. I have been tasked with safely sending the young fairy back.” 

After introducing himself, the middle aged man introduced the middle aged man next to him: “This is Ning Fengying.” 

He then pointed at the young man who was casting wanton gazes: “This is Ning Changqing.” 

After the introductions, Ye Qingzi noticed that the middle aged man hadn’t introduced the woman wearing the skirt whose eyes carried a bit of confusion. It seemed that it wasn’t that this woman wasn’t important, but rather that she was the true leader here. 

“Maner, what’s the matter?” Ye Qingzi didn’t understand the situation so she glanced at Ning Maner. 

What was the Dark Sky Ocean World and who was the young fairy? Ye Qingzi had no idea. She only knew that Third White had picked up Ning Maner one day and brought her to Chu Mu. 

“They want to bring me away.” said Ning Maner. 

“Do you recognize them?” asked Ye Qingzi. 

Ning Maner shook her head and said: “They should be people sent by my grandfather. But I don’t want to return. I’ve grown up with Grandfather World Ancestor Tree since I was young, but rarely with that grandfather. Moreover, I don’t like it with them.” 

Ye Qingzi listened to Ning Maner, and roughly understood that Ning Maner had probably lost her family at a very young age. Now, her family had found her here. 

“You really don’t want to return?” asked Ye Qingzi. 

“Yes.” Ning Maner nodded her head. But in a soft voice she said: “But they’re very strong. If I don’t listen to them, they will definitely forcibly take me away. 

Ye Qingzi roughly understood the situation. She looked at the man called Ning Dong and said; “I am not her guardian. Her guardian is my husband and he’s training right now. Wait until he returns to discuss whether to take away Ning Maner or not.: 

“How long will that take? We don’t want to stay here for too long.” immediately inquired the young man Ning Changqing. Ye Qingzi, who was good at weighing up words, quickly realized that this fellow’s expression changed the moment he heard her speak. His tone was somewhat contemptuous, angry, and jealous. 

“At least over half a year.” responded Ye Qingzi. 

“Over half a year?” Ning Dong’s brows immediately creased. He felt that Ye Qingzi was intentionally delaying for time and harrumphed: “We’ll just politely notify that guardian. We aren’t asking for his permission. We’re going to take her back in a few days regardless.” 

Ning Dong’s words made Ye Qingzi uncomfortable in her heart. These fellows had come to Soul Palace’s territory, yet were so unyielding. Even if they were strong, did they really think they could deal with all of Soul Palace’s experts? 

“Since you’ve come a long way, why not stay a few days in our Soul Palace. Even if you’re in a rush, there’s no need to be anxious over these next few days.” at this moment, the woman in Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s seat spoke up.

Her words were indifferent and cold. They seemed courteous, but they didn’t leave room for opposition. 

Ning Dong creased her brows. He didn’t want to waste time here. He was about to say something when the long skirt woman next to him faintly smiled and said: “Since that’s the case, we’ll thank you for your hospitality.” 

Ning Dong was stunned, and glanced at the long skirt woman. He didn’t understand why she was willing to stay in this meaningless place for a few days. 

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