Chapter 968: One day, you will learn to be independent

Chapter 968: One day, you will learn to be independent

Seven sin fox lightning monarch’s strength was stronger than Mu Qingyi at full status. Mu Qingyi had five soul pets with crown phoenix king leading it with other invincible emperor ranks fighting along with it. Even so, Mu Qingyi wasn’t its match, so one could see how powerful this forgiven fox that guarded the demon realm was.

Thus, to enter the demon realm, they definitely couldn’t enter from the guarded section, and instead went down a different ancient path with a special restriction.

This path was also very dangerous and even Mu Qingyi wasn’t sure they could pass through safely, so she approved of going forth in a team. This team must have soul pets of all elements or else if a group defender that had a type counter appeared, they would have difficulties beating it.

Of the six people, Pang Yue was a support soul pet trainer. Though she wasn’t as professional as Ye Qingzi, basic battle support was something she could easily give. She was also one of the strongest support soul pet trainers in the young generation. If Ye Qingzi couldn’t come, naturally she had to take on the role of soul pet trainer.

Teng Lang’s reliance was his top tier emperor rank iceberg lion. Mu Qingyi sadi that they needed ice type soul pets in that path, and instead of telling an elder to come along, they instead should bring Teng Lang who had more potential. At least that way, he could get training as well and, in the case of a special opportunity, he would get a lot of benefits.

Prince Chao Lengchuan was more mysterious, having not appeared yet. However, from diagram supreme Ke Yin, Chu Mu knew that the prince had already gotten Zhou Supreme, who had formidable power. With him along, their safety would be better and Chao Lengchuan was a soul pet trainer. Going to an unknown demon realm was a great opportunity for him as well.

Shen Mo was a very low profile person and no one was better at hiding his strength than three palace. According to Chu Mu, this fellow’s strength definitely wasn’t any worse than a soul alliance absolute.

Of the six people, probably Pang Yue and Teng Lang were the weakest. Pang Yue was a soul pet trainer so it didn’t matter that she was weaker. As for Teng Lang, he probably needed to rely on the iceberg lion to put up a good fight. Thankfully, the ancient path should be more nimble movements so even stronger people would get restricted.

The night before they left, the six gathered in Chu Mu’s courtyard and Mu Qingyi reminded everyone about details of the journey they should watch out for.

Teng Lang said that Chao Lengchuan would appear tonight so, when the five people gathered in the pavilion and waited for the mysterious soul palace young prince.

The soul palace prince was someone Chu Mu had heard of since tianxia city, a true legend that Chu Mu really wanted to make friends with.

However, after sitting for a while, Chao Lengchuan still didn’t appear. Instead, a very timid man that seemed to be a member who admired Chu Mu came forth.

“Sorry, we have a meeting tonight, you can go back first.” Chu Mu offhandedly waved his hand, and told the admirer to leave.

There were people like that every day. There was no way Chu Mu had the time to give his autograph and motivate so many people.

“Eh… Chu, he is the prince……” At this moment, Teng Lang whispered to Chu Mu with a stiff expression.

This sentence caused everyone, including Mu Qingyi, to open their eyes and stare in disbelief at the timid man!!

Of the five people there, only Teng Lang had seen the prince before. Everyone had heard from rumors that the prince was handsome, confident, and had an imposing aura. Who would have thought that the person was more like a scholar that had just come out of school. He had none of the aura of a high level person; no calm, no confidence, let alone a dominating aura of a three palace young generation leader!

“Sorry, sorry, because I’m leaving tomorrow, after dinner my mother just couldn’t stop talking……. So I was late……” This person that should have been natural and at ease instead said such an embarrassing reason.

“Teng Lang, you sure this seemingly immature fellow is the young prince?” Shen Mo glanced at him sideways and asked in a low voice.

“This…….every person who sees the young prince has the same expression as you. In reality, this person isn’t like the rumors, having eyes of thunder or the breath of a wild gale. He’s just a training freak since he was a kid. He doesn’t talk with many others, especially females……” Teng Lang said using his mental strength.

“This is heavenly concubine, an honor to meet you at last.” Chao Lengchuan lowered his head, and said to Mu Qingyi politely.

Aside, Shen Mo had an even stranger expression. This legendary prince was blushing after seeing Mu QIngyi and Pang Yue!!

Heavens, the moment Shen Mo thought about the fact that he had always been beaten by a mysterious young man that turned out to be a timid young man, Shen Mo wanted to run into a wall!

Can he have more of the mannerism of a super expert?

“Alright, let me speak first. I originally thought Chu Fangchen and Chao Lengchuan meeting must be an intense scene to see who is the top person of soul palace. However, I thought too much.” Shen Mo was clearly beat, cutting off the timid scholar’s polite greetings to everyone.

The scholar paused and quickly said humbly, “Chu Fangchen truly beat end hero Mo Ling. I Chao Lengchuan have no achievements and is simply raised up by everyone else, I should give up the position, it’s only natural……”

Chu Mu laughed helplessly at the incredibly polite person and didn’t know what to say. From the young prince’s gaze, one could tell that he wasn’t just being fake but was truly polite.

Shen Mo felt his chest heave slightly and no longer wanted to speak. He was truly hurt by the nightmare palace prince today.

“Prince Chao, I’ve heard of your name for a while now, but never would have thought you would be so timid and cute in person……” Pang Yue laughed and instead found it interesting.

“Hehe, it’s just a habit I couldn’t get rid of. The old fellows never allow me to go to public events incase I destroy the reputation they have created for me.” Chao Lengchuan laughed embarrassed and scratched his head, not daring to meet Pang Yue’s charming eyes.

After saying this, everyone laughed along. Looks like the prince was mysterious for a reason…....

Chu Mu finally understood why Teng Lang wanted everyone to be mentally prepared. Speaking of which, Chao Lengchuan truly caused everyone to be shocked as he didn’t seem like an expert.

In reality, if someone were absorbed in training since a child and lived a life of exclusion, it was natural they acted like this.

Presumably, after prince Chao became extremely powerful, soul palace had a headache over how little experience the young prince had. No wonder diagram supreme Ke Yin told Chu Mu to take care of the prince. Initially, Chu Mu thought it was a polite way of telling them to work together. Now, he knew it was exactly what it sounded like.

“I’ve never been into the demon realm either, so everyone should bring everything they need in emergencies. As for how dangerous it is, no one needs me to repeat it, right? Since dominator rank forgiven fox lightning monarch protects it, it is truly a forbidden realm for humans.” Mu Qingyi said very seriously.

Mu Qingyi could tell that the three palace intentionally wanted her to bring younger generation members to give them opportunities. Since three palace helped her out greatly, Mu Qingyi wouldn’t push it off. Let alone, she did feel safer with six people going in together.

Some details Mu Qingyi continued to mention. After others added their thoughts, everyone left to prepare to leave the next morning.


Going back to his room, Chu Mu started meditating again.

Stepping into eighth remembrance, his soul remembrance wasn’t steady yet and needed some strengthening.

Around midnight, the meditating Chu Mu suddenly felt his window open.

Through his senses, he found a small shadow crawl in and quietly close the door before darting onto Chu Mu’s bed, curling up by Chu Mu.

Chu Mu opened his eyes, and looked at the little girl who came to hide beside him like a frightened kitten…...

“Nightmares again?” Chu Mu sat there and looked at the already tightly wrapped up Ning Maner and asked quietly.

“No.” The little girl said defiantly.

“Then why aren’t you sleeping in your room?” Chu Mu asked.

“Sleeping by myself is cold.” Ning Maner muttered from the blankets.

Chu Mu laughed helplessly, “You have to overcome this, I’m leaving tomorrow for probably a very long time.”

“Then no one will restrict me anymore.” Ning Maner’s voice started growing quieter.

Chu Mu knew the little girl was simply being stubborn.

“You must know that I can’t be by your side at all times. Once we split up, you may go to an unfamilar place without me, without your sister Ye……” Chu Mu said slowly.

As he spoke, Chu Mu started hearing sniffling in the blankets and heard her mutter, “Bad brother, stop speaking……”

Chu Mu sighed and didn’t continue after hearing her cry and only said, “One day, you will learn.”

After a while, Ning Maner finally puffed her tear stricken face out and said quietly, “Brother, I will learn.”

Chu Mu smiled and rubbed her cheek off.

Chu Mu didn’t know what the young girl suffered on the other side of Dark Sky Ocean, but Chu Mu could tell that her skinny shoulders seemed to be weighed down by something that couldn’t be completed by someone her age…….

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