Chapter 966: Intimidating Soul Alliance’s Army into Retreating

Fourth Hero Mo Ling stood on the shoulder of the Tai Mountain Giant; he seemed to have lost his soul. 

He had truly lost; moreover, he had lost so suddenly. It seemed like just a moment ago he was ridiculing this young man, using the same method to humiliate and provoke him.

But now, he was watching his Tai Mountain Giant collapse, its body pierced by three swords. Such a scene was even more terrifying than any nightmare!!

Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s sole reliance was this Tai Mountain Giant. Without it, he was no different than the Eight Desolations. Even a few of the stronger senior elders from the three great palaces could defeat him. 

The members from the three great palaces were silent for a while, before bursting out in stunning cheers!!

These cheers caused all of Soul Alliance’s members to cower, as they thought that the three great palaces could charge at them any moment now.

Indeed, without Fourth Hero Mo Ling, they didn’t have the qualifications to fight the three great palaces. 

“Unbelievable!! Unbelievable!!!” Senior Elder Pang, Senior Elder Chao, and the others no longer knew how to describe the shock in their hearts. 

Fourth Hero Mo Ling had always been an indispensable shadow draped on the three great palaces. It was often that the three great palaces had no choice but to swallow their anger and sullenly retreat because of Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant. 

Nobody had been willing to fight Mo Ling just now as he mocked them, making them feel unprecedented anger. They hated that nobody from the three great palaces could savagely trample on this overbearing and arrogant fellow. 

Initially, they thought they would have to swallow their anger again when this person had suddenly appeared. Relying on his silver white White Nightmare, he had demolished the source of Mo Ling’s arrogant and overbearance - the Tai Mountain Giant!!

They had seen the entire fight. Each time they saw the Tai Mountain Giant receive an injury, the grievances piled up over many years towards Mo Ling was somewhat whittled away. Each time, they wanted to yell out and cheer!! 

It wasn’t until the very end when the three devil swords impaled the Tai Mountain Giant did shock fill their heart. Yet, even more than shock was the rapture from seeing Mo Ling’s despondent appearance!! 

“The son of heaven. Chu Mu truly is the son of heaven. I really want to know how he was able to cultivate a near-dominator rank at his age. I remember the original rumors that his White Nightmare was only a paragon emperor.” Senior Elder Pang let out a sincere sigh. 

Everyone’s eyes fell on Senior Elder Liu, because they all knew Chu Fangchen was his adopted son. As his adopted father, Senior Elder Liu would definitely be able to explain. 

Senior Liu felt everyone’s gazes, and saw their shocked expressions because of Chu Fangchen. Many of them were also looking at him with a bit of reverence. 

Senior Elder Liu never expected himself to receive such treatment because of Chu Mu’s strength. Moreover, he was actually confused as to how Chu Mu was so strong. He only knew that this young man, with his strength alone, had allowed several billions of people to continue surviving, and stabilized the three great palace’s foundations. 

And today, once again, with his strength alone, he had defeated an undefeatable expert and subdued everyone from Soul Alliance who had come to challenge them. 

“His White Nightmare received the inheritance of the Nightmare Ancestor.” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin spoke up.

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin was very confident in Chu Mu. He was confident that he would be able to fight against Mo Ling; what had surpassed his expectation was that Chu Mu had been able to defeat the Tai Mountain Beast so dominatingly. This fight would destroy any face Mo Ling had! 

Diagram Supreme had already told this to the senior elders, but the senior elders hadn’t put much weight on it, because these inheritances perhaps were just a few techniques at most. 

After repeating it again now, everyone finally realized that this probably wasn’t a simple inheritance; instead, Chu Fangchen’s White Nightmare was the Nightmare Ancestor’s successor. 

The ones smiling the widest now were obviously Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the other Nightmare Palace higher ups that had already guessed this outcome. 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang, the old hermit, Senior Elder Shen, and Shen Mo had all personally witnessed that White Nightmare devour the Nightmare Ancestor. 

Devouring type White Nightmares could devour their own species to grow stronger. Thus, they were positive that Chu Fangchen’s White Nightmare was already in the process of evolving to the dominator rank. 

Moreover, they knew that this White Nightmare could wield dominator rank techniques as it wished. Once it stepped towards the dominator rank, Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the others had an idea of how strong it would be.

Ultimately, Mo Ling had been so arrogant and overbearing, shamelessly relying on his Tai Mountain Giant to challenge Chu Mu; yet, this was equivalent to sending himself on a platter to Chu Mu whose White Nightmare had just jumped in strength. His defeat was inevitable, and the more arrogant he was, the more miserable his defeat would be! 

When they had been discussing things, Nightmare Emperor Jiang found that there were several people who didn’t support Chu Mu, including in Soul Palace. He had laughed in his heart then, and couldn’t wait to see what kind of expressions these people who looked down on Chu Mu would make.

Indeed, the expressions of Senior Elder Xiao, Yang Fengying, and others from the conservative faction had extremely rich expressions!

Of course, Nightmare Emperor Jiang, the old hermit and Senior Elder Shen were just even more certain that this young man was the best choice to become a supreme. Indeed, even Li Hong may not be able to destroy Fourth hero Mo Ling so badly! 

Everyone was reevaluating this young man at the moment. They even placed this young man on an untouchable and incomparably reverent level! 

Seeing this man bring his silver white White Nightmare back to the three great palace faction, the thunderous noise didn’t stop as zealous and proud eyes looked at Chu Mu...

Chu Mu faintly smiled. Defeating a Hero expert made Chu Mu feel a trace of accomplishment. Of course, it was mainly the White Nightmare that hadn’t let down Chu Mu, abiding to his instructions and miserably defeating that fellow! 

“Start your attack. Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant is already wasted.” Chu Mu walked up to Diagram Supreme Ke Yin and spoke. 

Ke Yin was stunned and said: “Since he’s already been defeated, our victory is guaranteed. However, those people won’t let us attack.” 

As he spoke, Ke Yin pointed at the virtuous and noble old men who had faces of shock. 

“Do you think that they will fight us now?” Chu Mu piqued his eyebrows. 

These words awakened them from their dreams. Senior Elder Chao and Nightmare Emperor Jiang let out loud laughs, understanding Chu Mu’s intentions! 


Fourth Hero Mo Ling had already recalled his Tai Mountain Giant back to his soul pets space. Elemental world soul pets would not die so easily; however, the Tai Mountain Giant was near death. He was certain if he hadn’t begun to summon his other soul pets, Chu Fangchen would have continued attacking until his Tai Mountain Giant was completely dead. 

“Senior, are you okay?” Bin Liao walked over, and stared strangely at Fourth Hero Mo Ling. 

Mo Ling’s concubine, the poison woman, also rode her soul pet over to Mo Ling. She looked incomparably concerned, but from the perspective of Bin Liao, this woman’s eye expression was even more strange than his.

These two people both knew that if the Tai Mountain Giant was killed, the person in front of him would no longer be “Fourth Hero Mo Ling”, and they would no longer need to be so filial to him. 

Of course, they couldn’t be sure that it had died. If the Tai Mountain Giant hadn’t died, they would be in trouble.  Therefore, they continued to act. 

“Scram!” angrily roared Mo Ling. 

Mo Ling wasn’t stupid. He knew that the two of them had instantly come up to him not because they cared about him, but because they wanted to see if his soul had ruptured! 

If his soul had ruptured, it meant that the Tai Mountain Giant was dead. Right now, the Tai Mountain Giant was in a precarious state, and could at any moment inflict a wound to Mo Ling’s soul. If the two of them saw him injured, he wouldn’t be able to maintain his status! 

Bin Liao and the poison woman didn’t want to be met with Mo Ling’s temper and slightly retreated. However, it could be seen from their expressions that they were looking down on Mo Ling with a bit of disdain! 

“Kill!!! Kill!!!!”

“Kill!! Kill those Soul Alliance bastards!!!”

“Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant has been wasted. Kill all of Soul Alliance’s people!!!!”

Suddenly, a thunderous noise surged out of the Soul Palace stairs. Mo Ling, Bin Liao, and the poison woman hastily raised their heads and abruptly discovered that the members of the three great palaces had unknowingly summoned their soul pets. They also looked like they were about to charge!!!

Soul Alliance’s people were still stuck in the shock of the Tai Mountain Giant being defeated. When they abruptly heard the ear-splitting “kill” order, they instantly entered a panic!

“Retreat!! Retreat!!!!”

Bin Liao was scared silly. He immediately used soul remembrance to order all of Soul Alliance’s people. 

After the godlike Mo Ling had been defeated, Soul Alliance’s members obviously had no more morale. Once they heard the retreat order, they all summoned their soul pets and fled in a panic! 

Mo Ling himself was so scared he began to coldly sweat. If a fight started, he would be heavily focused on by the experts of the three great palaces after having lost his Tai Mountain Giant. Even if others weren’t killed, he would definitely be killed! 

Mo Ling hastily chanted an incantation. However, despite being an absolute expert on the Hero level, he mischanted twice due to being frightened by the shout. On the third chant, he finally was able to summoned a wing type soul pet, and miserably fled towards Wanxiang Altar! 

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