Chapter 969: Cloud Gate Guard

Chapter 969: Cloud Gate Guard

Rippling water washed in between the eroded rocks, giving them a soft shine. 

A mischievous boy was happily playing in the water. But he was having too much fun and after tumbling in the water, he wasn’t able to get back up after struggling a few times.

The middle aged man next to him loudly laughed, intentionally allowing him to struggle a bit before extending his hand to fish out the boy.

The boy was clearly annoyed and swatted around with effort, splashing water onto the middle aged man, drenching him, and making him find a mental balance. 

The middle aged man didn’t care. He just stood there and smiled. 

Next to the creek was a man with lonely eyes. He aimlessly walked past the father and son playing in the water. However, upon seeing the father and son, he came to a slight stop and narrowed his eyes.

This middle aged father felt someone on the shore. He turned around, and when he saw the person there, his face instantly paled. He hastily went to protect his child. 

The boy didn’t know what had happened, but he could feel his father tremble and his eyes fill with fear from the person on the shore. 

This continued for a while before the person on the shore looked away. He lowered his head and continued walking forward, looking at his feet. 

“Father, who is that person? Why are you so scared of him?” asked the boy, confused. 

“He is a very terrifying person.” said the middle aged father in a low voice. 

“He’s walking towards the clouds.” said the boy as he pointed at the strange clouds on the horizon. 

The clouds on the horizon were very weirdly shaped, resembling a cloud gate on an icy and snowy land. 

The father and son were located at the mountain of an icy and snowy melted mountain. When they raised their heads, they would be able to see an enormous mountain that covered their field of view and towered into the sky. The feeling it gave resembled an untraversable heavenly mountain! 

This heavenly mountain was covered in ice and snow, making it seem like a curtain from the sky. In this Glacier Heavenly Mountain, the sole floating cloud gate was like a pathway to another world. Indeed, one could see past the heavenly mountain and see the blue sky past the clouds. 

The cloud gate wasn’t a spatial passage. It was merely the only gap in the enormous heavenly mountain. Clouds were wrapped around this gap, making it look like a gate. Unless one’s strength reached such a high realm, it was impossible to pass through the icy heaven mountain. The only way through would be through the cloud gate. 

However, those that lived at the icy heaven mountain all knew that the cloud gate was a boundary. Those without the permission of the territory master would not be permitted to cross. 


The icicles were like stalactites in a rocky cave. Each one of them hung from the jagged icy rocks. 

The mountain was completely an icy color. There was no wind whistling in the air; instead, the Glacier Heavenly Mountain was abnormally silent. It was like a perfectly still painting. 

Inside the painting, shallow footprints were breaking the ice as someone slowly walked towards the cloud gates. 

Cloud aura was formed by evaporated icy snow on the icy gates. This was the only place that didn’t freeze together, forming an icy wall that hadn’t melted in a thousand years. 

The cloud gate was very high up. Compared to the cloud gate, the man and his soul pet were like black specks as they walked up. 

The man wasn’t riding on his soul pet; instead, he walked. He walked along the path with enormous icicles hanging on either side. Here, the only way sunlight made it through was reflection off the ice; thus, it was a bit dark. 

In the darkness, a semi-old man wearing gruff clothing was sitting down. His eyes were full of solitude and age. 

He felt the black clothed man walk over. A ripple of light appeared in his eyes which resembled dead water.

“I remember you.” said the semi-old man. 

“It was about 34 years ago. You were like a young and wild runaway panther. You didn’t even say hi as you walked past me. Then, a few years later, you confidently came back again. Back then, I felt that you shouldn’t have come back so soon. 

“About 10 years ago, you were like a beaten and battered old horse; you didn’t say anything again as you walked past me. Then, your eyes were filled with hate, sorrow and despair. However, your bones still burned with a conviction to grow stronger…” 

“Ten years have passed in the blink of an eye. You’re like a cold and terrifying old tiger that hides yourself in your emotionless eyes and frozen heart…”

The semi-old man’s words stunned the black clothed man. 

34 years ago, 10 years ago, and now… 

Had it really been that long? Why did those events of 34 years ago and 10 years ago seem like they happened just yesterday.

The black clothed man looked at the semi-old man who had spoken to him for the first time. A while later, he spoke in an icy voice: “Why are you always here?” 

“If you don’t know why I am always here, it means you aren’t prepared to come back…” said the semi-old man. 

“Really? But I have a reason I must return.” said the black clothed man. 

“I already gave you two chances. Something shouldn’t be attempted more than three times. Unless you obtain permission from the territory lord, I cannot allow you to pass through the area I defend. 

At this point, the semi-old man stood up. His originally crooked posture instantly looked tall like a glacier. He was so tall that he was capable of covering the entire enormous cloud gate! 

The black clothed man creased his brows. The black colored Warbeast Mo Ye next to him let out a savage roar!!

The roar shook the glacier, causing cracks to appear!! 

TL: Glacier = Glacier Heavenly Mountain in this context

The majesty it exuded was like the striking of ten thousand thunderbolts. Such a savage creature was probably capable of destroying a mountain range!!

However, even in front of this powerful beast, the semi-old man didn’t summon soul pets. Instead, his imposing eyes stared at the Warbeast Mo Ye. His own powerful majesty transformed into an enormous icy mountain that heavily pressured the Warbeast Mo Ye and the black clothed man! 

The Warbeast Mo Ye was forced back a few steps by the majesty and the black clothed man showed an expression of shock, as he stared intently at the semi-old man! 

“You are but a typical soul pet trainer among the countless number of you. You desire unattainable strength, and your minds are filled with unrealizable pursuits. I already gave you two opportunities to become a true expert. Yet, you didn’t value those opportunities. I’m very disappointed.” said the semi-old man. 

“You don’t need to worry about my matters!” the black clothed man’s face tightened. 

“I have no time to waste on an average and feckless person. I will act according to the rules. Without a permit, don’t think about crossing this place; that is, unless you can defeat me.” the semi-old man’s words turned imposing.  

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